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So there was an impromptu edition of Traffic Exchange Live after the Affiliate Funnel conference yesterday. We weren’t there long though, so this will be an abbreviated recap today. Kind of like the kindergarten version, with mostly pictures. Here we go…

Surprise Saturday at Traffic Exchange Live:

  • A half hour or so after Saturday’s Affiliate Funnel conference ended, we stragglers migrated over to Traffic Exchange Live. Jon Olson was in, John Guanzon showed up a little while later but had to leave early for a visit with family, Tim Linden was still MIA from the holiday weekend, and this time I co-hosted off cam and by voice. Which was probably a mistake as my head was all stopped up and I’d been awake for most of the last two days but oh well (the black box in the photo is moi, heh heh). It’s kinda funny to co-host because Jon is always lagging about 10 seconds behind, so you hear yourself there at his place THAT much later, when he does. They are slow in Canada or something.
  • Jon looked for books to buy at Amazon and then proclaimed he was going to support local bookstores and go out to the bookstore and buy them… IF they had the books he wanted, which there was much discussion about that (Amazon stock vs. local bookstore stock), but he was going to go to the bookstore in the evening and try anyway.
  • Now that Jon knows I’m surreptitiously taking screenshots all the time, he’s trying on purpose to waylay my efforts to get screenshots of things like the “ninja yawn”. But I did get this one:


  • (No, he’s really not picking his nose, just scratchin’, and then he asked me if I was getting this, so yeah, it was a planned shot but still funny.)
  • Jon got his iPhone out and showed us a new app he’d picked up, Dub Siren, which streams music from some of the top Reggae, Dub and DubStep Internet radio stations and allows you to interactively mix music with a wide variety of Reggae effects like horns, beeps, boops and many other sound samples. I suspect we’re going to see a lot of this one in the future and I guess Jon’s Blackberry does still have something to worry about after all. (Jon looks at more iPhone apps in below photo)
  • Jon went surfing to review and critique sites again, of which I warned him ahead of time he was just going to get mad again. Twenty or thirty sites later, we had once again only seen one truly branded pages and loads of generic affiliate pages and worse. Jon just couldn’t take it anymore and HENry the Hitman had shown up and they were going to go do something, so a thoroughly-saddened-by-generic-affiliate-pages Jon Olson shut down TE Live for the day and that was that.
  • WINNERS: No winners today, we are lame.
  • ALSO ON THE SCENE: Once again I didn’t take notes, but here’s who I can remember: Brian Rickert, Charles, James Vest, Armi Niemi, Inga from Latvia, Ian Bakewell, Lynn Anderson – and of course, Jerry Iannucci, Winter Perkins, Randy Ritter, and me.
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Just say no to generic affiliate pages!” – TE Live


*** Traffic Exchange Live is on UStream every weekday afternoon 3-5 pm EST ***

So, Lynn M. Gets It From Howard Stern Superfans: Someone asked me the other day where I got the idea to make my daily reportage of TE Live antics the center of this blog. Well, if you’re a Howard Stern fan, you no doubt know of the existence of, a Howard Stern superfan site that has been around for years and recaps every Stern show in extremely minute detail – nothing at all gets missed there, every second of the show is accounted for. I’m not about to go to that extreme here (it’d be boring as crap, for one thing) but yeah, that’s where the general idea came from. Plus it’s fun, and plus since I’m there every single day, hanging out there and recapping here every day makes it easy to do what Affiliate Funnel tells one to do over and over and over again – promote you – so I can promote me AND promote Traffic Exchange Live, and hopefully we’ll just keep seeing more and more people show up and hang out. ‘Cos that’s pretty much what it’s there for – for all us TE-involved people just to come out and hang out. Drop on by if you haven’t, I promise we don’t bite!

Lynn M.’s Traffic Tidbit of the Day: Increased surf bonuses are on today at Traffic Pro-X until probably around 4pm EST. I’m also going to be surfing Tezak Traffic Power today as monster prizes are abounding for those who get in 200 pages or more.

Surf’s Up Site of the Day: Fast Easy Traffic

Why: Huge jackpot going on today, be there when it goes off!

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One More Note: Some blog business today with a note to the e-mail subscribers of the blog (even though you won’t see this until after the fact) – the e-mail feed has been having problems this week and  I was about to switch it back to an 100% AWeber (I use AutomateYourList, which is essentially the same thing) feed instead of having Feedburner do the actual processing of the feed into subscriber boxes. Like everything else that gets snapped up by Google or Yahoo lately seems to, Feedburner has been having problems being consistent and working right, so I was about to cut it off, which probably would have resulted in about ten days’ worth of posts all being sent out to the e-mail subscribers on the same day.

But lo and behold, the feed appears to be working correctly again and all posts that have not previously gone out to the e-mail subscribers are scheduled to go out today, so I apologize that you’re getting four days’ worth of posts today but maybe now it’s fixed. I’m going to be keeping a close eye on it for the next few weeks and if it appears to be messed up again, then I will probably go ahead with the previous plan and swap it back to the original feed while things here on the blog are still early yet, but maybe I won’t have to now. We’ll see.

In any case, ’til Tuesday probably (though you never know, I may be back here tomorrow with something or another or some such, but TE Live is not scheduled to be back ’til Monday so I’ll probably take Monday here on the blog off)…

It was another fun-filled afternoon at Traffic Exchange Live on Friday, and today (since he hadn’t all week) Jon decided to cook on air. Not because he wanted to teach us how to cook, but because he was hungry and wanted lunch! Patak’s (UK company that produces lots of Indian-type cuisine ingredients such as curry paste and more) should be paying him for all the free publicity he’s given them thus far on TE Live. Anyway, here comes yesterday’s recap…

Famished Friday on Traffic Exchange Live:

  • Jon Olson and John Guanzon in the TE Live house today. Tim Linden may have been kidnapped by turkeys.
  • Post-Thanksgiving and Black Friday talk. Darren Olander said he and his girlfriend were going to a store (Best Buy I think) and the parking lot was like a madhouse, so they left. They went to a nearby grocery store which was practically deserted, with the clerks hanging around basically twiddling their thumbs. I guess no one wants to buy food on Black Friday.
  • Jon cooked Butter Chicken live on cam today.
  • Jon went and tossed on the usual daily round of credits at EasyHits4U and he and John gave the EasyHits4U users a big “whaaaaat uuuuuuuuuuup” this time instead of singing. LOL.
  • There were so many good sound bites today I’m having trouble deciding which one is the QOTD, so I’ll just sprinkle the others throughout here (and in the title of this post, heh). Here’s one: “We do comedy better than the comedians.” – Jon Olson
  • Jon has a beef with his iPhone battery. It’s not holding a charge very well and that makes him mad. (I have the same problem with my phone.) But read on, the iPhone irritation gets much worse…
  • Ian Bakewell won today’s giveaway, which was a copy of John Guanzon’s new book. It took about four hundred hours for John to input Ian’s address in the shipping info though, as the Cali guy was having a bit of difficulty grasping the concept of Canadian address format. :)
  • “It calls for one tablespoon of butter. That’s no fun. Let’s add two!” – Jon Olson
  • I’m trying real hard to get a screenshot of Jon in the middle of one of his “ninja yawns”, but I keep missing it.
  • Long discussion of splash vs. squeeze pages as used in traffic exchanges. Someone (I didn’t note who) kept calling them “slash” pages, heh.
  • “Salmonella is no fun.” – Jon Olson
  • Jon’s dad called while we were on air so he went on mute for a while to take the call. Hopefully he will be coming to and speaking at an Affiliate Funnel conference sometime soon.
  • In a terrible turn of events for the new Olson iPhone, Jon discovered that the Ustream app for iPhone only records and doesn’t live stream… which the latter is why he bought it in the first place. Probably needless to say, much disgruntlement ensued.
  • “I’m a professional.” – Jon Olson
  • I’m not sure how much more I missed as I closed my eyes for a second towards the end of the Butter Chicken cookoff and woke up several hours later. (Not because I was bored but because I was exhausted and wrecked.) My psycho kitty, Tojo, had curled up underneath my neck and it’s very cold here right now, and we were in front of the heater and were all warm and comfy so closing my eyes for a second was obviously not a smart thing to do if I wanted to stay awake. I talked to John Guanzon later and he said I didn’t miss much, but I probably missed some people coming in later, so sorry I missed you latecomers.
  • WINNERS: The winner of a copy of John Guanzon’s book, The List Building Crash Course, was the aforementioned Mr. Ian Bakewell.
  • ALSO ON THE SCENE: Bert Daniels, Inga in Latvia, Jose Johnson, Kevin Bailey, XLTraffic, Trevor Dupuis, Calvin G. from Nova Scotia – and as always, Jerry Iannucci, Winter Perkins, Randy Ritter, & me. I apparently missed John Marks, as I saw later on the TE Live stream page that he had come along and been in chat after I snoozed out.
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY: “It’s crazy Canadian talk, we’re just so strange up here.” – Jon Olson


*** Traffic Exchange Live is on UStream every weekday afternoon 3-5 pm EST ***

So, Lynn M. is Going Shopping: Yep, here in about 45 minutes when the store opens up, I am going to go pick myself up a cheap cam that I’ll never use (for a cam) because that would mean I would have to get out of my pajamas, put my contacts in, brush my hair, and all that. But silly UStream won’t let me talk on air in there without a cam hooked up (so they tell me), so I did some research last night and am headed out to pick up one that’s on sale today (thank goodness it’s not Black Friday still). Actually, I might stop off at Waffle House and have my fave standby Cheese ‘n Eggs plate for breakfast too. Yum.

Lynn M.’s Traffic Tidbit of the Day: I still have no clue whether I won anything from Fast Easy Traffic or Traffic Gold Rush during the whole two-day turkey deal. I did win the one thing one day from Max Traffic Pro and didn’t win anything at Tezak Traffic Power, but they’ve still not posted results @ the other two (unless I’m just missing it). I think the KRM guys must be really busy this week, even Traffic Splash news has been kinda unusually quiet this week.

Surf’s Up Site of the Day: Tezak Traffic Power

Why: ‘Cos they’re giving away THOUSANDS of credits & impressions today, and a few $5 prizes too. Surf 200 to be in.

Check This Out: As you probably know, one of the cool new additions to TE Toolbox has been the Thank You Ad Rotator (which I have already been making use of and love). Here’s another cool tool for that kinda thing – Instant Bonus Page. Just a few clicks and you can instantly offer some of the best products and tools out there as a free member (or offer anything you want if you’re upgraded), plus a few more clicks and you can brand it with your photo, signature, and whatever else you want. It’s neat and I’ve used it too, check it out!

’til tomorrow… dunno whether there will be some impromptu TE Live-ing after AF conference today or not, but I’ll probably post about something or another anyway – or I may not, in which case I’ll be back Monday or Tuesday. Have a great Saturday!

This will be a shorter one today because this morning got away from me in a big way and suddenly the next thing I knew, it was almost time for today’s post to go out and I hadn’t written it yet (oops), so I’m a little late today… plus I didn’t take very good notes yesterday, though I don’t know that what I’m about to post vs. whatever I’m not posting about means you missed much. We were all kinda having a blah, slow, lazy-ish day at Traffic Exchange Live yesterday, and it wasn’t anything to do with Thanksgiving really (besides the fact that most of the attendees were Canadian anyway). It wasn’t a boring afternoon by any means, maybe we were all just tired, I know I’ve been thoroughly wrecked this week.

Anyhoo, so without further ado, let’s get down to it…

Turkey Thursday on Traffic Exchange Live:

  • It was Jon Olson and John Guanzon in ‘da house again on Thursday, though John had to leave us early for Thanksgiving dinner with his family. Tim Linden was MIA again but with good reason – I think I read somewhere that he had not one, not two, but THREE Thanksgiving dinners to attend. (Where’d he put it all is what I wanna know, Tim’s not that big a guy!)
  • We actually had a kinda semi-serious/educational discussion, several of them, today, including a long one about this MLM-ish pitch presentation Jon had attended and that evolved into a long discussion about various MLM stuff, pseudo-MLMs, etc.
  • Kevin Bailey updated the room on the Cowboys’ score throughout the afternoon.
  • Jon Olson REALLY loves his marker. (photo below)
  • We watched Jon surf again and critique pages (this is always fun and always very, very interesting and quite educational). In something like 40-50 pages at three traffic exchanges, we only saw three truly branded pages (and one of them could have used a little more something or other) and saw generic affiliate sales page after page – including the looooong generic affiliate page for Perfect Traffic Storm three times at the same exchange. Of course, I surf all the time and see the same things, but it’s really eye-opening to watch someone else do it and point out exactly what’s wrong with all the dozens of ill-advised non-branded pages we see surfing. Just say no to generic affiliate pages, people! Jon Olson gets angry when he sees these in droves. :)
  • Speaking of Jon’s surfing yesterday, we did indeed see Jon Atwood’s newly remodeled and branded page in rotation (after Jon dogged him live on air the other day about the one he previously had in there, heh). Hooray for you, Jon A., nice page!
  • Always a pleasure to have Ian Bakewell hanging out in TE Live, as he did much of the afternoon, and we spent a good bit talking with him telling us about new stuff afoot with Easy Surf Exchange (including a new mail setup, if you’re a member you probably got a confirmation mail yesterday asking you to confirm it so they could switch you over – look for it if you don’t recall seeing it). It sounds like lots of neat and cool things are on the way with ESE so keep an eye out for that! I won’t spoil any of the surprises here (things like that are why you shouldn’t ever miss a day of TE Live, hehe).
  • Other reasons you should never miss TE Live: traffic exchanges (more than one) that all of a sudden decide to give anyone in there 2-for-1, 3-for-1, etc., in credits that day. (Shhhhh, I’m not saying where, you shoulda been there, ya missed out!)  ;)
  • And that’s about where my notes for yesterday stop, LOL. We did actually spend a fair amount of time in discussion about the MLM-ish thing and in reviewing TE pages in rotation, which was all super info and really educational pretty much, so that all took up a good bit of the time yesterday. So see, we don’t goof off ALL the time in TE Live, heh heh.
  • Congrats again to Kym Robinson of Traffic Showdown, who popped in to visit a bit and mentioned TS had moved up in Affiliate Funnel rankings this week. You go, girl!
  • In closing, Jon called it an early day so he could go play (what else?) Call of Duty (which was OK with me ‘cos I’d just found out the new Dash game was out and was itching to play it and played the whole thing in one night as usual). Today’s TE Live should be interesting as he warned us he was probably going to be coming in with a hangover today. (Too bad he didn’t broadcast live AFTER he got home from wherever last night, that probably would have been a total hoot…)
  • WINNERS: I could be wrong but I don’t think there was a giveaway on Thursday. John Guanzon did tell us he’s going to be giving away a copy of his new book soon.
  • ALSO ON THE SCENE: Darren Olander, Armi Niemi, Walter Mulder, Inga, Bert Daniels, Michael Blair, probably a few others I forgot to write down (I’m sooo sorry I took such lousy notes yesterday, I am just wrecked this week) – and, of course, Randy Ritter, Jerry Iannucci, and me, i.e. 3/4 of the daily peanut gallery (Winter was MIA turkeying, I think).
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Whatever it was when I plugged it in.” – Jon Olson

P.S. Some of you may wind up with two or three post snippets in one e-mail today or tomorrow if you’re subscribed to my blog by e-mail – I apologize if you didn’t get an e-mail yesterday or don’t get it today. I’ll stop changing the send time, I promise! If I don’t get one done in time one day, it’ll just have to wait ’til the next day. LOL.


*** Traffic Exchange Live is on UStream every weekday afternoon 3-5 pm EST ***

So, Lynn M. Is FREEZING, Dang It: The temperature gauge in my car read 51 degrees a little while ago when I went out to run an errand, but it feels colder than that in my house today. I’ve stayed cold for the past 24 hours. I know those of you in the North probably think that all sounds funny, but we just don’t tolerate winter weather too well down here.

Lynn M.’s Traffic Tidbit of the Day: Well, I barely got my daily surfing in last night in time because I kept falling asleep last night (and kept waking up with cats on top of me, usually two but once three) so I don’t know anything terribly exciting or profound or cool today. But in the course of trying to squeeze all that in real quick, I discovered that I’d won 750 credits at Traffic Gold Rush the other day that I didn’t know I’d won. I also won $5 from Max Traffic Pro in that two-day Turkey Strut/Bash thing, and know I didn’t win anything at Tezak, but have no idea if I won anything yet at Fast Easy Traffic or Traffic Gold Rush in that deal. I don’t do the contests so much anymore so when I do make a point of making myself eligible for one, I get all impatient wanting to know if I won or not like a little kid on the schoolyard, heh. (I also was pleasantly surprised to see my first commission from TE List Building already paid yesterday, thank you Mr. Guanzon!)

Surf’s Up Site of the Day: Easy Surf Exchange

Why: Because Ian says cool new stuff is coming, woohoo!

Check This Out: Has your computer been running slow recently? You might wanna take a look at this free report right here.

’til tomorrow, I am your very tired and sleepy and wrecked but working her plan and happy about it girl reporter on the TE Live scene… LOL…

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