It was another fun-filled afternoon at Traffic Exchange Live on Friday, and today (since he hadn’t all week) Jon decided to cook on air. Not because he wanted to teach us how to cook, but because he was hungry and wanted lunch! Patak’s (UK company that produces lots of Indian-type cuisine ingredients such as curry paste and more) should be paying him for all the free publicity he’s given them thus far on TE Live. Anyway, here comes yesterday’s recap…

Famished Friday on Traffic Exchange Live:

  • Jon Olson and John Guanzon in the TE Live house today. Tim Linden may have been kidnapped by turkeys.
  • Post-Thanksgiving and Black Friday talk. Darren Olander said he and his girlfriend were going to a store (Best Buy I think) and the parking lot was like a madhouse, so they left. They went to a nearby grocery store which was practically deserted, with the clerks hanging around basically twiddling their thumbs. I guess no one wants to buy food on Black Friday.
  • Jon cooked Butter Chicken live on cam today.
  • Jon went and tossed on the usual daily round of credits at EasyHits4U and he and John gave the EasyHits4U users a big “whaaaaat uuuuuuuuuuup” this time instead of singing. LOL.
  • There were so many good sound bites today I’m having trouble deciding which one is the QOTD, so I’ll just sprinkle the others throughout here (and in the title of this post, heh). Here’s one: “We do comedy better than the comedians.” – Jon Olson
  • Jon has a beef with his iPhone battery. It’s not holding a charge very well and that makes him mad. (I have the same problem with my phone.) But read on, the iPhone irritation gets much worse…
  • Ian Bakewell won today’s giveaway, which was a copy of John Guanzon’s new book. It took about four hundred hours for John to input Ian’s address in the shipping info though, as the Cali guy was having a bit of difficulty grasping the concept of Canadian address format. :)
  • “It calls for one tablespoon of butter. That’s no fun. Let’s add two!” – Jon Olson
  • I’m trying real hard to get a screenshot of Jon in the middle of one of his “ninja yawns”, but I keep missing it.
  • Long discussion of splash vs. squeeze pages as used in traffic exchanges. Someone (I didn’t note who) kept calling them “slash” pages, heh.
  • “Salmonella is no fun.” – Jon Olson
  • Jon’s dad called while we were on air so he went on mute for a while to take the call. Hopefully he will be coming to and speaking at an Affiliate Funnel conference sometime soon.
  • In a terrible turn of events for the new Olson iPhone, Jon discovered that the Ustream app for iPhone only records and doesn’t live stream… which the latter is why he bought it in the first place. Probably needless to say, much disgruntlement ensued.
  • “I’m a professional.” – Jon Olson
  • I’m not sure how much more I missed as I closed my eyes for a second towards the end of the Butter Chicken cookoff and woke up several hours later. (Not because I was bored but because I was exhausted and wrecked.) My psycho kitty, Tojo, had curled up underneath my neck and it’s very cold here right now, and we were in front of the heater and were all warm and comfy so closing my eyes for a second was obviously not a smart thing to do if I wanted to stay awake. I talked to John Guanzon later and he said I didn’t miss much, but I probably missed some people coming in later, so sorry I missed you latecomers.
  • WINNERS: The winner of a copy of John Guanzon’s book, The List Building Crash Course, was the aforementioned Mr. Ian Bakewell.
  • ALSO ON THE SCENE: Bert Daniels, Inga in Latvia, Jose Johnson, Kevin Bailey, XLTraffic, Trevor Dupuis, Calvin G. from Nova Scotia – and as always, Jerry Iannucci, Winter Perkins, Randy Ritter, & me. I apparently missed John Marks, as I saw later on the TE Live stream page that he had come along and been in chat after I snoozed out.
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY: “It’s crazy Canadian talk, we’re just so strange up here.” – Jon Olson


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So, Lynn M. is Going Shopping: Yep, here in about 45 minutes when the store opens up, I am going to go pick myself up a cheap cam that I’ll never use (for a cam) because that would mean I would have to get out of my pajamas, put my contacts in, brush my hair, and all that. But silly UStream won’t let me talk on air in there without a cam hooked up (so they tell me), so I did some research last night and am headed out to pick up one that’s on sale today (thank goodness it’s not Black Friday still). Actually, I might stop off at Waffle House and have my fave standby Cheese ‘n Eggs plate for breakfast too. Yum.

Lynn M.’s Traffic Tidbit of the Day: I still have no clue whether I won anything from Fast Easy Traffic or Traffic Gold Rush during the whole two-day turkey deal. I did win the one thing one day from Max Traffic Pro and didn’t win anything at Tezak Traffic Power, but they’ve still not posted results @ the other two (unless I’m just missing it). I think the KRM guys must be really busy this week, even Traffic Splash news has been kinda unusually quiet this week.

Surf’s Up Site of the Day: Tezak Traffic Power

Why: ‘Cos they’re giving away THOUSANDS of credits & impressions today, and a few $5 prizes too. Surf 200 to be in.

Check This Out: As you probably know, one of the cool new additions to TE Toolbox has been the Thank You Ad Rotator (which I have already been making use of and love). Here’s another cool tool for that kinda thing – Instant Bonus Page. Just a few clicks and you can instantly offer some of the best products and tools out there as a free member (or offer anything you want if you’re upgraded), plus a few more clicks and you can brand it with your photo, signature, and whatever else you want. It’s neat and I’ve used it too, check it out!

’til tomorrow… dunno whether there will be some impromptu TE Live-ing after AF conference today or not, but I’ll probably post about something or another anyway – or I may not, in which case I’ll be back Monday or Tuesday. Have a great Saturday!