So there was an impromptu edition of Traffic Exchange Live after the Affiliate Funnel conference yesterday. We weren’t there long though, so this will be an abbreviated recap today. Kind of like the kindergarten version, with mostly pictures. Here we go…

Surprise Saturday at Traffic Exchange Live:

  • A half hour or so after Saturday’s Affiliate Funnel conference ended, we stragglers migrated over to Traffic Exchange Live. Jon Olson was in, John Guanzon showed up a little while later but had to leave early for a visit with family, Tim Linden was still MIA from the holiday weekend, and this time I co-hosted off cam and by voice. Which was probably a mistake as my head was all stopped up and I’d been awake for most of the last two days but oh well (the black box in the photo is moi, heh heh). It’s kinda funny to co-host because Jon is always lagging about 10 seconds behind, so you hear yourself there at his place THAT much later, when he does. They are slow in Canada or something.
  • Jon looked for books to buy at Amazon and then proclaimed he was going to support local bookstores and go out to the bookstore and buy them… IF they had the books he wanted, which there was much discussion about that (Amazon stock vs. local bookstore stock), but he was going to go to the bookstore in the evening and try anyway.
  • Now that Jon knows I’m surreptitiously taking screenshots all the time, he’s trying on purpose to waylay my efforts to get screenshots of things like the “ninja yawn”. But I did get this one:


  • (No, he’s really not picking his nose, just scratchin’, and then he asked me if I was getting this, so yeah, it was a planned shot but still funny.)
  • Jon got his iPhone out and showed us a new app he’d picked up, Dub Siren, which streams music from some of the top Reggae, Dub and DubStep Internet radio stations and allows you to interactively mix music with a wide variety of Reggae effects like horns, beeps, boops and many other sound samples. I suspect we’re going to see a lot of this one in the future and I guess Jon’s Blackberry does still have something to worry about after all. (Jon looks at more iPhone apps in below photo)
  • Jon went surfing to review and critique sites again, of which I warned him ahead of time he was just going to get mad again. Twenty or thirty sites later, we had once again only seen one truly branded pages and loads of generic affiliate pages and worse. Jon just couldn’t take it anymore and HENry the Hitman had shown up and they were going to go do something, so a thoroughly-saddened-by-generic-affiliate-pages Jon Olson shut down TE Live for the day and that was that.
  • WINNERS: No winners today, we are lame.
  • ALSO ON THE SCENE: Once again I didn’t take notes, but here’s who I can remember: Brian Rickert, Charles, James Vest, Armi Niemi, Inga from Latvia, Ian Bakewell, Lynn Anderson – and of course, Jerry Iannucci, Winter Perkins, Randy Ritter, and me.
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Just say no to generic affiliate pages!” – TE Live


*** Traffic Exchange Live is on UStream every weekday afternoon 3-5 pm EST ***

So, Lynn M. Gets It From Howard Stern Superfans: Someone asked me the other day where I got the idea to make my daily reportage of TE Live antics the center of this blog. Well, if you’re a Howard Stern fan, you no doubt know of the existence of, a Howard Stern superfan site that has been around for years and recaps every Stern show in extremely minute detail – nothing at all gets missed there, every second of the show is accounted for. I’m not about to go to that extreme here (it’d be boring as crap, for one thing) but yeah, that’s where the general idea came from. Plus it’s fun, and plus since I’m there every single day, hanging out there and recapping here every day makes it easy to do what Affiliate Funnel tells one to do over and over and over again – promote you – so I can promote me AND promote Traffic Exchange Live, and hopefully we’ll just keep seeing more and more people show up and hang out. ‘Cos that’s pretty much what it’s there for – for all us TE-involved people just to come out and hang out. Drop on by if you haven’t, I promise we don’t bite!

Lynn M.’s Traffic Tidbit of the Day: Increased surf bonuses are on today at Traffic Pro-X until probably around 4pm EST. I’m also going to be surfing Tezak Traffic Power today as monster prizes are abounding for those who get in 200 pages or more.

Surf’s Up Site of the Day: Fast Easy Traffic

Why: Huge jackpot going on today, be there when it goes off!

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One More Note: Some blog business today with a note to the e-mail subscribers of the blog (even though you won’t see this until after the fact) – the e-mail feed has been having problems this week and  I was about to switch it back to an 100% AWeber (I use AutomateYourList, which is essentially the same thing) feed instead of having Feedburner do the actual processing of the feed into subscriber boxes. Like everything else that gets snapped up by Google or Yahoo lately seems to, Feedburner has been having problems being consistent and working right, so I was about to cut it off, which probably would have resulted in about ten days’ worth of posts all being sent out to the e-mail subscribers on the same day.

But lo and behold, the feed appears to be working correctly again and all posts that have not previously gone out to the e-mail subscribers are scheduled to go out today, so I apologize that you’re getting four days’ worth of posts today but maybe now it’s fixed. I’m going to be keeping a close eye on it for the next few weeks and if it appears to be messed up again, then I will probably go ahead with the previous plan and swap it back to the original feed while things here on the blog are still early yet, but maybe I won’t have to now. We’ll see.

In any case, ’til Tuesday probably (though you never know, I may be back here tomorrow with something or another or some such, but TE Live is not scheduled to be back ’til Monday so I’ll probably take Monday here on the blog off)…