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Happy Thanksgiving, U.S. folks! Yesterday on Traffic Exchange Live seemed a little different than usual and we were missing some of the usual faces – I guess lots of folks in the States were preparing for today’s big turkey day festivities. We still had a nice showing in attendance throughout the afternoon, though.

Although I mentioned it in passing yesterday, I have been remiss in making a bigger point of mentioning that almost every day there is a giveaway of some sort at Traffic Exchange Live, whether it’s mugs, books, mouse pads, or extra credits at various traffic exchanges (and probably will be more and different stuff to come in the future). I won a SWAT Traffic mug on Monday (that already arrived yesterday afternoon!), Winter won a Traffic Taxis mouse pad, I’ve won some credits at StartXChange, and several people have won other mugs and books and stuff (I’m sorry, I should have been keeping a running list all along, but there’s been lots of giveaways since TE Live began). Very cool!

Despite the bit slower day Wednesday, still a lot of fun was had as usual. Here’s the scoop…

Wacky Wednesday on Traffic Exchange Live:

  • Tim Linden was MIA today, so it was just Jon Olson and John Guanzon at the helm for Wednesday.
  • Jon griped to Paul Kinder about not knowing there were new programs in TEToolbox‘s downline builder and his mysteriously missing e-mail about it (everybody else got theirs tho, heh).
  • Ian Bakewell was asking advice about good safelists to use and several offered this recommendation or that one. There was this long pause for a minute or two, and then suddenly, from his little corner of the chat room where he’d been mostly silent for a while, Jerry Iannucci spoke up: “Safelist Tactics”. The rest of us proceeded to smack ourselves (“Duh!”) in the head, of course, especially since Jerry put his link out there before anyone else had even thought of tossing theirs out. As an overall group, we’re not all that bright sometimes. :D
  • Discussion of The Matrix – Jon doesn’t wanna be Neo, he’ll be Morpheus (“I can see through the madness!”). Says John Guanzon can be Neo.
  • Jon showed and made fun again of the HUGE box that John Guanzon’s book The List Building Crash Course arrived in, then showed and talked about his own book Hits, Clicks and Misses: The Traffic Exchange Experience (available from Amazon).
  • Turkey Day Talk – I mentioned that since I’m not doing anything for the holiday this year, I bought one of the new Marie Callender’s non-frozen microwave meals (Turkey & Stuffing) to eat today so I’d at least have some turkey (I really don’t like turkey all that much, so, meh). I am truly a Thanksgiving loser this year (but I don’t care). We discussed that by next Thanksgiving John Guanzon will have a baby in the house (his wife’s due in April).
  • Jon did a little spiel on his recent book recommendations, including Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable by Seth Godin, The Whuffie Factor: Using the Power of Social Networks to Build Your Business by Tara Hunt, and Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion by Gary Vaynerchuk.
  • TE Live Peanut Gallery regular Winter Perkins wasn’t there on Wednesday (where were you, Winter?!?!?!?! LOL).
  • Jose Johnson immediately became the most popular person in the room when he mentioned that he is a PHP programmer. The environment quickly evolved into a veritable feeding frenzy of traffic exchange owners in response.
  • Jon sent out I Love Hits mail with prize links once again, and once again the winner of an I Love Hits mug did not have their mailing address in their profile. (Get your mailing addresses in there, people!)
  • Jon talked a little about his dad, who he says has been a topnotch marketer all his life and was a big inspiration encouraging Jon to go into business for himself. He’s asked his dad to speak at the Affiliate Funnel conference sometime in the near future (it sounds like it’ll be an awesome event when he does).
  • Darren Olander (otherwise currently known as the King of Commissions) gave us a little tutorial about List Surfing & List Jumper.
  • Jon shared some educational tidbits about the weather in Saskatoon (“there’s no snow on the prairie”) and said that it was 10 degrees there on Wednesday.
  • WINNERS: The winner today of an I Love Hits mug was Connie Motala. Winner of their choice of book – Ian Bakewell (he chose Purple Cow).
  • ALSO ON THE SCENE: Armi Niemi, Bert Daniels, Kevin Bailey, Kjell from Sweden, Lynn Anderson, Randy Ritter, Inga from Oz, Janid, Michael Blair, James Vest, Roger Rothove from Philly, ntheblack, Austin H., Edy, Marilyn Martin, Steve Ayling
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY: “John Guanzon is destroying Hollywood.” – Jon Olson


*** Traffic Exchange Live is on UStream every weekday afternoon 3-5 pm EST ***

So, Lynn M. Hates the Laundromat: My washer and dryer kicked the bucket ages ago, and I have enough clothes that I can usually squeak by for a long time in order to not have to be forced to go to the laundromat, a chore I’ve hated from way back in old college days when I HAD to go to the laundromat because I had no washer/dryer of my own. And normally I get to my Mom’s every now and again and hog her washer and dryer for a weekend and do it all at once, but I haven’t been able to get up there in quite a while. I finally broke down yesterday and took it ALL – mainly because here it is winter again, I haven’t done a major load of laundry since LAST winter, and I was down to almost no cold weather clothes to wear around the house day after day while in front of my computer (as in sweat pants, sweatshirts, etc…. heh). Folks… I did ELEVEN MONTHS’ worth of laundry yesterday. UGH. No wonder I was so exhausted yesterday afternoon at TE Live. (But on a positive note – I now have TONS of clean and warm clothes!)

Lynn M.’s Traffic Tidbit of the Day: For a while there, every time I would make a point of hitting some of those multi-exchange daily contests, I always seemed to win SOMETHING, but I guess my luck’s run out ‘cos lately I’ve been winning crap. Still, I’m holding out hope for yesterday’s Turkey Bash/Strut Day festivities at Tezak Traffic Power, Fast Easy Traffic, Traffic Gold Rush, and Max Traffic Pro. I haven’t gone to look yet to see if I won anything, but – it’s going on today too, so go surf and try your luck!

Surf’s Up Site of the Day: TrafficPro-X.

Why: ‘Cos it’s giving out free credits like crazy lately!


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’til tomorrow… (and again, I hope all you U.S. peeps have/have had a very Happy Thanksgiving!)

So what have you already missed in the three or so weeks Traffic Exchange Live has been in existence if you weren’t there? Well, among dozens and dozens of other things, you missed:

  • Jon Olson cooking Curry Chicken, live (video)
  • Tim Linden hacking into Jon’s Ustream feed repeatedly and cutting him off over the course an entire afternoon (hilarious!)
  • John Guanzon in a wig
  • Jon cooking chili (video)
  • Lots of really, really bad jokes (and some good ones)
  • Q&A and instructions given live on cam for the newly re-launched & revamped TEToolbox
  • Jon surfing the TEs and critiquing pages live – among dozens we saw only ONE that was truly “branded” (video)
  • Jon and John Guanzon having lunch or dinner on cam (chili, hot dogs & tater tots, sushi… the list goes on)
  • Jon’s daily serenading of the EasyHits4U users
  • John Guanzon launching TE List Building in his pajamas
  • I Love Hits mascot HENry the Hitman beating Jon up live on camera & while drinking coffee (video)
  • Lots of on-the-spot giveaways, including mugs, mouse pads, books, and even traffic exchange credits
  • Lots of guest co-host appearances live on cam, including John Marks, David Foley, William Brant, Paul Kinder, Jerry Reeder, and many many more – and also various dogs, cats, and children of TE folks
  • Loads of traffic exchange talk (I know, right?!)

You’ll also usually find Winter Perkins, Jerry Iannucci, and myself hanging out there in the chat room daily, among several others, but the three of us are pretty much there every day, day in, day out. (I guess maybe we’re the peanut gallery…?!?!?!)

Anyhow, it’s a lot of fun at TE Live, often very informative and educational too even – and it really is kinda like the water cooler of the traffic exchange world. You just go there, hang out, chitchat, cut up…. learn how to cook from Jon (usually on Mondays)…  and if you really want to, get your traffic exchange questions answered or just talk about traffic exchanges and related issues. All of which, though it sounds like we’re mostly goofing off and having fun (which we indeed are), is still, in a basic nutshell, one of the most important keys in this whole traffic and business and marketing thing we all  – networking. And much like at the weekly Affiliate Funnel conferences, good golden nugget-type advice is always getting tossed out left and right.

It’s a blast. Drop by Traffic Exchange Live every weekday afternoon, 3-5pm EST on UStream.

Anyway, so time to catch up… what’s been happenin’ at Traffic Exchange Live this week, you say? Well, I’ve been kind of busy this week so my attention span’s been a little spottier than usual, but here’s the main wrapup of the week thus far…

Manic Monday on Traffic Exchange Live:

  • Jon didn’t do his usual Monday cooking thing, as he’d just gotten back from a trip to Edmonton to visit with his son, was out of food, and needed to go grocery shopping, so cooking this week was going to be delayed.
  • Tim was on today, still with his cough and handy desktop bottle of Robitussin DM Max on hand. Jon returned from Edmonton with a cough after the weekend as well. John G. was on cam most of the day too (no coughing there).
  • Jon bought an iPhone over the weekend and showed it off. He bought it strictly because of the available UStream app it can do, but has found lots of other stuff to put on it since (including the Moron Test).
  • Jon did the aforementioned review and critique of pages while surfing (video here) and dogged Jon Atwood for having a non-branded affiliate page out there. Jon A. later came into the chat room and took the ribbing in stride in person, then proceeded to try to teach Jon what he could do with his iPhone – at which point Jon began to whine because Atwood was talking techy stuff and Olson couldn’t handle it.
  • Monday was also the birth of TE Live’s new “Just Say No to Generic Affiliate Pages!” movement.
  • Jon showed off his new copy of John Guanzon’s book that arrived from in a box big enough to pack a Christmas tree in. (Well, not really, but it was WAY huger than the book.) Much semi-serious tho (of course) tongue in cheek discussion about recycling, the environment, and waste ensued.
  • David Foley was on cam for a while, then on Jon’s Skype cam, at which point we had three Jon/Johns (Olson, Guanzon and Marks) and a David on cam. The Foley kids also appeared (though not on our viewer cam, just on Jon’s). Jon’s dog Dakota and John Marks’ adorable dog both appeared on cam.
  • Regular phantom anonymous chatter and Jon Olson antagonist struck yet again, with Jon vowing once again (as he has done almost every day for three weeks) to find out who this person is someday. Phantom chatter’s choice of username on Monday: “Bills Lose Again”
  • Affiliate Funnel conference was tonight so TE Live stayed on until 8pm EST.
  • Some of those seen & heard in chat: Phil “Philsfault” Ames, Walter Mulder, Randy Ritter, Darren “Commissions God of the Month” Olander, Bert Daniels, Edy, Armi Niemi – and of course as usual, Jerry I., Winter, and me

Traffic Tuesday on Traffic Exchange Live:

  • Tim, John, and Jon were all three on Tuesday, with Guanzon live from his living room couch with his feet propped up and watching TV, of which much merriment was made. (I believe James Grandstaff would have referred to this activity as “living the online lifestyle” but most of us just snickered.)
  • Tim had a sore throat today on top of his cough, but could be frequently seen popping out with a funny face from behind a Dunkin Donuts plastic cup that Soren Jordansen, in chat, declared “bigger than Tim Linden”.
  • Long serious (yes, we get serious in there sometimes) discussion among the entire group on the current state of health care in the United States and elsewhere.
  • Michael “Make1C” Blair paid a visit in the chat room and Jon pulled out a copy of Hit Exchange News from 2005 and read his then-review of Make1C on air.
  • Jon gave a lengthy on-air instructional to Tim on using Send Out Cards as a distributor, with input from David Foley and others.
  • Guest cam appearance by William Brant today while we watched William and Tim argue about an issue with an AlertPay button (you probably had to be there, but this was hilarious).
  • Ian Bakewell, the lovely Jenell, and their absolutely gorgeous cat made an appearance on cam for a while.
  • Jon played really terrible ’80s dance music.
  • Jon declared himself, Tim, and John G. the Three Stooges. (heh)
  • Others seen & heard in chat: Randy Ritter, Darren “Mr. Referral God” Olander, Bert Daniels, Kevin Bailey, Lynn Anderson, Phil “Philsfault” Ames, Soren Jordansen, Brenda Broyles – and of course as usual, Jerry I., Winter, and me. (My apologies for Tuesday, ‘cos I probably missed several peeps later in the day and probably some funny events – I was wrecked after working on squeeze pages and staying up all night.)

Lynn M.’s Traffic Tidbit of the Day: Every time I surf at SWAT Traffic or Traffic Pro-X lately I am getting credits left and right every time I turn around. Not going to complain about that!

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PS: If you’re trying to start out as a blogger (about anything), you might be interested in checking this out too and getting this free report. (Me, I have no one to blame for my random rambling blogging but myself.)

’til tomorrow…

As I’ve mentioned, you’ll pretty much find me every weekday afternoon these days at Traffic Exchange Live on UStream, a project that was initially started by Jon Olson of I Love Hits & SWAT Traffic and Tim Linden of StartXChange mainly as a one-off and on a lark to promote the re-launch of the new and improved TEToolbox, which the two of them co-own with Traffic Splash‘s Paul Kinder. They initially planned to do the TE Live thing for a few days or so during the re-launch, and then that’d be it.

Then something I don’t think they initially expected happened – everyone LOVED it, and people would stay and stay and just not leave. It grew immensely popular very quickly, especially with the work at home all day every day crowd, so they decided to just go ahead and do it every day. Now it’s even spawned its own social network at

Traffic Exchange Live has, in a very short time (a few weeks), grown into this wonderful and fun as heck place to network and talk with and brainstorm with like-minded people, as well as just kicking back and socializing and having some laughs. I pretty much live there these days and am there almost anytime the proverbial doors are open (3 to 5 pm EST weekdays, but more often than not we’re there earlier and until much later) – it’s not only a great place to meet others and network and socialize, but it’s pretty great for those of us who work at home and are tied to our computer around the clock most days as well. It’s sort of the water cooler of the traffic exchange world, I guess you could say!

One of my plans here on the blog is to post daily updates on what happened at Traffic Exchange Live the previous day, as well as some traffic-related and marketing-related tips and goodies and other stuff. As long as they keep going with TE Live, I’ll probably be here updating most days. Subscribe to my blog by e-mail (yes, I finally fixed it after I broke it) or RSS feed for those updates, or bookmark me and keep coming back – whatever floats your boat!

(By the way, that tiny “Subscribe” box at the top is deactivated because it’s not working but it’s built into the template – click the bigger box next to it where it says *Click HERE To Subscribe To My Blog Via E-mail* instead… or just click this link.)

Of course now I’m already a little behind this week, so I’ll catch up with the Monday and Tuesday antics on Traffic Exchange Live in tomorrow’s blog post. ‘Til then, I leave you with I Love Hits‘ very own HENry the Hitman beating up Jon Olson live on Traffic Exchange Live week before last!

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