So I have finally warmed up a little bit, so it’s time to get to Friday’s recap of Traffic Exchange Live. We still had a lot of fun in the latter part of the week without Jon Olson, but he was definitely missed! It was…. I don’t know, definitely quieter and a little more low-key without Jon around, which is neither good nor bad really – but definitely different than your usual TE Live. On the other hand, Tim Linden was being quite the prankster those two non-Jon days, so you know – six of one and a half dozen of another and all that… (what does that really mean anyways?!?!)

So enough of that, let’s get to the real deal….

Freaky Friday on Traffic Exchange Live:

  • Jon Olson was out all day as mentioned above (though he was posting in NMF that afternoon – we saw you, dude, totally busted!!!), so it was Tim Linden and John Guanzon in ‘da house on Friday.
  • Tim was watching this guy on UStream exercise at We discussed how it was pretty neat what he was doing with the doors for exercising and how convenient it looked, and Tim mentioned he really needed to get into something exercise-wise and was pretty interested in what this guy was doing.
  • About a half hour later when the exercise guy was STILL going, Tim was still watching and declared himself now exhausted.
  • Tim was watching the kids while his wife was off picking up their kittens, who’d just been fixed, at the vet. After a while he brought up that the vet was five minutes away from their house and she’d been gone a LONG time.
  • Tim had to step away a while, so John brought out the Mad Libs cards that he and his wife bought at Target the other night.
  • Since Jon and Tim weren’t around, the coup of running TE Live solo went straight to John’s head in a Wizard of Oz-like fashion, as pictured below:


  • I asked how they were going to turn the Mad Libs cards into a drinking game (something John’s wife came up with). He said he didn’t know but he guessed they had about nine months to find out (after his wife has the baby in the spring and then gets past the nursing phase).
  • We went through the whole deck of Mad Libs cards with people in the chat room supplying various needed nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc., and coming up with some wacky results, such as John cuddling lovesick spaceships.
  • More Mad Libs: “Frogs sarcastically overwhelm lovesick hot dogs.”
  • More Mad Libs: “Weirdos impatiently frighten icy grandmothers.”
  • Something came up about Peter Piper and poodles, to which I added, “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled poodles” (of course).
  • Around this time, Brenda Broyles announced she thought maybe she needs her meds. :)
  • More Mad Libs: “Computers hastily terminate invisible poodles.” (The Mad Libs people apparently like their poodles.)
  • More Mad Libs (and yes, Winter Perkins was in the room today): “Winter endlessly desires pierced eyeballs.”
  • Carl Willis joined John as co-host and stayed with us most of the rest of the afternoon. We got to “meet” his wife and his adorable daughter, who waved and said hi, unlike the Mini-Tims who are generally scared of us or at least think we’re crazy (especially Jon). (LOL)
  • Our new friend Putra Muzhafar Razali showed up and wanted the guys to review his site, so we all looked at it and talked about that at length, as well as trying to help him understand list building and talked about some other issues and questions he had. Putra joined us on cam a little later on as well.
  • Some lengthy discussion about common trends in TE users while we all reviewed a chart John had come up with.
  • John was questioned about how he stays organized (I think he said his Firefox bookmarks help a lot – ?).
  • We discussed my “trademark” pic, Carl mentioning it reminded him of something out of Scary Movie, we talked about Scream, I said something about some ’70s flick that I wasn’t sure what the name of was, where the girl picks up the phone and some scary person is on the other line asking if she’s in the house alone, and when the police check the line, the call’s coming from inside the house – Jerry Iannucci nailed it, coming up with the 1978 TV movie Are You In The House Alone?. (I think I’m now going to have to incorporate this whole thing into a squeeze page about being frightened by seeing generic affiliate sales pages while surfing or something, hehe.)
  • John Guanzon, Meat Expert Extraordinaire, gave out meat tips again – once again touching on how to get a good Porterhouse steak for a great price. If you EVER have any questions about buying meat, just ask John. He really IS an expert!
  • Tim came back for a little while and we got to see a Mini-Tim again. Not long after that, we closed TE Live for the day.
  • WINNERS: I am pretty sure John gave away another free membership to his Club but if that was the case,  I have no idea who won it. I must have been away from the computer at the time. I’ll add that in the next recap when I find out, ugh.
  • ALSO ON THE SCENE: Walter Mulder, Grebo, Ian Bakewell, Stephen Whittle, Charles Smith, Trevor Dupuis, Jerry Reeder, Kjell Lindstrom, Robin Mueller, Ellyn Weber-Bynum, Wanda Robinson, Jose Johnson, Ram Kumar, Dorena Begonia, John Marks, Edy Delarosa, Melody Smith, Armi Niemi, Roger Garant. And Randy Ritter of course, making a late in the day appearance.
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY: “(I’m) trying to think… and it hurts.” – John Guanzon


*** Traffic Exchange Live is on UStream every weekday afternoon 3-5 pm EST ***

So, Lynn M. Is Really, Really, REALLY Behind: I have 40 million things I have been intending to do the past two weeks, many of which have been waylaid by this blasted cold snap which has turned my typing fingers to frostbitten nubs. We’re supposed to have a warmer couple of days, so I’m going to try to get 30 million of them at least done between now and when the cold comes back Tuesday or Wednesday. After that, we’re supposed to have several days in the 50’s again, thank goodness. I am now officially dreading January and February, which are historically LOTS worse than December down here, though who knows, maybe we’ll have 70F degree weather in January! Anyway, I think I have a copy of Sunny SuggsAll About Time Management around here somewhere and it would appear I probably need to read it again. Sigh.

Lynn M.’s Traffic Tidbit of the Day: We are supposed to soon have Safe Site Scanner (yay!) at Traffic Pro-X, but at present while I’m having to manually approve sites, it sure has been an eye-opener just how many ill-advised and ineffective for TEs pages get submitted – generic affiliate sales pages out the wazoo, sales pages for stuff few are likely going to buy on traffic exchanges, pages with AdSense on them (which I won’t approve for their own protection of their AdSense account), etc. I can’t remember the last time I saw a branded, non-generic page submitted. Sigh (again).

Surf’s Up Site of the Day: Hits Booster Pro

Why: Triple Prize Weekend going on. You also get a free 7-day Platinum upgrade & 1000 credits when you join.

Check This Out: List building has been a hugely hot topic in TE land lately and yep, TE Live’s John Guanzon and Winter PerkinsTE List Building has been a huge hit around these parts and perfect for teaching you how to build your list using the TEs. Honestly, I don’t think you can have enough good resources to learn about building a list – and I have several, and have learned and taken something from each and every one of them. Mike Paetzold’s Beginners List Formula is another fine reference to have on hand if you’re just starting out and will take you beyond the TE realm into some more great ways to build your list. It includes two audios, a step-by-step guide, and a special bonus – all for less than the price of a pizza. You can’t beat that! Check it out HERE today.

’til Tuesday I reckon… unless Jon is going through withdrawals and sneaks onto Traffic Exchange Live today.  :)