Here’s Tuesday’s update on Traffic Exchange Live a day late, which is probably just as well as I had to miss TE Live on Wednesday (I know, horrors, right?) due to some family stuff that had to be taken care of and yesterday was the only day. Tuesday was Jon-less but we had a good time anyway, with John cracking jokes and Tim up to all kinds of mischief. What’s the haps? Here we go…

Workout With Tim Tuesday on Traffic Exchange Live:

  • As mentioned, Jon Olson was gone Tuesday as he had to take his son back to Edmonton (well, meet his son’s mother in the middle between Saskatoon and Edmonton anyway), so it was just Tim Linden and John Guanzon in the co-host seats for the day.
  • Tim got his Bodylastics delivered. He already tried it out, working out with the door of his office, but said the door is hollow and light and he’s afraid hooking the Bodylastics to the top might bring the door down. I asked if he felt tired or energized after his workout. He said he felt tired AND energized.
  • John showed all the tons of baby stuff he and his wife received at Christmas from family and friends.
  • Tim commented that he and his wife will probably stop at two (children).
  • Tim showed where he keeps several of his backups (including I Love Hits‘ backup files, which he pulled out). John: “You are holding Jon’s entire business in your hands.”
  • Tim went to get coffee and pwned John in the process (see pic):


  • Tim bothered John’s self-esteem (not really).
  • Tim talked at length about a suggestion his Traffic Wave downline could do. Great suggestion!
  • Tim played with his camera flash. A lot.
  • Tim answered some questions about TEToolbox.
  • John did “Hercules, Hercules” for Randy Ritter since Jon wasn’t there.
  • Jerry Iannucci asked Tim a question about some problems one of his sites was having with e-mail to users.
  • John has a secret weapon.
  • Tim passworded himself out of something.
  • Twitter was over capacity again. Three times in a row on attempt.
  • Tim said he never gets the fail whale.
  • Tim used the word “autobot” talking about something, which led to John and Transformers humor (Autobots, Decepticons, etc.)
  • Tim and John spent some time answering questions about traffic exchanges from Spyderkate, among other things addressing whether the “I look at you, you look at mine” concept works anymore, with Kate commenting that there seems to be such an art & science to using TEs now. Tim and John addressed that as well as many other TE issues brought up.
  • Tim played with his camera flash again. Tim’s a flasher.
  • Tim has a Rhode Island photos calendar for 2010 for sale (click HERE).
  • John said Tim should have waited for his Bodylastics to get there and done a 2010 Workout With Tim calendar.
  • Tim demonstrated the Bodylastics for us (see below).
  • I said that after working out with the Bodylastics, Tim would be all ripped and then he’d REALLY be The Dark Side.
  • Tim corrected me – “chiseled”, not ripped (the Bodylastic guys use “chiseled”).
  • WINNERS: No giveaways today.
  • I CALL YOU OUT, YOU GET LINKAGE (if I know your link): Top Flight Traffic (Randy Ritter), Safelist Marketing Tactics (Jerry Iannucci).
  • ALSO ON THE SCENE: Brenda Broyles, Cat Heiter, Grebo, James Holmes, BartenderMo, Blain Jones, Stephen Whittle, Cherrie Ryning, Charles Smith, Rasheda Poe-Cyr, Wanda Robinson, Pamela, Kjell Lindstrom, Jerry Reeder, Steve Ayling, Joseph Riley, Brandon Hawthorn, James Vest, Brian Rickert, Austin Hallock, Cristin Dyer, Jon Atwood, John Cheshier – and of course, Winter Perkins.
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I’m going to be filled with rage soon.” – Tim Linden


*** Traffic Exchange Live is on UStream every weekday afternoon 3-5 pm EST ***

So, It’s The Last Day of the Month and Year and Lynn M. Is Totally Swamped Today: Yup.

Lynn M.’s Traffic Tidbit of the Day: If you’re in need of racking up credits every week on a regular basis, one way to do it is to be sure and participate in the daily activities offered by three groups of traffic exchanges – Super Surf, Power Surf Central, and Elite Surf Club – every day that you can. With Super Surf, there’s an ongoing surf bonus if you surf all four sites together (StartXChange, Traffic-Splash, I Love Hits and Dragon Surf) and even more if you surf a fifth, which changes every week with a guest Super Surf site. The Power Surf Central group includes Hit Safari, RealHitz4u, and Soaring4Traffic, and you can rack up daily credits and banner & text impressions by surfing 100 pages at each, earn even more weekly bonus credits and impressions by surfing the 100 at least five days a week, and earn a large monthly bonus reward by doing the same 20 days out of the month. You can earn even more by doing all of the same at surfing 250 pages instead of the minimum 100. For Elite Surf Club (Traffic Witch, Blue-Surf, and Royal Surf), you surf either 50, 100, or 250 pages a day at least four days a week at all three sites, then you’re eligible for bonus surfing the next week as well as drawings for credits daily at all three sites. Just a little helpful hint there and an easy way to rack up regular credits on an ongoing basis.

Surf’s Up Site of the Day: Top Flight Traffic

Why: ‘cos owner Randy Ritter can be found at Traffic Exchange Live every day just like me!

TopFlightTraffic - Send Your Traffic To The Top

Hey, Check This Out: I’ll just say this much – if you’re like me and surf all the time, and when not surfing usually have fifty billion windows open on all kinds of stuff and do much hither and thither and yon at all on the Internet, and if your computer’s running slower than usual on a regular basis – then you probably could use this.

I hated having to miss TE Live yesterday so I’m really looking forward to today, even tho I’m so swamped with so much to be done today before the stroke of midnight (yeah, I’ll turn into a pumpkin) I probably shouldn’t, but I’ll be there anyway. ’til tomorrow, folks!