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For all who celebrate Christmas – Merry Christmas! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday, wherever you are & whatever you’re doing! (And for those that don’t – have a great weekend!)


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(and will return on Monday, December 28th) :-)

Wednesday was kind of a strange day at Traffic Exchange Live with the general overall mood in the room being basically – well, I don’t know how else to describe it – bipolar. (Ha!) Lots of strange things going on but also a lot of fun and funny stuff, and several in-depth educational asides were witnessed as well. Jon was having a bad day to start out but things got better, and then just all kinds of stuff happened after that. Let’s take a look, shall we…?

Winter Wonderland Wednesday on Traffic Exchange Live:

  • Other than Jon’s brief trip last week to go pick up his kid for Christmas, we’ve had a pretty steady stream of days with all three co-hosts on tap for a while – Jon Olson, Tim Linden, and John Guanzon, of course.
  • Jon gave a very long response when asked what TE script he suggests. The Cliffs Notes version of the answer is the one that isn’t available.
  • Tim was working on something.
  • Jon was suffering from a little bit of pre-holiday stress. As he explained, he has no family in town, and still needed to go out Christmas shopping for his son as he didn’t have all of his son’s Christmas presents yet. His son’s mother was coming to town, but he wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to work things out where he could go. For a brief few moments we discussed the possibility of him planting the kid in front of the computer while we (TE Live) babysat. (No, this wasn’t a serious discussion. Well maybe kinda. But not really.) :=)
  • Then Jon got a phone call from his son’s mother and everything was worked out and Jon was happy again. “Now Debbie Downer is gone, and Jolly Jon is back.”
  • Still, Jon warned us that he was going to be brutally honest today.
  • Discussion among the room of who was traveling and who was staying home during Christmas.
  • Tim was still working on something.
  • A discussion about StartXChange‘s chat led to Jon declaring that I Love Hits needs a chat. Or something. Jon’s getting annoyed with I Love Hits and it needs something.
  • Jon’s not sexy (per Jon Olson).
  • John had a rant to share about AWeber.
  • Something techy came up and was discussed among many in the room. Jon temporarily changed the show’s name (in theory) to Tech Talk with Tim.
  • Someone wanted the guys to explain, quote, “How to Use a Site Rotator Correctly 101”. Everyone basically agreed on promoting only one or two things per rotator. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Five URLS tops, if even that many, per Tony Tezak – who wasn’t there, I’m just saying.)
  • John told a really, really, really bad Loony Tunes joke. Totally groan-worthy. LOL.
  • In response to something Tim said, Jon sang: “Why bother clicking on it? Why bother clicking on it? Don’t click on it. Why bother?”
  • Talk about Twitter. John: “Taking on Twitter, one twit at a time.”
  • At 3:35 pm EST, Jon declared that TE Live had been 35 minutes of them being complete and utter buffoons.
  • Jon asked if anyone else was affected by the Blackberry outage on Tuesday.
  • Tim (who had been pretty much stuck in his other monitor working on something) piped up about something. Jon said Tim was becoming Guanzon today: “You’re, like, saying one thing every twenty minutes.”
  • Discussion about how we needed to get some of these companies we keep talking about on TE Live to start paying us for all the promotion. Jon held something from Staples Canada up to the monitor and pronounced the French that’s in their logo. Tim to Jon: “Oh, you’re French now.”
  • Jon spoke more French.
  • Tim asked Jon if he ate french fries too. Jon said no.
  • Jon said his kid was laughing his butt off upstairs and had been. They got the movie G-Force and his son’s been watching it constantly.
  • Discussion of how many TE owners are actually making a living from running a TE. Estimated number was around 15 of the top 20 currently at Affiliate Funnel.
  • Someone from the room joked about buying I Love Hits. Jon said I Love Hits and SWAT Traffic are always for sale. I Love Hits’ price is high up in the six figures, SWAT a little less.
  • Jon said after his Debbie Downer rant earlier, people were buying stuff at I Love Hits and SWAT, so I went and bought credits at both. Jon says he feels so used. (LOL)
  • Discussion of how Jon and Tim both prefer to be at home running their TEs while others (Paul Kinder, Soren Jordansen, etc.) are working to take over the world.
  • Jon wants to live to see the day KRM buys Google. Tim added, “Or Yahoo.”
  • Mike Gartner gave Jon 500 credits at Jon: “What am I supposed to do with those, it hasn’t even launched yet!”
  • Jon reiterated that he and Tim, et al, are The Dark Side.
  • Tim tried to creep Jon out (illustrated):


  • Jon held his favorite marker up to the cam again and sang: “I have my marker. It’s a Basics.”
  • Jon said he can’t believe TE Live is still growing every day and that we still come back every day to watch them be buffoons.
  • Discussion in the room about the rumor that Yahoo and AOL might start charging for e-mail.
  • Jon and Tim discussed their Traffic Wave downline. Jon drew a diamond and showed it on cam. “MLM is a diamond.” (i.e., not a pyramid)
  • Tim said he needed to get a new wall calendar for 2010. He pointed out how well he did at the first of the year with lots of marking on it and more throughout the year. When you get to the end of November and December, it’s blank.
  • Jon talked some more about having to get his Christmas shopping for his kid done.
  • Jon is so happy he got his pen back.
  • More bad jokes (this time from Jose Nunes): “Two muffins are in the oven.One says to the other, ‘God, it’s hot in here.’ The other one replies, ‘Oh no… It’s a talking muffin!'”
  • Jon went on a rant about a page being promoted in I Love Hits about the world ending in 2012. “What does racial harmony have to do with TEs?”
  • Prince’s “1999” being sung on cam and typed in the room.
  • Randy Ritter commented that Prince is one of the most underrated guitar players in the world.
  • Jose Nunes told more jokes. Randy Ritter told Jose not to give up his day job.
  • Jon went to the end of the world in 2012 website and ranted some more.
  • Jon was going to rant about something else and Tim started making loud noises every time Jon started to talk. Repeatedly.
  • Jon: “I’m not gonna rant now because Tim wanted to be Mr. Funny Guy. Tim can entertain you guys.”
  • So Tim sang “Silent Night” VERY off key.
  • John told a story about pranks they used to play on new stockers at a grocery store where he worked years ago. They would tell them it was part of their job to go shake up all the salad dressing on the shelves.
  • Jon said when he was younger, he and his friends used to drive around and stop people walking on the street – “Hey man, you just dropped your elbow!” – and the people would stop and start looking around like they were looking for their elbow.
  • Jon had to go shopping for his kid, John needed a nap and was driving to his mom’s for Christmas in the evening, and Tim had something to do with his family, and pretty much everyone else had stuff to do or had already left for Christmasing, so thus ended the last TE Live until after the Christmas holiday. We’ll be back on Monday (December 28th).
  • WINNERS: No giveaways today.
  • I CALL YOU OUT, YOU GET LINKAGE (if I know your link): Tezak Traffic Power (Tony Tezak), Traffic-Splash (Paul Kinder), Dragon Surf (Soren Jordansen), (Mike Gartner), (Jose Nunes), Top Flight Traffic (Randy Ritter).
  • ALSO ON THE SCENE: Bert Daniels, Brenda Broyles, Brian Rickert, Charles Smith, Dorena Begonia, John Cheshier, Marcy McManaway, Peter Solty, Brandon Hawthorn, Stephen Whittle, Wanda Robinson, Joseph Riley, Edy Delarosa, James Holmes, Kjell Lindstrom, Carl Bailey, Mark Hodgetts, Jerry Reeder – and of course, Jerry Iannucci.
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Word to the Twittersphere!” – John Guanzon


*** Traffic Exchange Live is on UStream every weekday afternoon 3-5 pm EST ***

(and will return on Monday, December 28th) :-)

So, Lynn M. Is Still SO Not Ready For Christmas: I had high hopes for last weekend and this week, but still I haven’t finished all I’d planned to before Christmas arrived and this week has just been nuts. I’ve got new squeeze pages planned to do, I still want to get the Traffic Pro-X blog up and running and some more tweaks I want to do on the exchange, I have some things I want to do and tweak on THIS blog, I want to work on some new list ads for Tezak Traffic Power that I’ve been meaning to work on for over a week, I didn’t catch up on all the safelist mail I would have liked to….. argh, the list just goes on and on. And to top it off, I’m really not all that ready for Christmas as it is. Double argh. Oh well, I guess there’s always the weekend to play catch-up.

I did get the one worst of all of the chores I needed to do this week done – as I announced to the room when I got to TE Live yesterday, I was not the most popular human in my household Wednesday afternoon. My mom doesn’t know it yet, but my dog Daisy is coming with me for Christmas and desperately needed a bath, so we went through that chore and trauma. But at least now she smells so nice and looks so pretty! I hope she will do okay – she’s not really used to other people that much – I think once she gets used to it she’ll have a fine time, especially with the holiday food that’s liable to get sneaked to her here and there, LOL. She’s a pretty good girl anyway. And I think she is going to very much enjoy being away from her three brothers for a couple of days because they drive her crazy anyhow. Guess we’ll see.

Lynn M.’s Traffic Tidbit of the Day: Well, unless you have been living under a rock, surely you know that The 15 Days of Christmas promotion is going on among a large group of traffic exchanges. The participating exchanges are:

They’re giving away lots and lots of prizes and you can check the Traffic Exchange Christmas blog to see which ones are participating each day. Good luck!!!

Surf’s Up Site of the Day: eTraffic Freedom

Why: Because I said so! :=)  (And because owner John Marks is a frequent TE Live guest co-host!)

Hey, Check This Out: If you missed out yesterday, you really really really need to check out All Of My Links. This is not just something I’m promoting just because lots of people are this week – it is VERY cool and is going to become a well-used marketing tool on my computer, absolutely. I have been dealing with masses of Notepad files and spreadsheets and scraps of paper and so much junk, and this is just going to make me soooo much more organized (which I generally soooo am not!). I have always liked Sunny Suggs‘ stuff, have found so much of it sooo useful, and have used and promoted several of her programs constantly, and this is definitely going to be another one I’ll be not only promoting but seriously USING for a long time to come.

It just came out yesterday, so grab the brand new All Of My Links today and get yourself organized! (Hopefully you were already more organized to begin with than I am, but if you’re not, this’ll help a LOT.)

All righty, that’s it from me (well, almost, but I won’t really be here) until after the holiday, so I hope all of you who celebrate Christmas have a wonderful one, and hope everyone else has a great weekend in any case.

Don’t forget that Traffic Exchange Live will NOT be streaming Thursday and Friday, so come and join us when we’re back on Monday, December 28th! See ya then!

It’s been a pretty fun week on Traffic Exchange Live this week with lots of not-that-usual stuff happening, as well as the usual crazy and funny antics we’re all used to by now – plus a little education thrown in as well here and there. Like Jon said the other day, we’re not the water cooler of the traffic exchange industry for nothing, and sometimes Traffic Exchange Live is just that – a place where those involved in TE land just hang out, let their hair down, and take a break during the day.

While I can appreciate that maybe some would like to see a little more structure and informational such stuff at least on occasion, I don’t really think it has to be like that all the time, nor do I really feel it should be. It really is the water cooler of TE land, more or less, and for those of us (which is the overwhelming majority of people who attend every day without fail) who are at home 24/7 and sitting in front of the computer all day is our job – sometimes ya just need a break, you know?

It’s been a busy week for me with other things so I stopped trying to fight the autoresponder blog broadcast scheduler and actually got some sleep the last couple of mornings. I’ve tried changing the broadcast time around but that only results in whatever has been posted getting held up one or more days, even if the time is still far off that day. Will try to get the blog broadcast out on time most days, but if it doesn’t, it probably just means I was getting some much-needed sleep and will catch up the next day. :=)

Anyway, let’s take a look into the TE Live crystal ball and see what all happened on Tuesday, shall we?

Tantalizing Tuesday on Traffic Exchange Live:

  • Once again TE Live was co-hosted by the Three TrafficMusketeers team of Jon Olson, Tim Linden, and John Guanzon. Nowadays when one of them is missing, it’s a little weird, LOL.
  • Jon was doing work while everyone watched.
  • Jon complained that everyone (co-host-wise) gets up and walks off when he pushes them to air.
  • Jon and his son went to see the film Avatar on Monday night. Jon proclaimed it to be one of his top five movies of all time and said James Cameron saved Hollywood.
  • Discussion of Avatar led to the consensus that you really do have to have the 3-D glasses when you see it. Proposal that it couldn’t be released on DVD because of it. Counter brought up that the DVD could just be released with the 3-D glasses.
  • More from Jon on James Cameron: “What can you expect from a Canadian? Yes, he makes kick butt movies!”
  • John made a hilarious comment in response to something said in the chat room.
  • Jon told John to stop being a dirty old man.
  • Jon responded on air to a post written about TE Live at the TE Power Mag blog. Likes many of the suggestions and repeated (as he has often said) he welcomes all questions and suggestions. (Basically the table is open for questions every day, it’s just that nobody asks any most days. Andth)
  • John’s father-in-law from Texas is staying with them for the holidays. They all had Chinese food the night before.
  • Jon discussed branding everything they (he, Tim, Paul Kinder, etc.) do as “The Dark Side”.
  • Tim is Darth Vader, Paul is the Emperor, Jon is Grand Moff Tarkin.
  • Jon said nobody knows who Grand Moff Tarkin is, so he’ll just be a storm trooper instead.
  • Carl Bailey asked the guys to take a look at his splash page, and in the process accidentally said he was coding it.
  • Now that we know Carl is a programmer, he’s Jon’s new best friend.
  • Tim asked how much he’d have to pay Carl to get him to join The Dark Side.
  • Next Jon decided he was going to be Darth Maul instead.
  • Jon told Carl that if anyone asks him to code to tell them “No, I know this guy named Jon Olson who will pay me more.”
  • Walter Mulder joined Jon and Tim on cam for a bit and showed off his mug he got that day from Jon.
  • Walter also showed his copy of Jon’s book on cam, and smelled it. Jon was pleased that someone else smells books.
  • Tim was tired and said he used to be more awake from one to two to three pm. Now he feels like he just shuts down at three.
  • Jon feels used. And abused.
  • Tim messed something up. (I didn’t think that was possible?!?!?!)
  • Tim: “I think I might have killed something.”
  • The eldest Mini-Tim was on cam for a bit.
  • Soaring4Traffic was mentioned. Talk about eagles.
  • John: “What if the eagle was named Ditka?”
  • Marcy McManaway asked how many pages should one surf per day. The real answer was longer than this but Jon basically boiled it down to “as many as you can”.
  • More suggestions on this given in chat by Jerry Iannucci and John – check TEToolbox stats to see how much traffic you should buy; split testing and promoting multiple offers to see what works best. Tim opined that one should have at least two ads running at all times.
  • Both of the Mini-Tims appeared on cam and waved to us and weren’t scared or concerned about us for once. :=)
  • John answered some questions about his new project, which is launching January 5th.
  • Jon said Hit Exchange News might come out on Wednesday this week, since Thursday is Christmas Eve.
  • Jon wants to go somewhere warmer. Wants to buy a ticket to Orlando.
  • Jon hates flying.
  • Jon got a text message and said, “Oh, it’s just a message from Darth Kinder.”
  • Now Tim’s the Emperor and John is a storm trooper.
  • Then Jon said John is Obi Guanzon.
  • I asked who was Yoda and the answer was a hoot. :=)
  • (Yup, there are some things that if you’re not there, you’re just gonna miss it.)  ;=)
  • Charles Smith asked some questions about different business models in traffic exchanges, and Jon gave his take on some of the history for a while.
  • AWeber had finally responded publically admitting that their data had been compromised, which has been all over the ‘Net news this week and was discussed at TE Live quite a bit on Tuesday. Tim sent out an e-mail apologizing to his subscribers and within a short time had received twelve responses.
  • Jon told Dakota not to bark. She put her paws on his shoulder.
  • John sang: “Put your paws on my shoulder…”
  • Jon and his son are going out to dinner tonight, then back home to watch some movies.
  • WINNERS: In another mug giveaway, Carl Bailey was the winner of his choice of an I Love Hits or SWAT Traffic mug.
  • I CALL YOU OUT, YOU GET LINKAGE (if I know your link): Traffic-Splash (Paul Kinder), Walter Mulder, Cookie Jar Hits (Marcy McManaway), Safelist Marketing Tactics (Jerry Iannucci), Charles Smith.
  • ALSO ON THE SCENE: Grebo, Stephen Whittle, Kjell Lindstrom, Inga, Cat Heiter, Paul Penafiel, Putra Razali, Dorena Begonia, Melody Smith, Wanda Robinson, Brenda Broyles, John Wagner, Bruce Formhals, Brandon Hawthorn, Blain Jones, James Vest, Jonathan Black, Joseph Riley, Ellyn Weber-Bynum – and of course, Jerry Iannucci and Randy Ritter.
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I’m not addicted to my iPhone at all.” – Jon Olson


*** Traffic Exchange Live is on UStream every weekday afternoon 3-5 pm EST ***

So, Lynn M. Is…: Late posting this one (see intro), but I’m sure the only thought I had if I had posted this Tuesday night or Wednesday morning was “Ohhhhhh I wish it would take a little longer for Christmas to get here….”

Lynn M.’s Traffic Tidbit of the Day: Annnnnnnnd she who keeps saying she’s on a moratorium about joining more traffic exchanges has joined another one recently – Promo Lotto. I actually have two more I plan to join next week. You wind up with your own traffic exchange and inevitably you end up joining others even when you said you weren’t joining any more. Heh.

Surf’s Up Site of the Day: Traffic Taxis

Why: Well, ‘cos one of David Foley’s emails coerced me to buy stuff over there this week, so why not. LOL.

Hey, Check This Out: This is something I have been a member of for quite a while now but I admittedly fully haven’t utilized it as I should yet – VitalViralPro is another of those resources which can help you promote many things at once. The program supports several traffic exchanges and list builders, all the top autoresponder services (Traffic Wave, AWeber, GetResponse and more), and several other of the usual tools many of you are probably already a member of. It’s also been integrated with quite a few other programs (like the resources within the Power Surf Central group of traffic exchanges).

VitalViralPro is run by Troy Wray, who recently opened Viral Mail Profits with Paul Kinder, and it’s a really neat resource with a LOT of stuff. So much stuff that, as I said, I just haven’t spent the time I should on it just yet, but I’ve got it on my to-do list for the coming new years. You’re probably a member of many of the programs within, so if you’ve not already joined, it would probably behoove you to take a moment to check out VitalViralPro if you’re not already a member.

All right, since this is so late posting, I’ll see ya on the flip side in just a little bit for Wednesday’s update…. toodles!

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