OK, well, first off – next Traffic Exchange Live update (Friday’s) will be posted tomorrow, as I have just been plain too frozen to write it this weekend. Thank heavens all that ice is finally melting today, ugh!

But I wanted to jump in here and post real quick today because there are big things on tonight (Sunday) with TrafficLeads2Income that smart traffic exchange users and members of many programs probably don’t wanna miss…

There will be a bunch of prizes – upgrades at various traffic exchanges and other programs, massive credit prizes at many traffic exchanges, and a one-month upgrade for TrafficLeads2Income – up for grabs tonight at the weekly Sunday conference for TL2I at 10pm EST. (I’m giving away a one-month top upgrade plus 1000 extra credits, and another 1000 credits prize, to Traffic Pro-X, and I’m sure there will be more prizes from other TEs by conference time tonight.)

TrafficLeads2Income provides you with the tools and training to build a huge subscriber list, get those subscribers into the programs of your choice, and earn you multiple streams of income including 50% commissions. But I think the big difference is the one on one treatment you get, as evidenced by TL2I’s Support Room.

Here is my recommendation to you today:

1) Join TrafficLeads2Income (if you haven’t already):

==> http://lynnm.net/recommends/trafficleads2income/

2) Come to the Support Room at 10pm EST tonight (Sunday 1/31/2010) for the weekly conference – you could be a big prize winner tonight! The Support Room link is here:

==> http://www.trafficleads2income.com/training.html

P.S. I’ll also be giving 200 bonus credits to every Traffic Pro-X member that shows up anyhow and tells me their user ID number – so if you’re a TPX member, you can get that on top of the possibility of winning one of tonight’s big prizes! Cool, huh?!

In any case, if you can, do stop by the TL2I Support Room tonight (Sunday) at 10pm EST. Chances are, you could walk out a big winner!

I hope to see many of you there!