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Tuesday came and it was time for Traffic Exchange Live again, and I think we were all a little concerned about how Jon would be feeling on Tuesday after the “first day of the rest of his life” on Monday – i.e., his first day at his “boot camp” workout at the gym. Read on to see how Jon fared…

Topsy Turvy Tuesday on Traffic Exchange Live:

  • Jon Olson and John Guanzon were on cam right on time on Tuesday, with Tim Linden showing up a few minutes later.
  • Jon reported that his “boot camp” workout under the tutelage of his “meathead jarhead soldier buddy” the day before actually went pretty well, and that he was a little sore, but nothing too bad. His buddy had him on the treadmill “climbing Mt. Everest” at about 2.5 km/hour for 20 minutes, and his total workout was about an hour and a half long.
  • We were all happy that Jon felt pretty good the day after (because when Jon’s happy, everybody’s happy).
  • Jerry Iannucci said Jon looked marvelous. Jon said thank you and he feels marvelous.
  • Jon went through the mail he got that day, including Dot Com Secrets from Russell Brunson. He also got something in the mail from his local bookstore.
  • The mystery woman known to TE Live only as “The Foot” was in Jon’s office again. She was actually seen on cam early on, but I wasn’t quick enough to snap a pic.
  • Jon was eating fruit with yogurt dip.
  • Discussion in the room about Jon getting all healthy.
  • Next thing we know, Jon’ll be getting all techy on us.
  • Well, maybe not.
  • The Mini-est Tim was on cam for a bit looking cute as ever, then the other Mini-Tim showed up as well.
  • Wanda Robinson had a question for Jon about how to give away e-books via her squeeze page. Jon told her to use her lead capture page to get them on her list, then give them a link to the PDF.
  • The Mini-Tims wanted their Daddy to play with them, so Tim took off for a bit to play with the kids. They were going to play with blocks.
  • Jon and John noticed that the TE Live status on UStream still said “Tim and John are waiting for Jon” from two months ago. John changed it.
  • Shaun Range asked Jon what his favorite recent launch was. Jon said probably ThumbVu or Viral Mail Profits.
  • Jon wants questions.


  • We saw The Foot’s head on screen. Then she was The Elbow after that.
  • Long discussion about SendOutCards. Jon’s not too thrilled with them lately. Discussion about MLM, downlines, etc.
  • Somebody or something was up “poop creek”.
  • Jon showed us a card he received in the past that says “Fatherhood is Easy” on the front. He opened it up and it was playing hip-hop.
  • John said that ThumbVu delivered an average of 500 hits per campaign the day before.
  • Jon showed us an Avatar poster he has. He tried to give it away. I don’t think there were any takers.
  • John’s cat Rufio was on the stairs.
  • We saw The Foot on cam again for a second and once again missed the screenshot.
  • Jon needs to shave. He said he would shave that night before dinner.
  • Jon is very happy that the Jets got beat and aren’t going to the Super Bowl.
  • Tim came back.
  • Winter Perkins rocks.
  • Jon’s phone rang. It seems that Jon’s friend Rick (who plays HENry the Hitman on the Internet) calls him every single day during TE Live lately, knowing that Jon is doing TE Live.
  • Jon took a photo of his dinner last night and showed us.


  • Tim managed to snap a pic of The Foot and we all looked at it. (I saved and have a copy of it, but I’m not going to post it unless she or Jon says I can). Tim actually took two pics of her but the other one you can’t really see anything because it’s blurry.
  • We talked about the TE Live wives and their reactions to the cam. Tim’s wife hides from it and if she comes in the room, she’ll shield her face like a movie star – one time she forgot about it though and we finally saw her without the hiding. John’s wife is on cam all the time and has even smooched him on cam a couple of times. (Awww….)
  • Jon is excited about Day 2 of his boot camp workout.
  • There were a few more rambling discussions in the room before we quit for the day, including talking about everyone’s age in the room and various theories about when the Internet began. Jon shoved off a little early to go work out and soon after, Tuesday’s TE Live was done for the day. The End.
  • GIVEAWAYS: John was giving out ThumbVu credits to users who tossed their usernames in the room on Tuesday.
  • I CALL YOU OUT ABOVE, YOU GET LINKAGE: Safelist Marketing Tactics (Jerry Iannucci), Wanda Robinson, Seamless Web Solutions (Winter Perkins)
  • ALSO ON THE SCENE: Stephen Whittle, Paul Brown, Sean Supplee, Dorena Begonia, Kjell Lindstrom, Shaun Range, Cat Heiter, Carl Bailey, Brenda Broyles, Brian Rickert, Bobby Legros – and of course, Randy Ritter.


*** Traffic Exchange Live is on UStream every weekday afternoon 3-5 pm EST ***

’til tomorrow, as I am not only very late but a very tired TE Live gossip maven but I’ll be back tomorrow with today’s scoop…

So after a Jon-less and Tim-less day at Traffic Exchange Live on Friday and after the weekend was over, we returned to TE Live on Monday to a packed house and all kinds of wild and crazy stuff going on… and a special secret guest at Jon’s house on Monday. Hmmm….

Lots of stuff to cover about yesterday, so let’s get right to it, shall we…?

Mayhem Monday on Traffic Exchange Live:

  • Jon Olson and John Guanzon were on first, then Tim Linden showed up as usual.
  • Jon commented that John’s not one for shameless self-promotion (since John was wearing one of his ThumbVu shirts).
  • Jon said they got 10 feet of snow the day before in Saskatoon.
  • Jon had very shocking news for the room on Monday, telling the room that Monday was “the first day of the rest of (his) life” before dropping the shocking bombshell. After TE Live on Monday, Jon was going to… the gym!
  • It seems Jon has a friend who is a “meathead soldier guy”, who told Jon over the weekend that he was putting Jon in “boot camp” and they were going to start working out on Monday.
  • We talked about Jon’s exercise plan for a long while.
  • I asked John, since Tim and Jon are getting “chiseled”, if he was going to do it too. John quickly informed me he was already there.
  • John said everybody wants a six-pack, he has a keg. This made Jon laugh and laugh and laugh some more.
  • Jon displayed “the most famous marker on the Internet”.
  • More discussion about the proposed TE Live World Tour. John said come to Sacramento. Jon said he would go to Sacramento. Tim asked Jon, “Why don’t you want to come to Rhode Island?” I said it was because Rhode Island was cold and Jon doesn’t like cold (even though he lives in Canada).
  • Rhode Island is discriminated against.
  • Tim feels discriminated against.
  • Tim is now boycotting Jon.
  • John said he would go to Tim’s house.
  • There had been a mostly-unseen female person at the side of the cam at the Olson house this entire time and we’d heard her talking here and there (for well over a half hour at this point) and watched Jon laugh and giggle (and blush) a lot, so James Vest finally was the one to ask Jon if he had a girlfriend. Jon had no comment and just giggled some more.
  • John said Jon was giddy that morning like a little schoolgirl.
  • Jon was going to read a bit out of his book, Hits, Clicks and Misses: The Traffic Exchange Experience (the only book about traffic exchanges on Amazon).
  • Tim said he was going to write a TE book so Jon can’t say his is the only one on Amazon anymore.
  • Jon loves Rhode Island.
  • Wanda Robinson said (about Jon’s cam) all she sees is Jon, a leg, and a foot.
  • Hence Jon’s lady friend became known ever after as The Foot.
  • We asked Jon’s friend if he really does smell good since he’s always saying he smells good. He said she confirmed yes.
  • Jon was going to read a poem out of his book, so we had The Jon Olson Poetry Minute on TE Live.
  • Jon loves Rhode Island again, and John had not moved or said a word in ten minutes.
  • Tim showed Jon his photos of the waterfire in Rhode Island.
  • Jon said something and laughed.
  • Tim: “Are you laughing at waterfire? Do you think this is a joke?”
  • Jon asked John, quick, what he was doing with his life RIGHT NOW. John: “Giving you money.” Jon: “Oh, good.”
  • We all chuckled over Jon’s perpetual 10-15 second delay. Jon said it’s the Canadian connection.
  • Randy Ritter said Super Surf rocks and everyone agreed.
  • More nosy discussion in the room about Jon’s friend. Randy Ritter said it was Jessica Alba and that “she finally said ‘yes’ to Jon.”
  • Jon’s friend disagreed and said she was even better than Jessica Alba.
  • We like Jon’s friend!
  • Charles Smith asked Jon if she came with his new washer & dryer.
  • Jon ate yogurt parfait.
  • Tim was researching toolbars in traffic exchanges. Since it’s not really feasible for users to have tons of different toolbars installed for different traffic exchanges, he’s looking into a toolbar system that everyone could use and thinking of how he could program it where TE owners could go into Traffic Exchange List and add their specials to it.
  • John made a video for Jon that we couldn’t see, but it was cracking Jon up.
  • Tim said something Jon said wasn’t very nice and that it was along the same lines of saying you don’t like Rhode Island.
  • Jon was giggling and smiling a lot again.
  • Charles Smith said, “Wow, yogurt really perks Jon up.”
  • Tim said, and I typed at the same time: “Yeah, I don’t think it’s the yogurt.”
  • Jon went to get coffee.
  • While Jon went to get coffee, Tim twisted all of our arms to send Jon fax spam again.
  • Jon came back. Tim welcomed Jon back.
  • Jon said thank you to Tim for welcoming him back. Tim said he was happy to do so.
  • About that time the fax spam started coming in. Jon: “Are you gonna waste some trees again today, dude?”
  • Jon told his friend about us fax spamming him a couple of weeks ago.
  • Jon showed us on cam the fax spam he received from Tim:


  • The fax spam I sent Jon had a bunch of corny jokes on it that I’d quickly copied and pasted. His lady friend (i.e., The Foot) read aloud and he and we all laughed.
  • Tim typed: “asdkjfa;lsdjfa;dfja;dlsfja;sdlfja;dlsf”
  • Ian Bakewell dropped in and we all wished him a Happy Birthday (since my Skype had told me on Sunday it was his birthday).
  • Jon said some guy kept PM spamming him saying he was Jesus.
  • So Jon kicked Jesus out.
  • Jon is probably going to Hell for that.
  • I have “cannibalism” written down in my notes and I have no idea why.
  • It was about time shortly thereafter for Jon to start the first day of the rest of his life and go work out in his “boot camp” training, so that was the end of TE Live for the day. I already project that today (Tuesday) is going to be an awfully interesting day, being the first post-workout day for Jon. (*shudder*)
  • GIVEAWAYS: No giveaways today.
  • I CALL YOU OUT ABOVE, YOU GET LINKAGE: Samurai Hits (James Vest), Wanda Robinson, Top Flight Traffic (Randy Ritter), Charles Smith, Easy Surf Exchange (Ian Bakewell)
  • ALSO ON THE SCENE: Brenda Broyles, Paul Brown, ntheblack, Stephen Whittle, Austin Hallock, Cherrie Ryning, Dorena Begonia, Marcy McManaway, Brandon Hawthorn, Kjell Lindstrom, Jason Dandridge, Jenell Sale, Jerry Reeder – and of course, Jerry Iannucci.
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY – Jon: “We’re not the Mafia.” John: “Oh, we’re not?”


*** Traffic Exchange Live is on UStream every weekday afternoon 3-5 pm EST ***

So, Lynn M. Is About To Be In The Deep Freeze Again: Yep, according to weather forecasts we have snow and super-cold temps hitting the Mid-South again towards the end of this week, so I am busting my booty to try and get everything I can possibly get done this week done before the freeze hits again. With my less-than-sufficient heating problem where I live, it pretty much incapacitates me anytime it gets much under 30F degrees but definitely under 20. Fortunately the forecast has improved a little bit since a few days ago – before it was saying lows of 10, now it’s saying, like 22. Still not good for me, but 22 is way better than 10!

Lynn M.’s Traffic Tidbit of the Day: Oooo…. Traffic Dodgems has relaunched and ohhh, is it pretty! I just spent a few minutes bumping into stuff over there. There’s a new surfbar, new members area, bigger wins on the Dodgems game, and 50% commission. It’s super cool-looking and this is going to be the place to get your pages in and credits assigned and get seen this week during the relaunch ‘cos there will be a LOT of activity so get over there now! If you’re already a member, head over that way – if you haven’t joined before, sign up at Traffic Dodgems now!

Surf’s Up Site of the Day: Why, Traffic Dodgems, of course!

Why: ‘Cos it just relaunched and has all this cool new stuff! Go, go, go!

Hey, Check This Out: I really want to get this on out and published today since I’ve been so backed up the last several days, so I’m just going to remind you to check out TrafficLeads2Income if you haven’t already (even though I talked on and on and on and ON about it all last week, which you can read some of here in one of last week’s Hey, Check This Outs if you didn’t already). This is really a fabulous opportunity for anyone – newbies and pros alike – but especially if you’re new and don’t really have anything to promote. This thing can build your list and downlines fast (I think I’ve set a new record for myself in adding list members in a week’s time). So seriously, check out TrafficLeads2Income and all the tons and tons of stuff (including 24/7 support in the training room) it has to offer today…

’til Wednesday… I’ll be back with Tuesday’s Traffic Exchange Live report (and we’ll see how Jon is faring after his first big “boot camp” workout) tomorrow! *bites nails* …

OK, so this yesterday just wasn’t my day (and neither has been today so far). I was already, like, “Ahhhhhh!” ‘cos I’ve been so swamped the last few days and was behind again, and apologized for the delayed updating and having to do a two-fer again today because I was behind.

But…. you didn’t see that and my apology because WordPress froze on me while I was writing what was SUPPOSED to be yesterday’s post and when I got back in, even though I had written quite a bit of the post through Thursday’s Traffic Exchange Live update anyway…. it didn’t save it! Grrrrr.

I was also so sleepy yesterday (as those at TE Live are well aware of) I probably should have just gone to bed. When I was originally trying to write this yesterday, I was about to fall asleep before the post was over (lol). Then I slept thru Affiliate Funnel unintentionally last night. I am feeling a little more chipper today tho!

So before WordPress eats my post again, let’s see what happened at Traffic Exchange Live at the end of last week…

A Taste of Thursday on Traffic Exchange Live:

  • Jon Olson, Tim Linden, and John Guanzon were all in the Traffic Exchange Live house on Thursday, yippee!
  • Just a few hours before TE Live on Thursday, Jon was interviewed by TE Live regular James Holmes on his online radio show, and several of us had listened to it and James showed up to TE Live as well, so we all chatted about Jon’s interview for a while. Jon had talked about a lot of stuff we here at TE Live every day have heard many times, but it’s always interesting to hear again and I usually learn something different and new every time anyways. And James is a really cool radio dude and his show, which centers around home-based business training, is really great – James Holmes Radio has a new fan in me! Check out the James Holmes Radio page for upcoming shows and dates, and you can also listen to the recording of Jon’s interview from there as well. James is a great guy, check his show out & give a listen!
  • One of Tim’s daughters stepped on a piece of glass Thursday and hurt herself pretty bad. However, Tim added that his daughter complained less about it “than Olson did about his finger” that he injured last week.
  • We had a fair amount of traffic, marketing, and traffic exchange-related questions on Thursday (always welcome and wanted). One UStream guest wanted to know why they should upgrade anywhere “when nothing converts”. Almost immediately a half dozen people in the room asked what they were promoting. (I’m not sure we got an answer, but I’m guessing whatever it is, it’s probably a non-branded, generic affiliate sales page and not a branded squeeze page or splash page…)
  • Another UStream guest had questions about opening up a new traffic exchange, and those were addressed at length.
  • Jon got the clap.


  • Ian Bakewell popped in to visit again on Thursday. Ian’s got a giveaway going on in February he’ll tell us more about soon.
  • Rasheda Poe-Cyr asked if it was possible to separate Kinder and Rash. Tim: “It depends on what kind of rash…” (ba da bing!)
  • Jon was very sad because Jon Atwood was no longer showing up in his SendOutCards downline. Jon and Jon and Tim had long discussion about SendOutCards.
  • Discussion of a TE Live tour around the U.S.. Jon, Tim and John would drive around the country and broadcast from various people’s houses. They could sell sponsorships to pay for the gas.
  • Jon had to call PayPal about something, but he forgot to mute himself. He finally did, and when he hit the button, his screen froze just like this:


  • We all marveled about what a great freeze frame that was (and it stayed up for a long time too), and soon after TE Live was fini for the day.
  • GIVEAWAYS: No giveaways on Thursday.
  • I CALL YOU OUT ABOVE, YOU GET LINKAGE (if I have your link): James Holmes Radio (James Holmes), Easy Surf Exchange (Ian Bakewell), AdTactics (Jon Atwood)
  • ALSO ON THE SCENE: Brenda Broyles, Cat Heiter, Cherrie Ryning, Kjell Lindstrom, John Cheshier, Stephen Whittle, Wanda Robinson, Peter Solty, Martin Webster, Lisa McCormick, Dorena Begonia, Paul Brown, Putra Muzhafar Razali.
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY: “If you’re happy and you know it, smile and freeze.” – Tim Linden


ThumbVu Live Friday on Traffic Exchange Live:

  • So this was the thing – John Guanzon originally intended to take a vacation day on Friday from TE Live. Then Jon and Tim got tied up with other things and couldn’t show that day, so John took the helm all day on Friday.
  • So lots of the afternoon was pretty much centered around – you guessed it – ThumbVu! (That’s what you get for not showing up Friday, Jon & Tim!) :-)
  • Well, and some other stuff.
  • But I forgot to take any pics on Friday, apparently.
  • John set ThumbVu for 2:1 until the show was over on Friday (once again, if you don’t show up for TE Live, you never know what deals or cool stuff you might miss!).
  • John got a phone call during the show – it was Jon, telling him he couldn’t come that day.
  • We had a long discussion about breakfast food. I never used to eat breakfast except on weekends at my grandparents’ house, and my parents liked to cook bacon and eggs for dinner sometimes when I was a kid and I refused to eat breakfast at night, so I’d always have a grilled cheese sandwich or something else instead. Nowadays I would eat breakfast three meals a day if I could and am always craving Waffle House or Cracker Barrel. Wanda Robinson and lots of others in the room seconded the Waffle House thing. John went to iHOP the other night and said he made the mistake of ordering a steak instead of getting breakfast – he said it was a really, really bad sirloin steak (and John Guanzon the meat expert extraordinaire) does know his steaks!).
  • We joked about starting a bunch of rumors and me writing a gag post about Friday, making Jon and Tim think that several ummm….interesting people showed up to TE Live on Friday that really didn’t, among other things.
  • I was really gonna do the gag post.
  • Then not only did I get behind this weekend and delayed in posting, but after thinking about it, I really couldn’t come up with all that much to write except a couple of things. So we just alluded to a bunch of stuff having happened instead the first time we all talked to Jon, and then later we fessed up about what the plan had been. He thought it was pretty funny (I think).
  • John cut TE Live short a little early to get some stuff done with the Missus that they had planned on doing that afternoon, and thus that was all the TE Live until this week.
  • GIVEAWAYS: We had lots of giveaways on Friday! John was giving away 1000 ThumbVu credits to whoever was first to name what number ThumbVu was ranked at Affiliate Funnel this week, and Jerry Iannucci was the winner. Then John gave away another 500 ThumbVu credits for whoever was first to name all three ThumbVu creators, and Sarah Cozad won that prize. And I gave away some Traffic Pro-X credits to TPX members that tossed their user ID numbers into the room.
  • I CALL YOU OUT ABOVE, YOU GET LINKAGE: Wanda Robinson, Safelist Marketing Tactics (Jerry Iannucci), Extreme Marketing (Sarah Cozad)
  • ALSO ON THE SCENE: Ellyn Weber-Bynum, Brenda Broyles, Kjell Lindstrom, Pamela, Rhonda Morton, Stephen Whittle, Paul Brown, Connie Motala – and of course, Randy Ritter (I think?).
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I’m trying to think, and it hurts.” – John Guanzon


*** Traffic Exchange Live is on UStream every weekday afternoon 3-5 pm EST ***

See the next post for more stuffies since I’m so delayed posting these after the weekend…

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