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Tuesday and Wednesday at Traffic Exchange Live wound up being kinda mainly chitchat days amongst the attendees and hosts (there’s a reason why TE Live tends to be “the water cooler of the TE industry”), while at other times there were very lengthy discussions/ideas being tossed around about various things, so I really don’t have a ton of anecdotes for either day. Plus I was a little late getting there Wednesday after being stuck in line out at a store (having already avoided one other store after walking in, seeing huge lines at the only open cash registers, and walking right back out). I really, really hate shopping and though the Internet’s done pretty well, it hasn’t quite caught up with me yet in letting me shop online 100% and I do so wish it would.

Anyway, let’s see what havoc there was wreaked (lol) Tuesday and Wednesday…

Tiny Update Tuesday & Wee Update Wednesday on Traffic Exchange Live:

  • Jon Olson, Tim Linden, and John Guanzon were all on board both days. We didn’t really expect to see Jon on Wednesday since he was having to drive to Edmonton that day, but he was on TE Live Wednesday anyway.
  • Lengthy discussion of (and many kudos all around) about the new bracket surfing at I Love Hits. Some needed additions/modifications were brought up, like the possibility of users having an option to be notified by e-mail if they get passed by their opponent.
  • Jerry Iannucci was not in attendance on Tuesday, which was odd. However, the sky did not fall down, the world didn’t end, and Hades didn’t freeze over, so it was cool, but his lack of presence was definitely noticeable!
  • A visit from the Mini-Tims. The future programmer in the house immediately went to work on StartXchange.

  • We saw a hand behind Jon. Someone asked if The Foot knows The Hand is there.
  • Jon said The Foot is injured right now.
  • John was going to have his ThumbVu users “slap” Twitter on Wednesday, Tweeting about ThumbVu and someone would win a $50 prize, others would win credits.
  • Jon declared the continual lag program as Rhode Island and California’s fault.
  • Jon said he wouldn’t be at TE Live on Wednesday, as he was driving to Edmonton (but he was there after all anyway).
  • John said something about the “pressure of entertaining” on TE Live. We told him/them they don’t have to work that hard or make a big effort to entertain us, we’re all easily amused.
  • Tim showed us a really cool new photo he has on his photography site.
  • Jon gave The Foot a hand.
  • Winter Perkins is making a 125×125 banner for StartXchange and Tim asked her where it was (see “Quote of the Day(s)” for the rest of THAT story).
  • Jon pointed out an American flag on Canadian money.
  • John told us about a joke you can play on people, asking them to find the milk product, the song, and the famous person on any American bill. The joke involves tearing the bill in half and tossing at the end. There was discussion about how one might get one’s booty kicked depending on how big the bill in question was.
  • Jon had to leave.
  • Tim wanted to know if Canadians used the term “whipped” in Canadia (sic).
  • John was looking at food. He said Arby’s curly fries are the worst, but they look soooo good.
  • Long discussion about the differences in fast food places, chain restaurants, etc. John talked about ordering “animal style” at In-N-Out again.
  • On Wednesday, a majority of TE Live was spent discussing the finer points of I Love Hits’ new bracket surfing and Facebook fan pages, and answering questions about both.
  • Tim stepped away a second and came back with what he said was one of his favorite things – Cadbury chocolate Mini-Eggs. (This must be his favorite time of year.)

  • Jon needed help with his Facebook fan page.
  • Tim said fan pages are for your business and talked about why people should have one.
  • Jon left a little early, since he was going to be spending five hours driving to Edmonton.
  • Around ten after the hour (yes, ten after!) John and Tim left as well, and thus ended the Wednesday edition of TE Live.
  • GIVEAWAYS: No giveaways on Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • I CALL YOU OUT ABOVE, YOU GET LINKAGE: Safelist Marketing Tactics (Jerry Iannucci), Seamless Web Solutions (Winter Perkins)
  • ALSO ON THE SCENE (one or both days): Brett Phillips, Brenda Broyles, Charles Smith, Paul Brown, Cat Heiter, Lynne Sherman, Ian Bakewell, Sarah Cozad, Wanda Robinson, John Cheshier, Brett Phillips, Dorena Begonia, Diane Merriam, Austin Hallock, Bartender Mo, Cherrie Ryning, Phil Ames, Sean Supplee, Stephen Whittle, Carl Bailey – and of course, Randy Ritter.
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY(S) – Tim Linden, to Winter Perkins: “I thought you had one-hour turnaround time.” Winter: “This isn’t one-hour photo!”

*** Traffic Exchange Live is on UStream every weekday afternoon 3-4 pm EST ***

So, Lynn M. Is Somewhat Rested Lately: Yeah… I’ve actually been getting more sleep lately than I normally do. It’s kinda weird, but good.

Lynn M.’s Traffic Tidbit of the Day: Well, not really a traffic tip or anything like that today, but I just wanted to publicly thank Mark Hodgetts for the very nice post about me and Traffic Pro-X. That was a nice surprise, I’m very honored and humbled and thank Mark very much for all the kind words. We don’t always agree (in fact, that’s how we got to talking in the first place because of a little and very brief disagreement between us spawned from Twitter, LOL), but he’s a good guy, we just have some different ways and opinions on doing some things. Anyway, Mark’s blog is pretty cool and has a wide and broad take on many different and varied aspects of Internet marketing, so check his blog, Traffic Exchange Secrets Revealed, out!

Surf’s Up Site of the Day: Visit Maniac

Why: Sean’s really been busy amping up the action at VisitManiac & I’ve gotten some good results lately there!

Hey, Check This Out: In case you haven’t noticed, I have finally had enough time to do some updating of links and other stuff in the sidebar lately, including links to many of most recommended tools, all of which I use (or have used) myself and give a big thumbs up to. I’ll be adding to it as time goes on (and especially as I upgrade and rebrand stuff… you really shouldn’t do much promoting of stuff you’re not upgraded in or haven’t rebranded, though I do make an exception for a few, but otherwise you’re just building the program owner’s list and not your own). Anyway, for now, I have built a little virtual library over there of all the resources and tools I use and like, especially all of what I consider my “MUST HAVE” tools.

So here’s one of those things in my “MUST HAVES”  that most of you probably already have – but if you don’t (and especially if you’re new to all this stuff), you really need it (AND need to follow it, AND rebrand it for maximum value to your pocketbook)… Mr. Olson’s spiffy little Pizza Plan graphic below basically tells the story of what it is, so just take a look, click it, and get your copy today!

’til next time, I’m your TE Live Snoop on the Scene… ciao!

So, there should have been a post with an update here earlier today. Instead, I just spent several hours of my post-Traffic Exchange Live time today cleaning a particularly nasty virus off my computer (don’t worry, I know where/how it weaseled its way in and it wasn’t from anything related to traffic exchanges, thank goodness).

So I can’t stress enough – keep your anti-virus & whatever other security stuff you use updated and current, folks! I really don’t want to go into the specifics of this one here and give the cretins who write these things any fodder for more evil hijinks (but I will at TE Live tomorrow), but I’m a pretty experienced techgeekchick and this one did some scary stuff I’ve never seen one do before and took me a long time to disinfect. Ugh.

After having been previously happy with AVG until it started missing some stuff, Tim Linden was talking one day about how he basically relies on Avast and never has a problem, so I figured that if Mr. Tech Expert Who Could Probably Be Really Dangerous If He Wasn’t A Good Guy relies on that, it should be good enough for moi. I pretty much had a small arsenal of security stuff running at all times, but I decided to quit most of it and go with Avast, although I still held onto a couple of things (Spyware Blaster, which runs in the background, and Malwarebytes, which I just use for scanning sometimes). I’m not really willing to totally give up Malwarebytes as, one time, it was the only thing that found and got rid of something I wound up with after a whopping 12-13 hours of trying.

Again, I don’t really want to go into major detail about this latest nasty, but do still have to give kudos to Avast – it was slightly crippled, but it still was the key that said YES there is a problem, after about an hour of me thinking “whoa, something is not right”. I had to pull out the big geek guns to truly rid myself of it and then ran a Malwarebytes scan (once I COULD) that picked up some probably unrelated riff raff, but yeah, it was a mess.

So that’s why there’s no TE Live update today. But you can look at what Jon just bought tonight here.

I’ll just post today’s and yesterday’s update tomorrow, ‘cos after all the hours of fooling with that infestation of techy badness, I really don’t feel like doing anything but finally finishing making dinner (at almost 11:30pm CST lol) and playing video games tonight after all that. :-)

But (and if you’re a Traffic Pro-X member who’s already read your e-mail, you can skip the rest of this – nobody can ever accuse me of not making an effort to be convenient sometimes!) I mainly today wanted to make sure everyone got their copy of the fabulous and free Traffic Exchange Solutions, the new e-book from Tony Tezak – not only because it’s such a good read & teaches you everything you need to know about effectively using traffic exchanges…

… but also because there are massive Traffic Pro-X credits at stake for those who sign up & download it from me and you’re about to miss out if you haven’t already grabbed it! (So you should go read your e-mail if you’re a Traffic Pro-X member and haven’t read your e-mail yet, LOL. I’m not gonna bore everyone else with the whole big list of goodies here.)


It’s a great book to have in your box of resources, there’s no doubt about that. You’ve probably been hearing this last week and a half about what an “affiliate landmine” it is – and it is! That’s the real value in it.

All you have to do is rebrand it and give it away to others who are searching to improve their results in the traffic exchanges. Then they can give it away too. Even if they don’t rebrand it for themselves, they’ll be spreading your affiliate links virally – possibly all over the planet!

There’s over 40 (I think now 42) affiliate links in Traffic Exchange Solutions. That’s a LOT of links to spread around and boost your downlines all over, and potentially earn you lots of affiliate commissions.

AND… you (and they) learn how to better and more effectively use traffic exchanges and get REAL results!

I like stuff like that.


One person that I work with fairly regularly and closely who is still a little new and getting their feet wet in traffic exchange and online marketing, and doesn’t have any real big downlines or regular commissions in much of anything yet, rebranded their copy last week.

And then someone they gave it to rebranded their copy. So my downline member got a 75% commission for that. (Nice!)

And others who didn’t take the sweet special offers on rebranding Traffic Exchange Solutions are passing their copies around and giving them away.

How do I know this? Because my downline member’s own downlines have been growing and growing ever since!

If you have ever wondered how those that are obviously successful using traffic exchanges do it – well, there ya go. That’s one of the “big secrets” – rebrand everything, and pass it on.

And there’s bunches more of the most successful surfer on the planet’s secrets to success within the pages of Traffic Exchange Solutions.

So sign up & download your copy of Traffic Exchange Solutions today if you haven’t yet. Seriously. (And if you’re a Traffic Pro-X member who signs up and downloads from my link, shoot me a support ticket with your User ID number and your name and you’ll get lotsa goodies and maybe even more on March 1st.)

All right, so I’ll be back soon with a TE Live update for Tuesday & Wednesday. Right now, I’m gonna go make quesadillas, play video games, wishing my neighbor’s power would go out (don’t ask!), and chill. Ciao!

Yesterday was a hysterical day at Traffic Exchange Live, and in fact, I’m sitting here giggling just thinking about some of what I’m about to write. Jon was in fine form on Monday tossing out the one-liners and giving some lectures that about had me on the floor, I was laughing so hard. Unfortunately a lot of them were during long-ish discussions about a few issues and out of context don’t make much sense or aren’t that funny on their own, so I don’t have a lot of notations within today… but it was seriously one of those days when I had to be careful about when I took my next sip of coffee because otherwise it was going to wind up all over the keyboard from me spitting it out while cracking up again.

At one point, two of the three co-hosts were laughing so hard, I think their laughter was infecting everyone in the room, most of whom were already cracking up as it was – by the time this one particular five or six minutes of TE Live was over that had us all in hysterics, I literally had tears streaming down my face and felt like I’d cracked a rib laughing. It might have been one of those “you had to be there” moments, I dunno – but I’ll be writing about it below.

Speaking of which, let’s get down to it, shall we…?

Manic Monday on Traffic Exchange Live:

  • Jon Olson, Tim Linden, and John Guanzon were all in ‘da TE Live house on Monday.
  • Jon didn’t want to talk about Canada, as Canada lost to the U.S. in hockey the night before during the Olympics.
  • Lots was going on in TE land on Monday, including the introduction of bracket surfing (or as Tim called it, Surfdown, as in “smackdown”) at I Love Hits and the launch of Ryan Hogan‘s awesome Affiliate Jumpstart. We talked about both for a while.
  • Programmer Austin Hallock rocks.
  • Jon thanked the regulars of TE Live for their part in bringing the new bracket surfing addition at I Love Hits to life, as it was an idea that was formed during TE Live and everyone who was in the room the days we talked about it offered their ideas and suggestions and helped shape it. I said it was like a “TE Live Smackdown Mastermind” (lol).
  • I asked Jon if he’d heard/seen that established the business/social network ApSense had just opened up their own in-house traffic exchange, as I had come across that news in my mailbox over the weekend.
  • Randy Ritter had some concerns about something and we all talked about that for a little while. (Sorry, sometimes you just have to be in attendance to get the REAL scoop.) :-)
  • I commented on the nice, spiffy long-sleeved shirt Tim was wearing on Monday, thinking he must have something to do after TE Live because it looked like a pretty nice dress shirt. Tim explained that there was a good reason he had on that shirt Monday – they had not done laundry recently and it was the only clean shirt of his in the house. (lol)
  • Jon opened his mail live on cam.
  • Jon got a bill from Brick, an appliance and furniture store up there. Brick is where he bought his new washer & dryer that whistles.
  • Jon also got yet another copy of Dot Com Secrets – this time, the December issue – so now he’s only TWO months behind on it. They’re catching up.
  • Jon said Dot Com Secrets is great for reading on the toilet.
  • Tim is not in the bathroom long enough to read.
  • Jon asked people to retweet his post on the I Love Hits/SWAT blog about the new bracket surfing at I Love Hits. Tim and I both said we’d already retweeted it.
  • Jon to Tim: “You’re better than me, Tim.”
  • Tim: “I know.”
  • Jon’s book – Hits, Clicks, and Misses: The Traffic Exchange Experience – is now not only the only book about traffic exchanges on Amazon, but also the only book about traffic exchanges now at Barnes & Noble online.
  • Jon decided to go add credits to EasyHits4U so he could lecture their surfers, seeing as one of them reported his EH4U promotional video to YouTube as spam and got his video pulled, which wasn’t cool at all (wonder if that person is reporting all the hundreds of MLM and cash gifting videos over there too? sheesh). This is the point where everyone in room, including the other two co-hosts, was just about in hysterics as Jon lectured them about that and about surfing for pennies for a good five or ten minutes.
  • Jon’s lecture, live:

  • Shortly after the lecturing (lol) began, an anonymous UStreamer who was presumably an EH4U surfer came in and told Jon: “Your annoying little <censored> and I hope you die of cancer in the <censored>” (which is exactly how it appeared in the room). Way to go anonymous UStreamer, you really told him! (Heh.)
  • After the EH4U debacle,  Tim had to leave for the day so we said bye to Tim.
  • Jon and John hung out for a while past TE Live end time, so that was nice and like the good old days (lol).
  • In a move that’s been done before on TE Live live on cam, John said it was smelling like “up dog” there.
  • Jon fell for it just like he did the last time John got him with that (“What’s up dog?”) and we all laughed and Jon blushed.
  • And with that, TE Live on Monday came to a close.
  • GIVEAWAYS: Jon wanted to give away a copy of his book to someone who didn’t have it or hadn’t won a copy yet, so he gave it to the first person who said they didn’t have a copy (Charles Smith). Ian Bakewell also very generously gave out some big credits bonuses to many in the room for Easy Surf Exchange.
  • I CALL YOU OUT ABOVE, YOU GET LINKAGE: Affiliate Jumpstart (Ryan Hogan), Austin Hallock, Top Flight Traffic (Randy Ritter), Charles Smith, Easy Surf Exchange (Ian Bakewell)
  • ALSO ON THE SCENE: Brenda Broyles, Brett Phillips, Dorena Begonia, Paul Brown, James Vest, Jimmy Sole, Sean Supplee, Stephen Whittle, Wanda Robinson, Lynne Sherman, Dan Moses, BartenderMo, Brad Pollina, Cat Heiter, John Cheshier, James Holmes

*** Traffic Exchange Live is on UStream every weekday afternoon 3-4 pm EST ***

So, Lynn M. Is Hungry: I’m getting this posted a little late today and we just left the Tuesday edition of TE Live behind a little while ago, in which there was much discussion about the menus of all kinds of chain and other restaurants and now after talking about all that food, I’m hungry and would about cut my arm off right now for some brown bread, an Outback Special sirloin with some of their garlic mashed potatoes, and that fabulous salad they have with the walnuts (or pecans? I think pecans) and raspberry vinaigrette dressing and…. oh yum.

Lynn M.’s Traffic Tidbit of the Day: Tip of the day – I am just saying again now that if you joined and downloaded Tony Tezak’s Traffic Exchange Solutions last week but didn’t take the special offer available when you first joined – or haven’t checked it out yet at all – you probably better log in/sign up before the weekend, because I have reason to believe that special offer is going away after this week and you’ll probably never be able to get it rebranded this cheap again. So take it or leave it, I just recommend you log into Traffic Exchange Solutions as soon as possible and take action now – ‘cos when it’s gone next week, don’t say I didn’t tell you so…

Surf’s Up Site of the Day: I Love Hits

Why: Bracket surfing, people! Surf and beat your opponents! It’s new & I’m about to go surf some right now!

Hey, Check This Out: Did you get your copy of Ryan Hogan’s newly launched Affiliate Jumpstart yesterday? No? Why not?

I’ll keep it simple here today…

Affiliate Jumpstart = jumpstart your affiliate commissions, quick and easy!

You do the math.

It’s simple and straightforward, and laid out and outlined so well and clearly that even I with my blonde roots and Internet-induced ADD (lol) can easily read and follow it. And rebranding it gives you the opportunity to rack up even MORE commissions and build your downlines just by giving it away.

You likely already know the initial special offers never last long after something first launches, so now is the time – or you’ll have to spend a lot more to rebrand it later. So go download your free copy of Affiliate Jumpstart today – you could be boosting your affiliate commissions and earnings right now!

’til next time, I am your faithful TE Live reporter about to go scrounging in the kitchen for something (probably spaghetti yet AGAIN, dunno yet) now that all the TE Live folks made me hungry, lol…

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