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Hey everyone, and my apologies for the delays of late. I was rather ill for well over a week and essentially lost the entire last week, ugh. All better now but of course still trying to play catch-up.

Traffic Exchange Live was also cancelled a couple of days last week and there were some non-newsy days (Jon’s been out of town for a week so that made a lot of the difference there). I have an update of sorts to post (including some really cool stuff Jon did before he split town), but it’s going to take a while to put together so I project it’ll get posted on Tuesday or Wednesday.

In the meantime, I have some cool news to share with you today about something that is just being released right NOW (Monday afternoon)…

OK, here’s the deal. If you are:

  • Still trying to build your list;
  • Surfing & promoting in traffic exchanges;
  • All of the above –

You need this. Plain and simple as that.


My buddy (and frequent TE Live regular) Sean Supplee has just released Take Action List Building today. It’s all about TAKING ACTION and doing stuff that will bring you results.

Let me tell you, I sat around reading and absorbing and listening to everything and everyone there was for over two years before I ever actually took action on anything at all, really. ESPECIALLY about list building.

Surprise, surprise – when I actually DID take action and start following all I’d been learning and absorbing – things started to happen and I started being more successful online than I ever had been!

I can already hear you saying, “Lynn, I already have all this other list building stuff. Why do I need this one too?”

Well, I have two responses to that…

First – I am a firm believer in that one can really just never have too many tools in their toolbox when it comes to resources for online marketing, and especially when it comes to list building (which we all know is THE most important
thing there is to do).

Especially if they’re GOOD tools.

I have tons of list building stuff in my toolbox too, yep. And have learned something important from each and every one of them, which is why I continue to promote the ones I do. They’re ALL good and you can just never have too many, no kidding.

But here’s the thing about Take Action List Building…

Take Action List Building is SO comprehensive and complete, I wish I’d had this one when I started trying to do business online and trying to build my list.

This one is GREAT if you are new or still struggling. I work closely with and mentor some really great people who are still on the learning curve with their marketing, and have usually found that photos and the like really help them understand what they need to do.

This one is so jam-packed with photos and illustrations, and step-by-step detailed instructions, that it’s nearly impossible to make a wrong step or not know what you need to do next! Seriously, you can’t miss with this.

The bottom line about online marketing is you never stop learning, tweaking and testing. I am constantly learning something new every day and whether you’re brand new or not-so-new and still struggling, this is a resource that can really help.

I love Take Action List Building because it’s something I can give to people and say, “Here, take this and read this and do EVERYTHING it says and things will start happening for you.”

It really is THAT simple.


So now you know about it. And yes, there are special offers, as with any new release. Of course!

(I know you’re probably rolling your eyes here, but stay with me for a minute… because if you’re using traffic exchanges at ALL, you WANT to know about this.)

First things first – commissions, of course. (Isn’t that always what everyone wants to know first?)

Upgrade and you get 40-50% commissions, which are pretty sweet. Be careful though – if you pass up the chance at 50% commission, that may be the only chance you get. (Free members only earn 20% commission.)

But here’s the best part, Traffic Exchange Surfers…

It’s not too often that I promote a particular special offer with products I endorse, but this one is SO good I want to make sure you don’t miss it.

You will have only ONE shot at taking a special offer with Take Action List Building that will give you:

  • Upgrades (1-3 months) at LOTS of top traffic exchanges
  • HUGE credits (thousands!) packages at some top TEs & list builders
  • A bunch of other bonuses including master resell rights & PLR
  • Rebrand rights to Take Action List Building (35+ affiliate links)
  • And more! AND the 50% commissions!

This is by far one of the best bonus packages I have ever seen and if you’ve been wanting to upgrade at a lot of traffic exchanges but just can’t, this is one of the most inexpensive opportunities you’ll ever find.

I am upgraded at most of the ones included but I would have snapped this package up in a heartbeat last summer, I can tell you that.

So if you’re still struggling and surfing like crazy to stay topped up on credits all over, you absolutely want to take advantage of this offer.

And you really will get only ONE shot at that particular bonus. It truly is a one-time offer, for real. Pass it up, and it’s gone.

So not only is Take Action List Building about taking action – even the best special offer bonuses are about taking action!

So I encourage you to stop waiting and reading and listening, and take action with Take Action List Building today (and take action on the special offer and you’re gonna wind up with more credits and upgrade benefits and other bonuses than you can shake a stick at!).

Don’t wait – get it here now:


You probably want to know what all’s happened on Traffic Exchange Live since I last posted. I would like to be able to tell you what happened on TE Live the past week-ish (and I will), but it’s going to be an abbreviated version because (A) I had to miss a day or so last week and one day this week; (B) Really not all that much happened last week; and (C) I haven’t got a clue about the meaning of some of the words or phrases written down in my notes (granted, out of context that may be funny enough in itself).

Anyway, I’ll do the best I can today to catch up, though in no particular order because it’s impossible at this point to figure out which day what happened. But I do have pictures!

And apologies for the delay – offline life got in the way for a few days, some family matters needed tending to offline last week, and I accidentally slept through TE Live on Tuesday (which turned out to be a good thing – you’ll see why in what will hopefully be tomorrow’s post).

Anyway, since this is so late anyway, let’s get right down to it, eh…?

A Week of Wacky, Weird, and (Water Bills? lol) on Traffic Exchange Live:

  • Jon Olson, Tim Linden, and John Guanzon all three were on most days – although John was away for one day, and ace programmer Austin Hallock joined us quite a bit last week and this week.

  • Jon got a parking ticket and owes the city $50.
  • Jon also got his water bill in the mail that same day.
  • Tim had to go to the DMV to renew his registration, and had quite the time arranging to get there – an event which was precipitated by his car’s battery going down when his wife left the door open after cleaning the car.
  • A VERY long and controversial debate went on, spurred by a post on Tim’s blog last week. I’m not going to recount any further details here because, frankly, I’d rather have my toenails pulled out without anesthetic. (And in any case, the situation has apparently resolved itself at this point, or so I’ve heard.)
  • Besides his water bill, Jon also received his most recent copy of Alberta Venture in the mail last week.
  • There was ReTweeting of the I Love Hits/SWAT blog. Tim was incredulous that Jon wanted him to ReTweet Jon’s blog when Jon had already gotten six ReTweets and Tim hadn’t gotten as many.
  • The word “ReLove” was born.
  • This photo probably needs an explanation, but it’s lots funnier if I don’t give it one:

  • A UStream user in the room asked where (traffic exchange) credits come from.
  • Randy Ritter: “The Credit Chicken lays them every night, and I go around every morning and put them in a very big basket.”
  • (Don’t worry, the user was given the real answer eventually.)
  • Jon is an idea machine.
  • The Foot informed Jon that he’s insane.
  • Jon apologized to WV (but I have no idea what or who WV is now!!!).
  • This past Monday, the guys turned on the show early.
  • One of Jon’s favorite NFL players went to the (as previously mentioned last fall) “Sonic Waste Jets” and he’s not happy about it.
  • Jon received something from the Canadian government in the mail. Apparently all electrical work in Canada must now be done by Union workers.
  • Which predictably gave Tim opportunity to make fun of socialism once yet again.
  • The Foot makes meals that look like works of art:

  • Jon spent about twenty minutes attempting to pay his parking ticket from last week online, but the system wouldn’t take it. Apparently Canada does not really want Jon’s money.
  • Jon was wearing shorts and singing “Sexy legs… I have sexy legs.”
  • And honestly, you guys, I have no idea what I missed Tuesday, but that was really about it for the past nearly two weeks of TE Live other than some stuff that just got too out there and too crazy to take notes on. We spent a good part of this week discussing and working out stuff about the latest new project (see the Hey, Check This Out section below) and really, what’s here is about all that was worth reporting for the moment.
  • GIVEAWAYS: We haven’t had a giveaway in so long at TE Live I couldn’t even begin to tell you when or what the last one was… ahem. :-)
  • I CALL YOU OUT ABOVE, YOU GET LINKAGE: Top Flight Traffic (Randy Ritter), Austin Hallock
  • ALSO ON THE SCENE (some or all days): Brenda Broyles, Diane Merriam, Paul Brown, Wanda Robinson, Bert Daniels, John Wagner, Sean Supplee, Vincent Parker, Kris Sallee, Ian Bakewell, Jerry Reeder, Marcy McManaway, Dorena Begonia, Lynne Sherman, Rusty Shelton, Martin Webster, Shaun Range, Charles Smith, Phil Ames, Stephen Whittle, Kris Sallee, Nicole Acosta, James Vest, Carl Bailey, James Holmes, Cat Heiter, John Wagner, Sean Supplee, Brett Phillips, DA Riley, Frank Genny, Paul Brown, Karen Taylor, Steven Whitelock, probably Mike Gartner (tho I’m not 100% sure he was there last week) – and of course, Jerry Iannucci and Winter Perkins.
  • QUOTE OF THE WEEK(-ISH): “Not knowing what you’re doing helps you be creative.” – Martin Webster

*** Traffic Exchange Live is on UStream every weekday afternoon 3-4 pm EST ***

So, Lynn M. Spent A Couple of Periods Being Awake 24+ Hours This Week: I’m all better now, thanks.

Lynn M.’s Traffic Tidbit AND Surf’s Up Site of the Day: I really dropped the ball last weekend, but since offline life required me to “unplug” for most of the weekend I just wasn’t around and I missed it all… but in case you didn’t hear (I don’t know how anyone could not), Jon Olson basically lost his mind and went off his rocker crazy last weekend. The huge success of the new Bracket Surfing at I Love Hits must have really gone to his head, because not only did he decide last week to start paying commissions at I Love Hits for the first time ever – he also was selling lifetime Heavyweight upgrades to ILH at a ridiculously cheap price, but for the weekend only. So I’m sorry I didn’t get on here to post about that (but I doubt anyone much could have possibly missed that news anyway since everyone was talking about it) – but mainly just sorry ‘cos the price went back up after the weekend. However… it’s still a pretty sweet price for a lifetime top upgrade that you never have to pay for again! If you haven’t been by there in a while, drop in because it should come up for you when you log in at I Love Hits again, and you can check it out. And even if you don’t take Jon up on his insanity (it’s still a pretty crazy offer since it’s so low)… grab some promo material while there and see what you can rack up in brand new commissions, or try your hand at bracket surfing (warning – it’s addictive, totally)! :-)

Hey, Check This Out: If you’re an active traffic exchange surfer, I probably don’t HAVE to tell you what’s kept me so busy this week… but here’s a hint below. More on TE Teams and Team Traffic (my team) tomorrow, but check out the banner link anyway! :-)

’til next time, I’m your TE Live scooper about to sorta get caught up here maybe I hope, LOL…

Friday at Traffic Exchange Live was full of fun, frolic… and frozen webcams. No, seriously, it was like an epidemic with this one or that one freezing their cam. And a lot of other stuff that I misguidedly thought, “Oh, well, I’ll remember this”, and since I didn’t write a post Friday night and it’s now Monday… I’ve subsequently forgotten whatever all it was I was so sure I’d remember. Oops.

But here are the highlights anyway (I did at least get SOME of it written down, heh heh)…

Frozen Cam Friday on Traffic Exchange Live:

  • Jon Olson, Tim Linden, and John Guanzon were all three on board Traffic Exchange Live on Friday, as was master programmer Austin Hallock who joined us later on when John had to leave.
  • There was a long discussion in the room about IKEA, where Jon spent quite a bit of his Edmonton trip last week. I’ve never been in one and it turns out (after a little research) the closest one to me is in Atlanta, which is not very close. Jon filled the several in who had never been to IKEA on what they have and why we don’t want to go there (because we’ll buy too much/spend too much money). Apparently IKEA also has food and Jon said the Swedish meatballs are awesome. Ian Bakewell said you can get a full meal there for about a dollar.
  • I have “Tim’s VIP mail” written down in my notes, and I wish I could tell you what that’s about but I have absolutely no clue what it was about.
  • Jon bothered EasyHits4U again, as he does daily, and we had a whole lot of UStream users come in and participate for a pretty good while after that.
  • One of the UStreamers was apparently a fairly active TE user and had a lot of questions about rotators and TEToolbox, which Tim and others addressed (and actually that took up a fair amount of the day’s chat that day).
  • Austin hopped on after John had to leave for the day, and shortly thereafter proceeded to freeze his cam (though it was a very nice freeze frame):

  • More discussion (as from Thursday’s TE Live as well) about Austin’s suspicious vacuum, but I still didn’t find out what was so suspicious about it.
  • Tim had to answer another question and explain something to someone again, and warned Jon not to listen for the next couple of minutes because things were going to get really techy. Brenda Broyles‘ response to that was “Zzzzzzz…..”.
  • Loooooong lengthy discussion about various autoresponders, performance, and opinions.
  • Tim also managed to freeze/slash/almost break his cam as well (see below).
  • Jon discovered something and went on a VERY.LONG.RANT. (We like it when Jon rants, though.)
  • Jon said we (meaning the TE industry) reward stupidity and reward people who do not do anything new and copy everyone else.
  • Tim disappeared right at about 4pm EST on the dot as usual.
  • At which point soon after, Mike “UA” Gartner joined us (now Mike, Jon, and Austin) on cam.
  • More discussion went on revolving around the earlier rant for a while, then we just all kinda chit- chatted, and TE Live actually lasted until nearly 5pm EST since we were all having fun chatting and goofing off, until Jon had to leave and thus ended TE Live for the week.
  • GIVEAWAYS: No giveaways on Friday.
  • I CALL YOU OUT ABOVE, YOU GET LINKAGE: Austin Hallock, Easy Surf Exchange (Ian Bakewell), Brenda Broyles, Mike Gartner
  • ALSO ON THE SCENE: Diane Merriam, Stephen Whittle, Wanda Robinson, James Vest, Paul Brown, Frank Genny, Don Stratton, Martin, Bruce Formhals, Connie Mottala – and of course, Jerry Iannucci, Winter Perkins, and Randy Ritter.
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I’m Tim Linden, and I approve of this message.” – Tim Linden

*** Traffic Exchange Live is on UStream every weekday afternoon 3-4 pm EST ***

So, Lynn M. Is Waiting For Thursday Again: Why? Because after a few years now of NOT watching Survivor, I’ve gotten addicted again thanks to my boyfriend, who watched the premiere when it came on and told me about it. Otherwise I’d have been blissfully unaware and would not have known it was another all-star season… which I just can’t help myself watching when it’s an all-star season. And to make it even more impossible for me to not watch, they have the whole Heroes vs. Villains thing. Normally I would usually be rooting for the Heroes side, but Boston Rob is one of my favorite Survivors of all-time, bless his conniving little heart, so of everyone, that would be my pick, though I really don’t think he’ll make it that far. It’s still early yet, but I predict that if a Hero goes home this week, it’ll be either Candice or Amanda – should it be a Villain, probably Courtney. Wish I didn’t have to wait until Thursday to find out, sigh…

Lynn M.’s Traffic Tidbit of the Day: There’s a hefty multi-TE promo going on today! Fast Easy Traffic, Tezak Traffic Power, and Traffic Taxis have gone in together today for a huge one, giving away $45 total in cash (three $5 prizes at each) and 18,000 total credits, banners, & text impressions between the three – just surf 250 pages or more to be in the draw!

Also, the brackets have reordered for the week in Bracket Surfing at I Love Hits (I came in 3rd in lowly Division 10 last week, heh). Most everyone I know is in Division 1, where I’ll never hope to be because I can barely stand to surf more than 100 pages a day most days. But this week, I moved up to Division 4… which is also Tim Linden and Austin Hallock‘s division this week. This is gonna get ugly and there’ll be trash talking galore in TE Live and I Love Hits chat, I guarantee it. :-)

Surf’s Up Site of the Day: Traffic-Splash

Why: Read my lips – TRIPLE.BONUS. CREDITS… all day long!

Hey, Check This Out: I guess this is “give props where props are due” week this week. I’ve had some really good results recently with several safelists and list builders that I haven’t really spotlighted on their own here (and as well good results with some I have highlighted before) so I’ll probably do that most of this week or so.

Global Safelist is one that kind of fell off my radar for a month or two but all of a sudden got very – VERY – responsive again… like within minutes of me sending out a mail responsive last week. So kudos for that – they all kind of ebb and flow and will do better some weeks than others, and do better with some campaigns than others – but this one’s been very hot for me the last few weeks anyway, so if you are into (or want to get into) safelist marketing, you might wanna give Global Safelist a shot right now…

’til next time, I’m your faithful, but very very sleepy, TE Live reporter from the scene… I hope I can stay awake long enough for Affiliate Funnel tonight, ack…

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