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Well, since I can’t further report other than the photo I posted yesterday on Thursday’s Traffic Exchange Live That Was Originally Not Supposed To Be – since I did something else since they’d said they wouldn’t be on, LOL, then Tim Linden and John Guanzon (with new baby Josiah!) signed on anyway – so today’s a good day for me to quit slacking (finally!) and get caught up on the last several weeks of TE Live for a change… which will be mostly in pictures this time around, because I can’t find most of my Notepad files from what days I did manage to jot down a few notes.

Really I can’t think of anything in particular we did – usual chitchat for the most part with an occasional mini-spat or major event – other than the day Jon Olson took us on a tour of his house, which actually happened after TE Live end time one day and was a huge amount of fun. We have been treated to quite a lot of appearances by The Foot over the last many weeks (including with her head covered up in a leopard-spotted Snuggie). She hides a lot but you’ll see her on cam sometimes if you’re there. :-)

But I’m sure the photo evidence will remind me of a few things, so let’s see what all I have been saving up until now…

Jon begins the tour he gave of us of his house in March, waving hi:

There was a question about those things on the wall above the door – they’re flags – so Jon’s explaining them to us here:

Tim copying everything Jon does one day just to annoy him:

Tim says something funny and Jon and John are jolly:

Austin co-hosts instead of John one day:

The Foot’s lunches she makes for Jon are like works of art:

And here’s The Foot On The Door. Literally.

You wouldn’t necessarily know it, but Jon is frozen again here:

Tim sleeps on the job:

Quote of That Day: “We are Snuggie and SlapChop people.”

Tim Linden is a very scary person:

Everyone gets a little freaked out at the thought of drinking coffee out of Tim’s head:

And that’s all I’ve got for today. The End.

*** Traffic Exchange Live is on UStream every weekday afternoon 3-4 pm EST ***

So, Lynn M. Is Not Really Having A Good Week: Hot on the heels of nearly cutting my hand off not even two weeks ago and rather painfully recovering from that mess, now I’ve had two teeth break in the past week and I’m not a happy camper at all. This isn’t entirely unexpected as I’ve been tangling with mostly hereditary dental issues for years now, but twice in one week was a pretty big blow. Unfortunately when you don’t have health or dental insurance coverage, any solution is rather limited right now, so for the moment I’m just trying not to break them any further than they already are. Anyway, yes, not happy one bit. Ugh.

Lynn M.’s Traffic Tidbit of the Day: I think I posted recently about I Love Hits‘ new profile pages, which are awesome as heck. Rather disturbing is the fact that I hear from Jon that a lot of members haven’t bothered to fill out their spiffy new profiles yet, though. Listen folks, these things are so full of brand new cool stuff that you can use to your advantage in branding and promoting yourself! Like…

  • It has a list of your sites on the page (so people don’t even have to be surfing to see your sites, they can look at them via your profile!).
  • Links to your Twitter, Facebook, AND (this is sooooo cool) your Affiliate Funnel programs page!
  • And tons of other cool stuff you can do with it!

If you’re already a member, this is an easy and free way to promote yourself MORE (the ability for people to look at your sites when they’re not even surfing them is AWESOME) – use it to your advantage and if you haven’t tricked your new ILH profile out yet, do it now! I spent a good hour or so in chat over there one day just looking at people in chat’s profiles and clicking on stuff. So get on over to I Love Hits and spiffy up your new member profile right now, it’s a way cool (and easy, and free) way to promote yourself and your sites even more!

Surf’s Up Site of the Day: Shameless self-promotion today (been a while) – Traffic Pro-X

Why: I just happened to glance at the stats today and saw there’s been a LOT of surfing in the last 24 hours (and by real people who are valid surfers). So head over and get your credits assigned for the weekend, surf’s definitely up at my crib!

Hey, Check This Out: This really deserves a proper post of its own and I’m running out of time today anyway, so I’ll save the larger “meat and potatoes” part of this for a few days from now when I don’t have a TE Live update to post… but let me just say even though I was a little late getting started with Get Referrals Fast and everyone else has probably already told you all about it anyway, once I got into it and got everything set up, I was super duper highly impressed. This is exactly the kind of system I’ve been waiting for, for real. I’ve seen and used some others that either changed direction and focus or didn’t quite have all the pieces I’d have liked, so when the guys came out with this one – and once I finally got some time to sit down and get it set up and get familiar with it – I was stoked, it’s awesome.

This is the new system from our friends and master marketers Jerry Reeder, Mike Paetzold, and Jay Hines… and if you don’t know who they are – you must not get out much in TE Land (lol) – but you certainly SHOULD get to know them ‘cos they know what they’re talking about when it comes to this stuff, and they’ve done this thing up right (as we say in the South).

Once you get things set up, it really doesn’t get much more push-button or autopilot than this, and I LOVE push-buttony, autopilot-y stuff. It’s what everyone needs – a fully duplicatable system you can to others – and it goes you one better in that you can send your referrals to Jerry & Mike to learn how to use the system and learn how to effectively build their lists, because they hold their new & totally 100% free List Building Conferences every single week (as well as a new advanced conference that just started for upgraded members).

Even though I usually recommend upgrading in most anything to take full advantage of the largest amount of benefit, this is one I DEFINITELY recommend taking the upgrade in because you get so much more stuff to make it all even easier to use the system, as well as bigger commission perks and other perks like the advanced training. It’s really, really reasonable (skip that Starbucks latte two or three times in a month and you have enough to upgrade), and frankly it’d wind up paying for itself if you just use the system.

This is especially a good tool for those who have been trying to build downlines in TrafficWave and would be especially great for anyone who’s also in TE Teams (whether on my Team Traffic team or any other TE Teams team). This whole system basically sprung from Jerry’s major success with TrafficWave, and they’ve basically given you the same system he used here with Get Referrals Fast. It’s really got pretty much everything I could have ever asked for in a system like this.

(Except for a 125×125 banner I can put up yonder at the top of the blog, Mr. Reeder – if you’re reading, I’m begging! I tried to make one in PaintShopPro but I didn’t like the way it came out, LOL.)

So yep, I’m really digging Get Referrals Fast and think you will too – especially if you’ve been struggling trying to build up your TrafficWave – so give it a look-see and see what you think!

All righty then, since I started writing this post and after mentioning the previous hand injury and now the more recent breakage of teeth, I just dropped something on my toe and banged it up, so I think the universe is telling me to quit while I’m ahead for the day!! So ’til next time, I’m your TE Live gossip tweet on the beat… cya!

So, I skipped out on Traffic Exchange Live on Thursday because Wednesday Jon said he wasn’t going to be there Thursday, and in the conversation that ensued it appeared that TE Live just wasn’t going to be on at all on Thursday. So I did something else and was away from the computer, and I actually have a “catching up with TE Live” post halfway written that I had intended to finish and post Wednesday afternoon.

Special thanks to Dorena Begonia and Charles Smith for giving me the screenshot heads up and letting me know since, indeed, not only was there Traffic Exchange Live on Thursday… but New Baby Guanzon (AKA Josiah) made his appearance! Obviously I missed it live, but thanks to those two for taking the time to send me a link to Tim’s screenshot he took. I found the messages too late after TE Live was already over so I never made it in, but here’s a pic of Baby Guanzon’s TE Live debut:

*** Traffic Exchange Live is on UStream every weekday afternoon 3-4 pm EST ***

Congratulations to John & Jess on their little new bundle of joy’s arrival and welcome to the newest little Internet marketer on the block, as Baby Guanzon was already starting to build his list while even still in the womb. :-)

More tomorrow, as I have a biiiiiiiig catch-up post that is more than halfway done already to post. ’til then, ciao….

I meant for this to go live at midnight last night, unfortunately the horrific storms we have had down in the Southeast have kept me mostly offline since last night.

In any case, Happy Birthday, Jon!!! :-)

PS to everyone else: Jon’s running a sweet credits special at I Love Hits today for his b’day – log in & go see!

And just so you don’t forget, Jon Olson is The Traffic Exchange Guy:

*** Traffic Exchange Live is on UStream every weekday afternoon 3-4 pm EST ***

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