So, I skipped out on Traffic Exchange Live on Thursday because Wednesday Jon said he wasn’t going to be there Thursday, and in the conversation that ensued it appeared that TE Live just wasn’t going to be on at all on Thursday. So I did something else and was away from the computer, and I actually have a “catching up with TE Live” post halfway written that I had intended to finish and post Wednesday afternoon.

Special thanks to Dorena Begonia and Charles Smith for giving me the screenshot heads up and letting me know since, indeed, not only was there Traffic Exchange Live on Thursday… but New Baby Guanzon (AKA Josiah) made his appearance! Obviously I missed it live, but thanks to those two for taking the time to send me a link to Tim’s screenshot he took. I found the messages too late after TE Live was already over so I never made it in, but here’s a pic of Baby Guanzon’s TE Live debut:

*** Traffic Exchange Live is on UStream every weekday afternoon 3-4 pm EST ***

Congratulations to John & Jess on their little new bundle of joy’s arrival and welcome to the newest little Internet marketer on the block, as Baby Guanzon was already starting to build his list while even still in the womb. :-)

More tomorrow, as I have a biiiiiiiig catch-up post that is more than halfway done already to post. ’til then, ciao….