So, Tim Linden, Jon Olson, and Austin Hallock have been hiding a secret project up their sleeves… until today!

I know you have probably heard the buzz all over traffic exchange land the last month or so about this thing that was often jokingly referred to as “Pony Surf”… or maybe you even caught wind of last week.

Well, I’m happy to report that is open for registration RIGHT NOW, and will be open to fully use in just a few hours at 3pm EST (possibly a little earlier, definitely at 3)!


So… what is

Is it a new traffic exchange? Well, kinda. Sorta. Not really. Kinda!

I have been playing behind the scenes with for a few weeks now and this is something totally never seen before… is, in a nutshell, social browsing.

Everyone sees the same sites. Everyone can chat about those same sites – together.

The chat’s logged so the site owner can see what people are saying about their sites – raves, thumbs down, whatever!

And there’s more…

  • – You get to choose exactly when your site will be seen!
  • – Bonus credits when people give your site a thumbs up!
  • – Social integration with Twitter, Facebook, all that stuff!

Even more – a screenshot of the website being shown in rotation is displayed inside the Sweeva logo, on Sweeva splash pages, and even on blogs through a widget.

You get exposure and branding even if they aren’t on Sweeva!

Just think… if you are surfing when your site is displayed, you can walk people through your processes… answer questions… the possibilities are unlimited!

This is something NEVER seen before, and it’s here right now:


Sign up right now and be the first to join in on the most exciting thing to hit traffic exchanges in a while!  Believe me, you don’t want to miss this!

It’ll be open fully to use at 3pm EST today (Tuesday – and possibly earlier than 3pm), but you can go ahead and register right now:


Enjoy! ‘cos it’s awesome!!

P.S. Be sure and take a look at the ‘Read Me’ file you’ll get when you sign up – you don’t want to miss out!