I should write a Traffic Exchange Live update post, but… really all we talked about at TE Live last week was Sweeva.com (and most of us Sweeving while we chat at TE Live at the same time). And I took yesterday 100% off because the storms were so bad down here I could hardly stay on the Internet for more than a minute or two at a time – plus I hadn’t really taken a whole day off 100% since, like, Christmas.

Sweeva has been open for a week as of today, and wow – it’s pretty much changed the whole landscape of the traffic exchange industry as well as the online marketing industry in general.

A couple of things I’ve noticed since Sweeva has been open that people are either misunderstanding, or misusing (to their own disadvantage)…

1. Sweeva’s not JUST for TE-worthy pages. The concept behind Sweeva is basically a format to allow viewing and reviewing of ALL kinds of sites – regular sales pages on the web, blogs, you name it – as well as “TE-worthy” splash and squeeze pages. As a Sweever, you need to get it into your mind that Sweeva is for review of all kinds of marketing and other pages, not just splashes and squeezes… and that although Sweeva has similarities to a traffic exchange and can be used like one for promoting, it’s not really a traffic exchange. It’s there for promoting, sure – but it’s also there for reviews in general as well. So don’t slam or thumbs down a site for not using a splash page or a squeeze page – Sweeva’s for ALL kinds of sites, not just the ones you should be running in traffic exchanges for the best results in those.

2. Don’t use a rotator on Sweeva. You can, but you’re doing yourself no favors by using a rotator because the chat that’s logged is about whatever site everyone in the chat is seeing at the time. If they’re all seeing different pages because you’re using a rotator, then the feedback in the chat’s not going to do you much good when you don’t know which of your pages they’re talking about. Best to upload just one URL at a time so you can get feedback centered on that one URL.

Yes, you can use Sweeva basically like you do any traffic exchange to promote your stuff – but Sweeva’s really much more than that. You get feedback about your site in real-time (or shortly after, because all chat about your page is logged) and then you can use that to tweak things up and change as necessary. If you’re surfing at the time your site is shown – which you can bid on and pick the exact times – another cool thing about Sweeva – you can chat with the other users about that feedback, answer their questions, walk them through your process, and just plain interact with others. These are all big pluses, in addition to the fact people are able to go to your profile and view all your pages, as well as your social networking links to Facebook and Twitter.

As you progress and earn more experience points and awards while Sweeving, you accrue even more perks, such as people being able to save/bookmark your site to look at again later and (this is really cool) people being able to Tweet your site on Twitter. I wasn’t paying attention to that last thing until the other day when I flipped over to my @ page on Twitter and discovered three people at Sweeva had Tweeted my sites! Now that’s SUPER cool.

One thing I discovered early on, once Sweeva opened up to the public, is that you can kind of do automatic split-testing of pages in real-time and that’s really cool to get that feedback right there in real-time like that. One morning I was just playing around and did some bids and sent different pages for the same programs into rotation just to see what the feedback would be like on one page vs. the other. That was really cool too.

Sweeva has been great thus far. In addition to the cool stuff I’ve noted above, I’ve gotten more opt-ins to my blog and to a couple of other programs that I promote than I normally would in probably a month otherwise. I’ve made some new contacts and had interactions with others I didn’t know before, which is great. And I’ve gotten some good feedback, some of which I’m going to use to do some tweaking of various things in the near future. As Jerry Reeder mentions in this post at the Get Referrals Fast blog, you kind of have to sift through the feedback and separate the useful feedback from the feedback that really doesn’t apply to that particular site or is not particularly helpful – but still, it’s a fantastic resource for its purpose.

Upgrading at Sweeva not only gets you a great deal more in commissions, but direct referrals (and I’ve gotten several already) from the site, as the site rotates among upgraded members for new signups who weren’t referred by a current member. There’s probably many more perks to upgrading that I’m not thinking of right now – I need to pick Jon’s brain a little and maybe will post about that tomorrow – but for me, those two points alone have made it extremely worthwhile.

Not Sweeving yet? That’s okay – click this link to Sweeva (or the banner below) and come Sweeve with me, and everyone else, today!