(Apologies in advance to those who wind up here searching Google for John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men, or Robert Burns… and yes, I know it’s really “the best-laid schemes”.)  :-)

So the short version is I had other, bigger plans for the day today, but that all kinda got shot down by what has been a lousy, lousy weekend. Sometimes things just go that way.

Well, if nothing else, at least I’m honest about it. I’m human and definitely not superhuman. I may not make millions and millions of dollars online being honest, but I do okay, and I can pretty much promise you I’ll be the first one to tell you if something’s a waste of your time and not worth the trouble.

And the first to not be afraid to admit when I’m not operating at full speed, which definitely is so today, but I wanted to get out a little post today at least anyway before I give up on today and wait for tomorrow to surely be a better one!

This upcoming week/next week being a holiday week here in the U.S., I guess that made it an appealing time to schedule a lot of giveaways, because there are several opening up this week as well as one that just opened this past Friday.

These are cool because you can score a whole lot of free stuff – software, scripts, marketing e-books and reports, all kinds of things – and usually products with Master Resell Rights and giveaway rights, all in one place. I actually picked up some software last week I’d wanted before and forgotten about until I saw it on one of the giveaway lists.

So since I’ve got a burgeoning migraine coming on this morning, I’m just going to leave you with this and point you in the direction of the Labor Day JV Giveaway, which opened its doors this morning (Monday) at 9:00 am EST.

This one’s just open for two weeks, so go check it out and grab some cool – and free – stuff while you’re at it, and let me know if you pick up something you’re thrilled about – I might have overlooked it and need/want it too!

Surf’s Up Site of the Day:  Traffic Punk

Why: ‘Cos I haven’t seen a lot of TE mail come in this a.m. besides TTP‘s (which gets plugged here lots, so Traffic Punk gets the Surf’s Up for today. And Ryan’s giving away 13 big prizes to 13 random surfers who surf 375 pages today, so you know… go surf!