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Happy Friday! Just wanted to post a quick note today to let everyone know that Friday’s edition of Traffic Exchange Live will be held today in the TE Live room at Hot Conference, instead of the usual UStream room. Hosts Jon Olson, Tim Linden, and John Guanzon and the whole usual cast of characters will be here at 3pm EST:


We have been having a whole lot of problems with video and chat, sometimes both, and occasional problems getting into the UStream room altogether ever since UStream did a major remodel to the site several weeks ago, so for today anyway we just decided we’d all meet in the other room.

Next week TE Live will probably be back on UStream until we can’t take the glitches anymore (or who knows, maybe they’ll suddenly fix whatever’s doing all this mess!).

Anyway, join us today from 3-4pm EST if you wanna, and if I don’t see you there – have a great weekend!

ONLY A COUPLE OF WEEKS LEFT TO GRAB THESE FREE GOODIES: The Goodfellas JV Giveaway that opened on September 15th has definitely been the top one of the month, with loads of cool goodies up for grabs from some of the Internet’s top marketers (and traffic exchange marketers as well).

I even saw some traffic exchange credits packages in there, and there’s not five billion pages to thumb through and browse, so seriously – if you get a chance over the weekend, drop in and sign up and check out what all’s up for grabs.

There are certainly a lot of marketing books and reports and videos and audios and such that you can find in various traffic exchanges, other programs, and around – but this is like going shopping in a major marketing department store, you can find a whole bunch of stuff all in one place!

So grab a little free time and head over to the Goodfellas JV Giveaway and pick up all the free goodies you want – ‘cos chances are next time you run across one of those gifts elsewhere on the Internet, it might not be free!

Hey there! Just wanted to post a quick note as Jon Olson announced today there will be another TE Town Hall Meeting tonight (Wednesday) at 7pm EST. There’s to be some discussion about the recent “swap” between Tim/Jon and KRM regarding TE Toolbox and Affiliate Funnel, as well as other industry-related stuff (and as always, the usual general chitchat among folks who dig traffic exchanges and Internet marketing).

So do come join us tonight here:

==> TE Town Hall Meeting tonight at 7pm EST, click here to attend

And hope to see you there!

I know things have been a little sparse here recently but as some know, I’m dealing with some huge stuff in my offline personal life that has been requiring a lot (and more than I would like) of my attention, but I’m slowly but surely trying to get back to my regular groove. Bear with me – things have been really tough and I wish they weren’t, but I’m a pretty tough cookie too and I’m not going anywhere. :)

Tonight is important for anyone new to or anyone that’s been interested in Get Referrals Fast, because it’s back to conference #1 of the four-part training series for new members that Mike Paetzold and Jerry Reeder do every month, then repeat. Mike has a better explanation than I would be able to write of why they repeat those same four conferences every month right here on the Get Referrals Fast training blog.

If you have been interested in this program, have signed up for it but haven’t really done anything with it yet, or just want to learn how to make a residual income online, then I highly encourage and invite you to attend the conference tonight (Thursday) at 8pm EST. You don’t have to be a member of Get Referrals Fast, it’s open to the public, and it will be right here at 8pm EST:

==> Get Referrals Fast Training Room

This will probably begin my fourth round of attending this series and you see many of the same faces in attendance week after week, many who are also upgraded members and therefore able to attend the monthly advanced training courses too.

Why do those who are not new keep attending the “new member” conference series? Because you are pretty much guaranteed to learn something new and every time, and (especially) there’s always plenty of time after the main presentation for questions and answers, getting advice and tips, etc. Mike and Jerry know their stuff and they will be more than happy to not only answer any of your questions about Get Referrals Fast, but any questions you have or advice you need regarding anything about Internet marketing.

So again, I invite you to join us tonight for the first of the four-part series on how to build your online business. Even if you are not all that interested in Get Referrals Fast, if you are doing or want to do any business online, I guarantee you’ll pick up some tips on how to get started and up and running!

Read more on the Get Referrals Fast training blog here and hope to see you at the conference tonight!

I have been wanting to do a Traffic Exchange Live update all week, but to be completely honest, there is some major unfun stuff going on in offline life right now and I’m really doing good to get anything at all done this week. Hopefully I’ll get around to fixing that update up for Friday to kick off the weekend. Funny stuff this week.

Until then, as Jon Olson would say, “Toodles”

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