Well, it figures that during a week when I’m too bogged down in offline matters to get much done, fifty million exciting things happen in TE Land, where nothing much new happens very often, and I get scooped on them by pretty much everyone!

Well, okay, maybe not fifty million, but quite a few changes and other big news around the past week or so. I’ll get to some of it as the week goes on (along with a real, honest to goodness Traffic Exchange Live update – I swear!).

There’s also something VERY cool and unique happening this coming week, which is what I wanted to tell you about today.

TE Live regular James Holmes (who recently acquired SWAT Traffic from Jon Olson & Tim Linden) has become pretty famous in the Internet marketing world over the past year or so, and is well-known for his weekly podcasts with many legends and movers and shakers in online marketing, including TE peeps but also many others.

Well, this week – starting on Monday, October 4th – James is hosting The Traffic Exchange Owners Podcast Marathon and featuring two interviews daily, Monday through Friday, with ten TE owners – including yours truly – and it’s bound to be a lot of fun and very interesting to anyone who surfs TEs or has an interest in the industry.

Here’s the schedule (all times EST):

So there ya go. I think this is going to be a huge amount of fun and really looking forward to listening to them all… especially Tim’s because James has been trying to get Tim on his podcast show forEVER and Tim’s been a scaredy cat (oh, I’m just kidding!!). James is a great interviewer so hopefully I won’t make myself look too stupid since I’m not the world’s greatest public speaker in my opinion (lol), but I’m super excited about listening to everyone else’s.

And if you miss the live broadcast, have no fear – they will all be recorded and archived for later listening.

There are also going to be some special offers at hand at some of the traffic exchanges that will only be available through this event – I know of at least two specials, and there will probably be more – so another good reason to check it out!

There’s more info here at James’ Discover Traffic Exchanges page – fill out the form at the bottom to get the link to listen to the live calls, and you’ll also be eligible for some premium gifts and bonuses from some of the participating traffic exchanges when you do!

So mark the dates down in your calendar this week for the interviews you don’t want to miss while the TE owners take over the podcast world all week!

THERE’S A NEW COMMISH IN TE TOWN: As mentioned above and already been talked about all over TE Land in my brief absence last week (ha!), marketing podcast wizard James Holmes is also the brand new owner of SWAT Traffic traffic exchange, formerly owned by Jon Olson (and briefly co-owner Tim Linden).

Jon mentioned last week that if you’re an upgraded SWAT member, be sure to cancel your current subscription with Jon and re-upgrade at SWAT, as James has some cool stuff coming down the pike with that along with lots of other great things afoot for the future @SWAT.

Not a member? Join SWAT Traffic now!