So today’s the big day – I’m being interviewed on James Holmes’ Traffic Exchange Owners Podcast Marathon at 1:00pm EST.

I keep thinking, “Yeesh, what in the world am I going to talk about for a whole HOUR…” – but James is an awesome interviewer so hopefully it will be at least kinda interesting (fingers crossed).

You can sign up to get the link and a reminder about it (and all the other interviews for the week) here:

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Yesterday’s interviews with Tim Linden (StartXchange and Sweeva) and Tony Tezak of Tezak Traffic Power were really great and interesting and informative, and the whole project is just really super cool, featuring two interviews daily with traffic exchange owners all week through Friday – and, as James mentioned yesterday, possibly another mystery guest to be added and announced (I’ve no idea who or when).

Here’s the schedule for the rest of the week (all times EST):

If you can’t make the live broadcasts, no worries – they are all being recorded (or in the case of the ones that have already been broadcast, been recorded) and archived for later listening.

Tony & Tim both gave out some generous and terrific bonuses for members of their exchanges yesterday during their interviews and I’ll have a special for Traffic Pro-X members today as well, and I assume most of the rest of the participating owners will have some special offers on hand during their own interviews too.

So tune in live if you can, or listen later – if you follow me on Twitter, I will no doubt be Tweeting a reminder shortly before time to start as well.

By the way (and I think this probably goes for the rest of the week as well), there is probably no traditional Traffic Exchange Live the rest of the week since there’s a chat room open during the interviews at James’ BlogTalkRadio page, and we all seem to be congregating there while the interviews are going on (or as Tim said in the TE Live email yesterday, they’re forcing us all to do our networking over there this week in honor of the podcast marathon… lol not that we mind). So if you’re looking for the TE Live crew, that’s where we’ll be!

LISTJOE STILL GIVING OUT 2-5X CREDITS: I really did think it was just for August, but apparently it’s stretching out into October too because credit links at ListJoe are still resulting in two to five times the credits per link.

No complaints from me – I’m usually struggling to keep enough credits stocked to mail there, so if it goes on indefinitely that’s A-OK with moi.

It’ll probably be over before long, though, I’m guessing, so head over to ListJoe and stock up your mailing credits while you can!