It’s been a little bit of an “off” week at Traffic Exchange Live this week so far – a lot of people (including myself and Jon Olson) have kinda had a case of the blahs all week, but we’ve still had a lot of attendees and activity and general chitchat and chatter going on in the room all week.

I’m not sure we’ve had under 20 people in the room at any one time all week  – sometimes over 25, nearly 30 – and that’s kinda weird (but very nice to see more activity and garden-variety networking going on).

Anyway, I wanna get this post banged out real quick today as I was feeling so crummy this morning, I’m behind on everything – so let’s get this posting party today started…

Whiny Wednesday and Tepid Thursday on Traffic Exchange Live:

  • As I mentioned above, it’s been kind of a blah week this week and, in fact, we haven’t even see Jon Olson on cam in days this week due to the blahs and the fact he was eating a messy BBQ for lunch before TE Live on Wednesday and didn’t want to get on cam because he said he was all messy.
  • Boy, did we see Tim Linden though. How could you miss him in this shirt?

  • All he needs is a matching pocket protector.
  • That shirt is also SO orange it hurts my eyes.
  • Jerry Iannucci bucked the trend of the day and wore a red shirt, though he was almost orange.
  • Jon had a rant about other traffic exchange owners saying traffic exchanges were a waste of time, and the room got involved in a long discussion about that subject.
  • We also discussed yesterday’s relaunch of John Guanzon and Brett Phillips’ program TE Reports, and talked about the rather tremendous smorgasbord of Wednesday night conferences on the table for the night (the bi-weekly Tezak Traffic Power conference, weekly SWAT Conference, and the monthly Get Referrals Fast conference for upgraded members).
  • James Dias, owner of Ablaze With Traffic, popped in for what turned out to be a very lengthy and I think very positive discussion about his exchange with Jon and others in the room.
  • Here’s James talking with everybody:

  • After the business discussion was pretty much tapering off, the room dissolved into football talk. Ahhhh…
  • Tim had an idea about renting out his brain for $1000 a month.
  • No programming involved. You get Tim’s ideas only for that $1000 a month.
  • Nobody at TE Live offered to take him up on it.
  • Tim and Justin Ledvina teased Jon about starting up their own company: “We’ve got a hardcore awesome programmer, a hardcore awesome designer… we don’t need Jon.”
  • Jon said they were “special boys”.
  • (Or maybe that was “speshul”?)
  • Then Carl Bailey and Jon joked about going into their own business together. “Now me and Carl are buddies… I’m taking my toys.”
  • On Thursday’s edition of TE Live, Tim was nowhere to be found, Jon was still blah and not on cam, and actually no one was on cam Thursday except this guy again:

  • That shirt of Jerry’s kinda reminds me of Wayne’s World.
  • Though off cam, Jon had more ranting to do on Thursday, this time about Sweeva and some stuff that had been going on there with people claiming their sites were banned.
  • Jon gave Jerry and John Bell (who wasn’t in attendance) props for calling out some of the scammy sites that have been rotating on Sweeva.
  • That discussion went on a pretty long time, then we got to talking about a certain multi-TE group that it’s been rumored has not been paying commissions.
  • This information was later verified by TE Live attendee Eric Holzwarth, who said he had not been paid his requested commission either.
  • And then I got interrupted by a phone call and pretty much missed most of the rest of TE Live for the day, even though everyone told me I didn’t miss much.
  • I did page up in the conversation I’d missed while on the phone, however, and noted what appeared to have been a very strange and lengthy discussion about… Twinkies.
  • (I’m serious.)
  • GIVEAWAYS: Riiiiight…
  • I CALL YOU OUT ABOVE, YOU GET LINKAGE:  Safelist Marketing Tactics (Jerry Iannucci), ThumbVu (John Guanzon), TE Reports (John Guanzon & Brett Phillips), Ablaze With Traffic (James Dias), AdKreator (Justin Ledvina), Instant Splash (Carl Bailey), Insidmal Design (John Bell), Lucid Leads (Eric Holzwarth)
  • ALSO SEEN ON THE SCENE: Brenda Broyles, Darrell Whiston, Diane Merriam, Dorena Begonia, James Holmes, Kevin Bailey, Ram Kumar, Stephen Whittle, Walter Mulder, Darren Olander, Ian Bakewell, Charles Smith, Marcus Villalobos, Anthony Shenberger, Lynne Sherman, Paul Brown, Jared Silver, Andrea Smith
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Linden is like a 80-year-old lady.” – Justin Ledvina

*** Traffic Exchange Live with Jon Olson & Tim Linden  is weekday afternoons 3-4 pm EST ***

THE REAL SECRETS OF GETTING RESULTS LIKE CLOCKWORK: It’s Thursday again, so that means the weekly free and open to the public Get Referrals Fast conference with master marketers Jerry Reeder and Mike Paetzold is tonight at 8pm EST.

This week’s topic (part two of their four-part series, which has been revised somewhat from previous presentations and restarts again every four weeks) is:

The Real Secret of Getting Results Like Clockwork

It’s at 8pm EST tonight (Thursday) and, as always, is free and open to the public – you don’t have to join anything, and you’re welcome to just come in and listen if you want.

Hope you can join us tonight – here’s the conference room link:

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