OK, first things first… you need to know that Jon Olson has called yet another TE Town Hall Meeting tonight (Monday) at 7pm EST in the Traffic Exchange Live conference room.

The main topic for tonight is:

How to Engage Other Surfers & Get Results in the Traffic Exchanges

You can read more on that and other such stuff at Jon’s latest post at Hit Exchange News.

But as always, it’s kind of a free-for-all and there will be plenty of time to talk about whatever anyone’s interested in and chitchat. There will be lots of TE owners, surfers, and probably some credit specials announced and possibly even some giveaways (knowing Jon), so drop by & hang out & network with other TE people and be here at 7pm EST tonight (Monday night).

Now onto the other stuff on tap for today… like a hot off the press (can you believe it?) TE Live update post!

Mass Hysteria Monday at Traffic Exchange Live:

  • Why “Mass Hysteria Monday”? Well, for one thing, the room today was literally INFESTED with Olsons of all flavors and as time went on, more and more Olsons kept creeping in. There was Paul Olson, sexyolson, Jimmy Olson, Tim Olson, Stephen Olson, Stick Out Olson, Puddy Olson, and probably a few other Olsons I didn’t make note of.
  • Of course Jon Olson was there as usual too, as was (late and full of excuses) Tim Linden.
  • Who were all these Olsons? At first, Jon thought Paul Kinder and Tim Rash were playing a joke on him when there were only two or three additional Olsons in the room.
  • As time wore on, it was obvious that those who did show up for TE Live on Friday (even though it was “officially” canceled) had hatched this master Olson plan for Monday.
  • I’d commented that maybe tomorrow we should all be Olsons, but as TE Live stretched on it was apparent that had already been carried out.
  • We also had Elvis Smith, Jons Friend, and Tims Friend in the room.
  • People in TE Land think they’re comedians.
  • Jon got happy fingers talking about nerdy stuff from when he was a kid:

  • We discussed tonight’s upcoming TE Town Hall Meeting at 7pm EST, as well recent goings-on in TE Land which are totally uncool and criminal and people should be shot for doing what they do, but I’m not going to post the specifics here (another reason you should always attend TE Live and other gatherings in person!).
  • Jon wanted to talk about football. Tim wanted to talk about appliances.
  • Here’s Tim talking about the dishwasher he installed all by himself today:

  • Then we all got to talking about Sweeva again and new TE marketers and how everyone’s looking for the easy button because they want to make money fast, but you have to focus on making money steadily in TEs, not fast.
  • When Jon was new, he had a newborn baby and was completely broke but eventually he made it work (obviously).
  • Jon proclaimed John Bell and Jerry Iannucci the current “Kings of Sweeva”.
  • Here’s Jerry branding Tron instead of Sweeva today:

  • I said Jerry was the court jester of Sweeva.
  • I think Tim started talking about dishwashers again before he had to disappear and go fix Sweeva.

  • During all this, there was still such Olsonism going on all around the room that I just really couldn’t keep up.
  • Jon pushed his big red “That was easy” easy button and Robert Puddy pushed some talking button he has that I think said something I can’t print here or I’d be rated R.
  • And then Jon got a charley horse and boy, did that look like it hurt live on cam:

  • And pretty soon we all sort of dispersed, except a lot of people never actually left and are probably still there, because the TE Town Hall Meeting was going to be in less than three hours anyway (at 7pm EST).
  • GIVEAWAYS: I might as well stop even adding this line… (ahem)
  • I CALL YOU OUT ABOVE, YOU GET LINKAGE: Insidmal Design (John Bell), Safelist Marketing Tactics (Jerry Iannucci), Advertising Know How (Robert Puddy)
  • ALSO SEEN ON THE SCENE: James Holmes, Justin Ledvina, Kevin Bailey, Stephen Whittle, Darrell Whiston, Anthony Shenberger, Darren Olander, Charles Smith, Jared Silver, Andrea Smith, Julio Ruiz, Dorena Begonia, Cat Heiter, Robert Puddy, Beth Allen, Diane Merriam
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Should we all be named Linden tonight?” – Jerry Iannucci

*** Traffic Exchange Live with Jon Olson & Tim LindenĀ  is weekday afternoons 3-4 pm EST ***

SURF’S UP AT TRAFFIC PRO-X: I spend so much time talking about everyone else’s traffic exchanges and programs here that I don’t talk about my crib directly that much, but I noticed surfing and new member registrations have been up somewhat the last couple of weeks at Traffic Pro-X, so I thought I’d give a heads up here.

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