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Apologies for the dual post today – I blame the omission of these earlier on the fact that I felt like death warmed over when I woke up this morning. Oops. If my head wasn’t on top of my neck today, I don’t think I’d be able to find it.

In any case, wanted to post a quick reminder that Tezak Traffic Power‘s bi-weekly conference is tonight (Wednesday) at 6:30pm EST – come and join owner Tony Tezak for informal chat and TTP news, mingle with other surfers and TE owners, and bring any questions about TTP you have. Here’s the conference room link:

==> TTP Conference Room

Also on the table tonight is the recently renewed weekly SWAT Conference at 8pm EST, currently open to all SWAT Traffic members both free and upgraded and the public. SWAT owner James Holmes has a brief presentation tonight and then it will be a free-for-all networking and traffic exchange talk-wise. Here’s the SWAT Conference room link (this is the permanent link to the conference room now):

==> SWAT Conference Room

And again and also at 8pm EST tonight is the Get Referrals Fast upgraded member conference that’s once a month for upgraded members only. The topic tonight is “Headlines”, which I expect will be presented by master copy writer Jerry Reeder – that alone’s worth the upgrade (and the upgrade’s reasonable to begin with).

==> Become an upgraded member of Get Referrals Fast here

The weekly GRF conference open to the public will be as usual tomorrow night on Thursday at 8pm EST, more on that tomorrow…

Just a quick thing or two today, as I’m a bit under the weather this morning…

If you are trying to build your list with traffic exchanges and looking for the easy button, here’s some great news.

Earlier this year, my friend and Traffic Exchange Live regular (and former Traffic Pro-X and now ThumbVu owner) John Guanzon and his partner Brett Phillips released TE Reports.

TE Reports now promotes 14 of the most popular programs seen in traffic exchanges and elsewhere, and if you’re a member of even just a few of them, TE Reports can be a very valuable tool in your affiliate toolbox.

Sean Supplee’s Take Action List Building and Carol Walczak’s Build Your List with Ease were recently added to the suite of programs in TE Reports, which also includes:

If you are already a member of any of these programs, you can benefit by using the squeeze pages in TE Reports simply because you can stand out from the crowd using a different squeeze page than the ones the individual programs give you.

All you have to do to use this easy squeeze page system is:

  • Fill in your affiliate IDs
  • Add your name & photo
  • Add your autoresponder code
  • Click “Submit” – that’s it!

… and you have just created a squeeze page that allows you to give away 14 affiliate commission exploding gifts while building your list.

More new squeeze page templates have also been added to TE Reports for upgraded members, who now have access to 28 premium templates and ready-to-use followup emails.

Be unique and stick out like a sore thumb (SOLAST) – check out TE Reports today and do something different than most everyone else is. It really helps when you do!


  • If your e-mail does not get opened…
  • If your squeeze page does not catch the reader…
  • If your sales page does not grab the reader…

Then your chances of generating cash are zero.

You can learn tricks of the trade from the experts tonight, as Jerry Reeder & Mike Paetzold are holding their monthly conference for upgraded members of Get Referrals Fast tonight (Wednesday) at 8pm EST, and the topic is “Headlines”.

If you’re not an upgraded member, this class alone could be worth the investment.

(PS The regular weekly free & open to the public conference is on for Thursday at 8pm EST as usual.)

Well gee, now that I got all caught up with Traffic Exchange Live updating yesterday… how about a brand new – and from this very week – TE Live update post?

Even better (since I didn’t get the original draft of this posted before TE Live today)… how about two whole days’ worth?

Heh. Read on…

Manic Monday & Tepid Tuesday on Traffic Exchange Live:

  • On Monday, we had Jon Olson and Tim Linden on board as usual, as well as an eyebrow-raising 25+ peeps in attendance on Monday which had a lot of us regulars a bit shocked though pleasantly surprised. Some wondered if someone had mailed out or anything special had occurred, though to our knowledge that apparently wasn’t the case.
  • Maybe it was the new TE Live entry on the new calendar at the spiffy new remodeled version of the legendary Net Marketing Forum, who knows?
  • (And speaking of NMF, there is now a Traffic Exchange Live group in the Groups section, as well as a Lynn M Dot Net group and a Traffic Pro-X group and bunches of other TEs and other programs. You’ll have to register at NMF and log in to see those links, though.)
  • (PS – If you register at NMF, feel free to enter Lynn M as your referrer.)
  • (PPS – Take that, Tim “I Want All the NMF Awards to Myself” Linden!!!) :D
  • So Jon wasn’t feeling well on Monday, and was broadcasting live from his couch:

  • Tim thought it was weird that Jon was broadcasting from the couch.
  • Jon had rants, including one about a particular thread at Net Marketing Forum that had gotten “hot” as the day had progressed on Monday.
  • Jon also had a rant about the various healthy berry drinks that are out on the market – many of them sold by MLM companies and their affiliates for rather outrageous prices.
  • Jon bought the below bottle of berry drink at a local store for about a dollar:

  • Jon felt it tasted just as good as the $40-50 bottles of berry drink sold by the MLM companies.
  • Walter Mulder (who was on cam several times but I failed to snap a screenshot) commented he could buy the same type drink where he is in Europe for about a buck fifty.
  • About a half an hour later, Jon said after several sips and drinking most of the bottle, the berry drink didn’t taste so good anymore so maybe the $40-50 bottles were better after all.
  • During the whole berry drink discussion, Tim insisted that everyone in the room needed to buy a blender.
  • And hey look, it’s Jerry Iannucci:

  • Jerry (who pretty much lives on Sweeva these days) has been taking a proactive approach with Sweeva commenting, following his recent and most excellent anti-Ponzi schemes post on his blog, and calling out some of these scammy sites that have recently been a hot topic of discussion in TE Live, on NMF, and elsewhere. We discussed that and his experiences with that at length.
  • There was an incredibly long and somewhat confusing discussion about Sweeva and credits, and to top that off, Tim and Jon teased us with a secret plan for Sweeva that – after mentioning it – they weren’t willing to divulge.
  • Then a little later they actually did divulge it and thoroughly confused everyone (mostly me) and the discussion went on and on.
  • And here, Tim is having an idea:

  • You can tell by the bright light going off behind his head.
  • I think Tim also had a recent haircut.
  • The discussion about Sweeva credits issues and Tim and Jon’s most recent plan continued on and continued to confuse people (mostly me).
  • Tim lit a candle, and suddenly it was all a romantic and candlelit afternoon at TE Live.
  • Tim tried to explain what was confusing everyone on the whole Sweeva thing by using chocolate covered almonds that were on his desk as an example of credits, and three ink pens as an example of Sweeva users.
  • Then he spilled the almonds all over the floor (accidentally, not on purpose).
  • Tim had way too much sugar (or caffeine?) on Monday and was just bouncing off the walls:

  • On Tuesday’s broadcast of Traffic Exchange Live, Tim was a no-show, Jon wasn’t feeling too good, John Guanzon wouldn’t get on cam, and since I didn’t take a shower this morning I wasn’t about to get on video either.
  • Jon said he just felt blah on Tuesday. We hope he gets to feeling better and is back to his Jolly Jon self very soon.
  • The only person who WOULD get on cam today was Mr. Safelist himself, Jerry Iannucci.
  • We spent an awful lot of time on Tuesday discussing why it’s great to be at home and on the Internet and no one has to know what you’re wearing or not wearing.
  • Jerry said he had no pants on.
  • I said during that awful heatwave this summer I was mostly undressed… but I didn’t go around telling everybody.
  • Jerry (again, the only one on cam today) told everyone in the TE Live room: “Buy my stuff… or I’ll stand up!”
  • I suggested Jerry use that tactic on Sweeva with a splash page and UStream: “If I don’t get one sale within the next two minutes… I’m gonna stand up!”
  • Everyone in the room basically admonished me and told me not to be giving Jerry ideas like that.
  • Jerry: “Welcome to TE Live!” John: “Where we talk about not wearing clothes on the Internet!”
  • Jerry was, however, advertising Sweeva today (at least from the waist up):

  • Jerry just looks like the kinda guy any gal would be proud to bring home to their mother, doesn’t he? With pants on, of course.
  • Unless you come from a family of nudists, I guess.
  • At approximately 3:24pm EST, Tim texted Jon and told him he wouldn’t be at TE Live today.
  • (We’d pretty much already figured that out.)
  • And with a lot more chit chat about nothing much in particular other than Facebook, gaming, and totally non-TE related stuff – and Jon begging off early – thus ended TE Live on Tuesday.
  • GIVEAWAYS: None, nada, zip, zero, zilch.
  • I CALL YOU OUT ABOVE, YOU GET LINKAGE: Walter Mulder, Jerry Iannucci, John Guanzon
  • ALSO SEEN ON THE SCENE: Andrea Smith, Kevin Bailey, Paul Brown, Stephen Whittle, Brenda Broyles, James Holmes, Brett Phillips, Dorena Begonia, Anthony Shenberger, Lynn Sherman, Catherine White, Charles Smith, Eric Holzwarth, Darrell Whiston, Jared Silver, Ian Bakewell, Darren Olander, Carl Bailey,  Diane Merriam – and of course, Randy Ritter.
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I never wear pants. I love the Internet! “ – Jerry Iannucci

*** Traffic Exchange Live is live every weekday afternoon 3-4 pm EST ***

HAVE YOU JOINED LUCID LEADS YET? Just checking… I wanted to bring to your attention once again Lucid Leads, the newest traffic exchange on the block, in case you missed my post about it last week.

Lucid Leads owner Eric Holzwarth has been working his butt off since the TE opened last week, and after a few initial fits and starts on opening day (and after very good-naturedly being willing to come into TE Live and listen to some constructive advice from Jon and others) has things running smoother than ever now and with a growing and active membership. The site’s got a really super cool design too, and I just think overall it has a lot going for it with a bright future ahead.

So if you haven’t dropped in yet, be sure and check out Lucid Leads soon and find out what Eric’s “Clicks of Clarity” are all about!

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