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So last week I said I had something super special for you all today.

Guess what else? I also don’t have anything to sell you today. Nope.

Surprised, huh?

Instead, I have something really cool that every single traffic exchange user should read.

Of course, if you don’t wanna read the rest of this post, you can just click this banner instead and listen to Jon yak away (which, if you ever come to Traffic Exchange Live, you’re used to that anyway, right?) for under 2 minutes (I promise!):

So for those of you who are still reading, here’s the deal…

Well, everyone pretty much knows that I spend just about every weekday afternoon in Traffic Exchange Live with other traffic exchange owners and users, like Jon Olson and John Guanzon.

Really when it comes down to it, the main reason I make ANY money online is thanks to social networking in places like TE Live, Affiliate Funnel, and the other conferences there are in TE Land regularly… and because of social media like Twitter, IMfaceplate, Facebook, etc.

Anyway, like I said, I don’t have anything to sell you today.

What I DO have for you is this short report that just came out today where Jon and John tell it like it is and tell all about how social media is affecting traffic exchanges… and what that means to YOU.

Matter of fact, you wouldn’t even be getting this link right now if it weren’t for all the socializing and social networking that goes on daily in TE Live… that’s where this report was “born”!

If you’re going to keep using traffic exchanges, you need to read this.

It’s just plain GOOD info that can help you a great deal.

Just check out what Jon has to say in this video:

==> Jon Talking (yeah, like you’ve never heard THAT before) About Social Surfing Secrets (sorry – this link is no longer available)

They are so serious about this that there is no one time offer after you join to get the report.

Nope, NONE. Nada. For real.

So click the banner below (sorry, no longer available) and check out Social Surfing Secrets and see what these two have been up to (you know you wanna… heck, we talk about this stuff every day in TE Live and I hear it every day and I STILL wanted to read it, lol…)


As you already know if you read yesterday’s post, hopefully I am already on my way headed towards the mountains of East Tennessee as you read this (or almost).

And if I’m not… well, there’s going to be trouble in River City, so to speak (or, seeing as where I live, the Bluff City, rather)… I’m just sayin’.

Meanwhile, two of my four dogs, Petey and Bruiser (and my beat-up-by-dogs back door that, yes, badly needs painting), are waiting on something that’s coming on Monday…

* (sorry, photo is no longer here)

What are they waiting for?

Come back here on Monday and find out!

(P.S. It’s really, really cool…)

Have a great weekend, everybody! (I hope I am… all I know is I better be…)

KREATE STUFF ‘COS THIS ROOOOOOOOCKS: So you might have seen some of my new pages I whipped up for my traffic exchange, Traffic Pro-X, around and about the traffic exchanges lately. The old pages were a little out of date and had some now-incorrect info on them and that was kind of bugging me and I wanted to make some changes.

Thanks to the fabulous and generous (and fantastically funny) Justin Ledvina of AdKreator, I am now seriously hooked on Kreating splash and squeeze pages and banners and all kinds of stuff over there. In fact, I went so wild over there one night last week, I also made new squeeze pages for the blog here too that you’ve probably been seeing around.

When it comes to making new graphics, I am impatient and I don’t like to have to read a lot of docs (although AdKreator has very good ones), and the system there is just so drag-and-drop easy and with so much awesome stuff to choose from, you can Kreate really nice and professional-looking squeeze pages, splash pages and more in just no time. (Even if you’re blonde like me!)

So my advice is to check out AdKreator today and browse around and mess with stuff and see what you can Kreate – you’ll love it!

I’ll make this one short and sweet, because (as some are already aware) I am in the midst of preparing to get away for a VERY much-needed long weekend with my Prince Charming, whom I haven’t gotten to see in person in a very long time… maybe.

(Actually, as I write this, plans are appearing to be a little more up in the air and less solid than they were a few days ago, though I think it’s still on. That said, if I should show up at Affiliate Funnel conference on Saturday… I’m just saying it probably would not be a good idea to ask me what happened to my weekend plans. Heh.)

Anyway – today is Thursday, so that means tonight Mike Paetzold and Jerry Reeder are up to their usual expert marketer tricks and tips, teaching people how to build a solid foundation for their online business at the weekly (and free, did I mention free?!?!) Get Referrals Fast training conference at 8pm EST tonight.

This week is Part Two of the four-part series that they do over and over again, so this week’s topic, I believe, should be about getting results.

So you really probably don’t want to miss this one, especially if you’re NOT getting results with what you’re currently doing.

As always, these weekly conferences are free and open to the public, you don’t have to be a member of Get Referrals Fast (though I certainly recommend the program highly), you don’t have to talk or type and can just listen, you can ask any and all questions about online marketing and such you want, and anyone can come.

Just show up here at 8pm EST tonight (Thursday):

==> Get Referrals Fast Conference Room (sorry, no longer available)

And Mike and Jerry will do the rest and teach you everything and more about getting results than you’d ever hope to find out on your own. Valuable, useful information… and it’s all free.

As for me and here on the blog, I have some posts lined up for a couple of days so just because I’m posting doesn’t mean I didn’t leave for my getaway as intended (and my four large dogs will be guarding the house of course, not that I have anything anyone wants to steal anyway, lol). I will in any case be hitting Traffic Exchange Live today as usual (hopefully!) and be back on Monday in time for TE Live, or close anyway.

TAKE OFF, EH… WITH TOP FLIGHT: I gave some well-deserved props last week and in yesterday’s post – and I’m gonna do it again – to my friend and fellow TE Live regular Randy Ritter’s crib, Top Flight Traffic, after noticing while making my weekly rounds checking on my traffic exchange credits that traffic was moving at a righteous speed over there.

And as was also mentioned, Jon Olson has called Top Flight Traffic one of the most well-managed traffic exchanges out there and he ain’t lying. If you need something or have questions, Randy won’t just contact you in e-mail or whatever – the man’s liable to just pick up the phone and CALL you! He’s pleasantly surprised LOTS of his members that way. Randy’s just a darn all-around good guy.

So seriously, and again, if you’re not a member of this awesome traffic exchange, I encourage you to join Top Flight Traffic today ‘cos it just rocks, and especially is rockin’ the traffic right now here lately!

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