Pssst, a little newsy bit for y’all today…

So Jon Olson unleashed a big hint about something apparently super secret in Traffic Exchange Live yesterday that you missed if you weren’t there. Check this out:

(Scribbled with The Most Famous Marker on the Internetâ„¢, of course.)

“Pony Surf” was – as many will probably remember – the Secret Code Nameâ„¢ for Sweeva for about a month before Sweeva was launched… so with that in mind, take what you will from “Pony List”.

I’ve been ragging on Tim Linden in Traffic Exchange Live about him being gone this week and “busy”, but apparently he really HAS been busy… with whatever “Pony List” is.

What we know… not much, well, other than if “Pony List” sucks, then Jon, Tim, and Justin Ledvina are to blame, heh. But it won’t!

(Tim said Jon is as bad as his wife about Christmas presents and can’t hardly stand to keep a secret.)

So what is “Pony List”? When will we see it?

I don’t know, but keep checking back here because you can bet I’ll be posting what I can when I can, and when I know – and whenever I’m allowed to (really I don’t know anything at all yet though other than the above).

Stay tuned!

SWAT CONFERENCE TONIGHT: Don’t forget that the weekly Wednesday night SWAT Conference, which started up again recently, will be tonight (Wednesday) at 8pm EST here:

==> SWAT Conference room link

I don’t know what SWAT Traffic owner James Holmes has planned for tonight, but he always has a really good, educational and informational presentation to start and then it’s a free-for-all, “town hall meeting” type atmosphere afterward where people can meet and greet, ask questions about traffic exchanges and marketing or whatever.

And many traffic exchange owners are usually in attendance with credit deals and other specials ready to spring on the public, so it’s always a good idea to show up!

You don’t have to be a SWAT Traffic member or an upgraded member yet as the conferences are currently all open to the public – James will probably be instituting a monthly closed conference for upgraded Captain members only soon – but if you’re not a member of SWAT Traffic yet, you should check it out!