No matter how long you’ve been at this online marketing thing, there’s still plenty of room to make a “newbie” mistake here and there. We all do it.

I won’t say I do it all the time, but I have made probably more than my fair share of them just because I’ll get in a hurry, not really be paying close enough attention to whatever I’m doing as I should be, etc.

I just made one today, matter of fact, while sending out my usual daily run of e-mails through safelists, viral list builders, and other viral advertising.

While most of my mails are saved in whatever program I’m using’s system, there are a few viral advertising outlets where you have to make sure to put the URL for the link you’re promoting in the mail yourself every time.

And I forgot. I didn’t waste credits on this one (thank goodness, and for a change), but I can’t mail again for three days so I lost a whole day’s worth of mail there. Eh.

But there’s nothing more annoying than realizing you did something like that – especially when you realize it right at the second you hit the “submit” button (which is usually what happens to me), but it’s too late to do anything about it.

(Fortunately there are a couple of venues – ListJoe is one – where you actually can go in and fix it before it goes out, but not many have that option.)

I don’t make the screwup too often anymore of using [FIRST_NAME] tags where I can only use {FIRSTNAME} or vice versa, or keeping the [FIRST_NAME] tag in a mail somewhere my membership level isn’t high enough to send personalized mail… but I still do that too sometimes.

Jerry Iannucci’s awesome Safelist Marketing Tactics certainly sped up my learning curve in how to deal with safelists and viral list builders and such, and decreased my margins for error overall.

I have often said SMT saved my sanity – it certainly made me stop hating using safelists and viral list builders (and boy, did I used to hate them) and made them not seem like such a chore.

But we all still make mistakes sometimes anyway. Case in point – me, as above, today.

What newbie mistakes and screwups do you make occasionally – be it in traffic exchanges, safelists, or the WWW in general? I’d love to hear about somebody else’s trials and tribulations so I don’t feel so stupid today for my dumb mistake.

And don’t tell me you’re perfect and never make ANY mistakes, or I might have to smack you.

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