As you already know if you read yesterday’s post, hopefully I am already on my way headed towards the mountains of East Tennessee as you read this (or almost).

And if I’m not… well, there’s going to be trouble in River City, so to speak (or, seeing as where I live, the Bluff City, rather)… I’m just sayin’.

Meanwhile, two of my four dogs, Petey and Bruiser (and my beat-up-by-dogs back door that, yes, badly needs painting), are waiting on something that’s coming on Monday…

* (sorry, photo is no longer here)

What are they waiting for?

Come back here on Monday and find out!

(P.S. It’s really, really cool…)

Have a great weekend, everybody! (I hope I am… all I know is I better be…)

KREATE STUFF ‘COS THIS ROOOOOOOOCKS: So you might have seen some of my new pages I whipped up for my traffic exchange, Traffic Pro-X, around and about the traffic exchanges lately. The old pages were a little out of date and had some now-incorrect info on them and that was kind of bugging me and I wanted to make some changes.

Thanks to the fabulous and generous (and fantastically funny) Justin Ledvina of AdKreator, I am now seriously hooked on Kreating splash and squeeze pages and banners and all kinds of stuff over there. In fact, I went so wild over there one night last week, I also made new squeeze pages for the blog here too that you’ve probably been seeing around.

When it comes to making new graphics, I am impatient and I don’t like to have to read a lot of docs (although AdKreator has very good ones), and the system there is just so drag-and-drop easy and with so much awesome stuff to choose from, you can Kreate really nice and professional-looking squeeze pages, splash pages and more in just no time. (Even if you’re blonde like me!)

So my advice is to check out AdKreator today and browse around and mess with stuff and see what you can Kreate – you’ll love it!