It seems my rejuvenated increase in activity several places has resulted in an increase in connection requests and friend requests in some places, which has definite pros and cons.

The good part of it is making more connections with more people, always a good thing in this more social version of the industry today.

The downside is that in the last 24-48 hours, probably 98% of those connection requests have been followed by spammy pitches for whatever product or program that person is pitching.

Ugh. I read something like that and then I feel like I need to go to take a shower and wash the scum off.

If I accept your connection request somewhere, that’s just NOT a blanket invitation to pitch me with your program or product. No, no, and no.

Now, if you’re reading this and have recently connected with me somewhere or another, you’re almost certainly NOT who I’m talking about. The people that do such things are generally not the kind of folks who take the time to read someone’s blog and get to know more about them. It’s all about the pitch instead.

Unfortunately the people who need to read a post like this the most probably won’t, because they’ll be too busy spamming their link in forums and chat rooms, and sending connection requests to everyone on someone else’s connections or friends list and pitching those people with their link if they accept their request. Usually those folks will only visit a blog in an attempt to spam their links in the blogger’s comments.

Now, the phenomena I speak of is not the same thing as, say, contacting a new referral in your downline to introduce yourself and offer assistance if needed, and providing them with a copy of an e-book or something that you feel is valuable and might be helpful to them.

That’s a tried and true technique and one that the world’s most famous surfer, Tony Tezak, used for years on his path to success and talks about in depth in Traffic Exchange Solutions.

Providing useful information with a gift of a really good free e-book like TES or The Pizza Plan to someone in your downline who is possibly new to stuff, that’s different, plus they’re in your downline already. They’re not just random person who sent you, or to whom you sent, a connection or friend request.

No, what I’m talking about is outright spam to everyone you send a request to who accepts on Twitter or other such places, where someone accepts your connection request and you immediately send them your sales pitch and links.

I’ve found there are a couple of “social marketing” arenas and one very large traffic exchange that are rife with folks that mostly seem to be there or spend time sending connection requests for that very purpose, which is probably why I don’t spend very much time there and choose to spend my time getting to know people in places like ClickTrackProfit instead.

Sure, I want to connect with you. But that doesn’t mean I want to click your link and find out how I can make $250,000 in the next ten days, or how I can make a residual income for life, or buy your healthy coffee and become an affiliate, or etc., etc.

If you act like a real person, and maybe I get to know you and a little about what you’re about and what it is you do, maybe I might be interested in finding out more about what you do to make money and may even be interested myself, who knows.

But if all you do is pitch me from the get-go?

Nope, nope, and double nope. You lost me already, man.

So yeah, almost three years away for me, and I come back to find that still the same old marketing mistakes are being made, and this is but one of the biggest.

In the TE/etc. community, we all say the same things over and over and over again – not because we want to, but because they work – and this “Connect-and-Pitch” mistake, that’s one of the biggest “DON’Ts” of all the “dos and don’ts” that get repeated again and again.

I ran into and caught up with Stefan Berg the other morning while surfing, and he and I were talking about the same kind of stuff – seeing the same old mistakes being made again and again, and too few people taking the time or any interest in learning how to do better.

I listened last night in a CTP training video to Jon talking about how “the status quo doesn’t work anymore”, and this situation is a good example of that. Some things that worked for marketers before just don’t and won’t work in today’s world so much. Connecting with someone only to pitch them immediately just doesn’t work.

And will likely only result in you being ignored, or deleted from the person you pitched’s list altogether (or them unsubscribing from your list). I’m still debating on whether to just go ahead and delete some of those folks who sent me connection requests and immediately followed up with some spammy pitch about their product or program.

But I guess I’m an optimist, of sorts. Even if just one of those people eventually makes their way to my Twitter profile or (better yet) my blog, and reads something like this here post and discovers that hey, maybe there’s a better way to do this stuff than what I’ve been doing – well, that’s worth the headache of my having had to read their spammy pitch, I reckon.

With any luck, maybe they’ll even go a step further and check out CTP and actually make the effort to learn how to do it better.

Most probably won’t, but if just one does – hey, that’s maybe one less pitchy email or social media message I’d have to read in the future, hopefully.

And I won’t likely delete them from, or ignore them, on my connections/friends list. Awesome!