Since my return to what I always like to call “TE Land”, I’ve spent a lot of time exploring ClickTrackProfit – a program which is, of course, not at all new to a lot of my peers, but is to me.

The timing of all the catastrophic life events that led me wandering away from TE Land on my extended vacation was horrible, since CTP launched soon after and has now become a mainstay and staple for folks in the traffic exchange and related businesses, old and new alike. I missed it all.

So I registered my newbie account two or three weeks ago. And I haven’t slept since.

(OK, that’s not entirely true, I have… just not all that much.)

Why I’m now totally and completely hooked on this program:

CTP is way, way, WAY too much fun. Me, I’m a game junkie, always have been, ever since my parents bought an Atari 400 (the computer, not the Atari game console) in 1981, and even before that with a TRS-80 my dad had at work. I love Bingo and arcade games and treasure hunts and… and… yes.

I’m one of those people that can play with my Sims for days on end, and is on level 200+ in Candy Crush Saga. Having things like money badges (PS that’s REAL money) and collectible badges and jackpots, and hunting for treasure that opens up prizes, and… and… yes.

Like Pavlov’s dog with a computer and a mouse, now I surf.

CTP has actually made me LIKE surfing again. After the first year or two messing around in TE Land, I’d pretty much stopped surfing altogether, except for occasionally, like when we’d all surf Sweeva during TE Live sometimes. I’d buy credits instead, because I didn’t want to spend the time surfing if I didn’t have to, plus it’d gotten to be somewhat drudgery and mostly just boring to me.

Now CTP has done the unthinkable and I’m actually enjoying it again, and making a point of setting a little time aside every day to surf.

And – here’s the kicker – I find I am actually paying MORE attention to the pages people are promoting, because I’m also watching for CTP goodies, as well as the other goodies some of the traffic exchanges that are frequent participants within CTP have to offer.

I am actually seeing, and my brain is actually registering, what’s on those pages, way more than before. And much more often than I did before, clicking to see more or taking some other action, out of curiosity or some other interest.

I tend to have what I often call Internet ADD – I’m a fast reader anyway, and if something doesn’t get my attention quick, I’m usually onto clicking the “next” or similar button in a hurry, probably much worse than a lot of people.

Now I’m actually at least really seeing/reading and taking note of what’s on that page or what that page is about before I click, and really just taking much more interest overall in who’s promoting what and what they’re promoting than before, and I now understand why some of my own mentors always said they liked to surf every day just to see what was out there. I get that now.

It’s not that I never paid any attention in the past. But I guarantee my overall attention span and actual focus on the pages in front of me when surfing is much, MUCH better due to my involvement in CTP.

CTP has been teaching me stuff I didn’t already know. I really just cannot stress enough the value of the training videos within CTP, most of which are fairly short, and many highly entertaining as well as super educational. I personally have been going through all of the steps of the training just because I wanted to see how it was all laid out, out of curiosity.

Sure, for someone who has been around this stuff for years like me, there’s plenty I’ve already heard a thousand times over before in various e-books and such, things that were repeated and stressed again and again in the TE Live rooms and other conference rooms for years, the forums and whatnot. A lot of the things in the training, yes, I’ve heard it all before.

But I’ve picked up some newer tips and tricks too, and there’s been some things I knew already that hearing them again was a bit of a different twist, like learning something new all over again.

I ran into Stefan Berg last week in one of the chats, and Brenda Broyles was there too, and the three of us were talking about CTP and how, yeah, we’d all heard it all before, but we all agreed that there was something new to be gotten out of it all for anybody.

All three of us said we had been able to take something new away from the training videos, despite having heard so much of it umpteen thousand times before, and we all three agreed that had CTP been around way back when, we would have all likely certainly gotten a lot further down the paths we were on much earlier with our respective business efforts, and much, much more quickly.

That makes it really valuable, to me, on several levels. Heck, I had to spend five days a week for over a year in TE Live – plus hundreds of other hours in the AF room and other similar places – to learn all that’s contained in one tidy and entertaining video training package within CTP – and there’s even more on top of everything I’d already heard plenty before? That’s awesome!

I really would highly recommend that any old-school TE and Internet marketing person go through all or at least most of the videos, just because. I guarantee you will pick up on at least one new valuable thing to add to your IM toolbox, or see something you already knew about in a new and different light.

(And psst, old-timers – if you don’t go through the video training steps, you are missing a lot of downline building opportunities as well.)

For any new person, though, CTP is an incredibly valuable, as well as entertaining and fun, tool, and you can get it for free (or upgrade for incredibly cheap). A new person can join CTP and learn everything it took me more than two years to learn, plus way much more – and in a much shorter amount of time and at their own pace.

And have fun (way too much fun!) with all the way cool fun stuff you get to do, and you get to learn while you earn.

ClickTrackProfit won’t do everything for you in setting up your business and activities – you will have to make a little effort.

But it really doesn’t get any easier than this, and everything you need to know and learn about and do in this business is right there. And it’s all right there for anybody, for free.

And it’s kept me out of Candy Crush Saga for two whole weeks now, and I don’t even care. Well played, Timtech, well played.