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TE Live Throwback Thursday is on temporary hiatus this week, as something else came up a couple of hours ago that was just too major and important not to post about this morning.

It seems my pals over at TimTech are experiencing some collective temporary insanity right now, because they have announced a Labor Day sale with $47 Lifetime Upgrades at several of the TimTech sites, including ClickTrackProfit.

Yep, you read that right. $47 Lifetime. It never expires. You will never have to pay for an upgrade again at any of the sites involved.

The TimTech sites with the Labor Day $47 Lifetime sale are:

  • ClickTrackProfit (where the current yearly subscription is $97 and the monthly subscription is $9)
  • Sweeva (the monthly subscription used to be $17.97, not sure if it still is or not but it’s definitely at least $9)
  • Thumbvu (current monthly subscription is $9)
  • StartXchange (the current monthly Platinum subscription is $14.95 and there’s a smaller one too, but I’m pretty sure it’s at least $9)
  • ILoveHits (current monthly upgrade subscription of $9)
  • ListNerds (monthly Pro membership currently is $9, Premium membership is $29/month, and Business membership is $99/month)

So as you can see, this $47 Lifetime deal is pretty sweet. The lowest monthly upgrade at all six sites would be about $54 a month for all six, and to take the $47 Lifetime at all six this weekend would be less than half of what you’d pay in a year… and you’d never have to pay again, ever.

Even just, say, ClickTrackProfit alone – the monthly upgraded membership at $9 a month comes out to $108 a year, so to take the Lifetime upgrade at $47 is less than what you’d pay in a year.

And again, you’d never have to pay again. Not ever.

This is an unbelievably good deal (for any or all of the sites), and they are going to remove the offer on Tuesday, September 3rd. The sale will be going on through all of the Labor Day weekend, but on Tuesday it will be gone.

On another (but somewhat relevant) note, I busied myself with two new pages for RocketResponder last night, check them out if you wanna:

==> Here’s the Red/Orange One

==> Here’s the White One

Been a while since I’d puttered around like that in AdKreator so I felt a little rusty, but I liked how they turned out, especially the first one.

(Why in the world would anyone pay more for an autoresponder when they don’t have to, and have an excellent one to boot?)

There are few things more frustrating to me than when someone says they wish they could afford something, and then you tell them pretty much exactly how they can, but then they won’t do it.

As many know, I got my start making money regularly online 5-6 years ago primarily in Paid to Click, Paid to Read, and GPT/paid offer sites.

A few years ago, I had a friend, a single mom, who was laid off from her job, and the situation repeated itself a couple more times over the next couple of years. I had two other friends who lost their jobs in similar fashion around that same time, both of whom also had children.

These folks needed extra money in a big way, and I outlined for each of them exactly where they could go, and what they could do, to earn a little extra basically free money every week.

Did any of them take action and do it? Nope.

Here in TE Land, I’ll occasionally hear/see people talking about how they wish they could make their own splash pages, but they can’t afford AdKreator. Yes, the regular membership fee is higher, but there is indeed a deal available that you can get for under $10 monthly.

Or they need an autoresponder, but they don’t have the $10 a month for RocketResponder. Or they can’t afford the $9 every month for tracking with, or they wish they could upgrade at ClickTrackProfit, but they can’t afford the $9 monthly.

The long-established PTC site ClixSense (which also has paid offers and plenty of other stuff to earn on) is one of the sites included in your training for ClickTrackProfit (ClixSense is Step 4 in the JumpStart Steps, CTP’s first section of training videos), and is also one of the first paid-to sites I ever joined way back in 2007 or 2008.

ClixSense pays twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays, and their minimum cashout is only $8 for free members and $6 for upgraded members. The yearly upgrade is $17 annually, so yes, that’s another $17 – but let me tell you, it is completely worth it because you earn a whole lot faster and there’s more to earn on (not to mention being able to cash out at $6).

If you spent a little time at ClixSense every day working their Daily Checklist Bonus, clicking all the PTC ads you can, and doing a couple or more surveys there every day, it is dead easy to be able to cash out at least once a week. That’s a theoretical six to eight dollars weekly.

Sure, you won’t likely qualify for every survey available, but I have found the SSI Surveys (listed in the ClixOffers sections) are generally easy to qualify for at least once or twice a day, and those pay $0.85 each. And there are lots of other surveys in the ClixOffers section, as well as especially the Peanut Labs section, in varying amounts, some paying even a dollar or more each.

So if you, say, need $28 a month to pay for RocketResponder,, and your upgrade at ClickTrackProfit – I just told you where and how you can make $24 to $32 a month ($6 to $8 weekly) in free money pretty easily, at ClixSense.

You could actually make even more depending on how much time and effort you want to put in and even get paid twice weekly if you really wanted to put more effort and time into it. I have always been an upgraded member at ClixSense, and I could easily make that $6 weekly payout every week by spending about a half hour to an hour a night on it, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Yes, it takes a little time and effort. It might take a half hour to an hour out of your surfing time every day, but then you’d have all the basic tools you’d need to build your CTP-based business, or basically ANY online business.

Mainly, it just takes action. I actually explained all of the above this week about ClixSense, in a little more detail, to someone who said they couldn’t afford one of the above services fairly recently. I’m pretty sure they didn’t do anything about it though (and are probably still talking to others about how they wish they could afford X service/program but can’t).

So yeah, I just told you where there’s a fairly easy six to eight dollars weekly to be made online that could easily pay for any combination of three out of AdKreator, ClickTrackProfit,, and RocketResponder. And possibly pay for all four of them, or at least close.

So, will your answer be, “Oh, that’s just too much trouble”?

Or will you say okay, and take action and DO it?

(Already a member of ClickTrackProfit, or want to be? Go to the Training section – ClixSense is Step 4 in the JumpStart Steps.)

TE Live generally mostly loses Jon for a week or two late in the year when the new Call of Duty game comes out. Or at the very least, TE Live gets cut short a lot or starts late a lot during COD week.

One day during one of those weeks in 2010, Jon was a little late making it into TE Live that day, which was okay because The Jon Olson Hand Puppet showed up in his place and on time, and said pretty much all the things Jon usually says in an eerily nearly-perfect Jon Olson voice.

(Jerry told me recently he doesn’t remember this, heh.)


  • POST TITLE: Even “Call of Duty: Black Ops” Can’t Stop TE Live… and There’s Pasta!
  • DATE: November 12th, 2010
  • HISTORIC FACT: Jon revealed a previously promised hint about Pony List without actually saying anything, because he instead scribbled it on a piece of paper with The Most Famous Marker on the Internet™. (What exactly that hint was I now don’t recall – pre-ListNerds? Pre-RocketResponder? But I can tell you that Pony Surf had previously been the Secret Code Name™ for Sweeva.)
  • JON OLSON FACT: For the first time in a long while, Jon cooked on cam for TE Live. (The recipe for Pasta a la TE Live is published on that day’s post here.)
  • FUN FACT: No fingers were amputated during the creation of Pasta a la TE Live, and someone in the room commented (during The Jon Olson Hand Puppet’s hosting stint) that Jon had lost an awful lot of weight.
  • WEIRD DISCUSSION TOPICS: All Things Pony Related, and Jon’s trip to the store at midnight to get the new Call of Duty and subsequent video of the trip.
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I have no social life, so I will have no professional life this week.” – Jon Olson

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