I’ve been making a point and a habit of surfing more regularly each day lately, and since I’m normally in several TEs or TE groups at one time, I’ve been hanging out in several different chats.

Folks will often ask questions or mention any issues they’re having in chat, and this week I’ve noticed one particular issue or question coming up over and over again…

Sweeva. And how the heck to use it.

Just in the last 48 hours, I’ve counted at least three people asking in the various TE chats how to use Sweeva, or talking about how it confuses them (especially the bidding).

Sweeva is definitely different. It’s not your usual traffic exchange, and has a lot of nuances that other TEs don’t have.

One of the fantastic things about Sweeva is the fact that you can put a page in there and get feedback on it, in real time, from other Sweeva users.

To get your page in rotation on Sweeva, though, you have to use the bidding system, which is one of many things (if not the #1 primary thing) about Sweeva that throws everybody.

Sweeva can be confusing. Heck, I helped beta test the thing before it launched publicly, and there were still things about Sweeva that confused even ME, all these many years later.

The good news is that Sunny Suggs wrote this awesome and in-depth guide to Sweeva called Sweeva Tips that basically will teach you anything and everything you need to know about how to use Sweeva, and how to use it correctly.

Not only does it contain both basic and advanced courses for Sweeva, but you’ll also get to learn some tips and tricks and secrets of some of Sweeva’s expert and longtime users.

All for free! And free is good.

So my recommendation, if Sweeva confuses you, is to go grab yourself a copy of Sweeva Tips right now.

Take charge of your Sweeving, and be confused no more!