So my little experiment has begun.

You will recall my previous post about not immediately pitching to people as soon as they accept your friend/connection request, and the followup post about the pitch I received from someone who had sent me a request, and pitched me that very next day after my first post.

Like I said, this scenario is really only happening in a couple of places, for the most part – one a VERY LARGE TRAFFIC EXCHANGE (ahem) that’s usually full of new people, and the other a social network site that’s relatively teeming with general Internet marketers old and new… often of the sort whose e-mails usually end up in your Gmail spam filter, but anyway…

This reply probably could use a little tweaking, but this is what I came up with to send the connect-and-immediately-pitch people in response, for now:

Hi [NAME],

While I can appreciate the earnestness in which I’m sure your message was sent, I would like to respectfully suggest that you visit the link to ClickTrackProfit below and check out the training videos.

The training at CTP can help you a lot in learning how to market your opportunities better and more effectively and share them with potential downline members and/or customers better, and in ways that will interest more people rather than influencing them to delete your messages and mails or delete you altogether from their connections lists and friends lists.

I would like to recommend you check it out here:

If you have questions or need any assistance after joining, feel free to add me over there and/or send me a message.

I hope you will accept this response in the spirit in which it was intended, i.e., to help your marketing efforts and lead you to a way you can make them better and more effective.

Best regards,
Lynn M

I’m hoping that doesn’t sound all snotty-like, and like I said it could probably use a little tweaking, but hopefully the main gist and point gets across.

Well, here’s the interesting part, so far. Between August 1st and August 3rd, I sent that response four times – once at the other place and three times in the VERY LARGE TRAFFIC EXCHANGE.

Out of those four, one immediately – and I do mean IMMEDIATELY – went and joined ClickTrackProfit, really just within seconds of me sending that response. Good deal, huh?

Now, whether he or she actually DOES anything with it and goes through the training and everything else CTP has to offer will remain to be seen, but hey, at least they GOT there. That’s the first step for improvement!

With this little experiment I have primarily been sending the response to those that appear to be fairly newbie marketers, or if not, probably those who I tend to think of as throwing their efforts out like darts to see where they’ll land (i.e., throwing their links out wherever and everywhere and anywhere to see if they get a bite).

I did actually send the response to someone that I suspected wasn’t new, but sent it anyway, and turned out they were already a member of CTP and were fairly seasoned when it comes to online marketing (granted, I got the message initially and got pitched, but it really wasn’t spammy-bad and was actually kind of informative, thus the other reason I suspected that person wasn’t a newbie).

But I was pretty psyched, in any case, that the one person did immediately head to CTP. Not because I got a signup – honestly, in this situation, that part doesn’t matter to me.

I got excited because maybe they’ll do something with it and learn something from it, and there will be one more slightly (or who knows, majorly!) improved marketer out there on the ‘Net.

Even if they just learn one little thing and don’t do anything else with it at all – hey, that’s something!

I’m going to be interested to see how this little experiment continues to play out.