So I was thinking last week that the world of online marketing is kinda like the world of Facebook games.

I know, I know. Bear with me here.

Remember when everyone you knew was playing Farmville a few years ago? Maybe some still do, but most peopleĀ  nowadays have moved on to greener pastures (heh).

Like Candy Crush Saga, which is arguably the hottest Facebook game at the moment. I finally fell victim to the Candy Crush virus myself, after trying to ignore it for months and then finally I just HAD to go see what it was about, since virtually just about all of my friends were playing it – even the ones who don’t normally play any or many Facebook games.

Every once in a while I’ll be surfing in the traffic exchanges and see some old program being promoted that was hot for a while three or four or five years ago, that everyone joined and everyone loved, but most people have long ago moved onto other things.

And then I think, too, about all those “get rich quick” and “make money fast” programs that so many newbie marketers fall for in the beginning – including myself – and then they eventually figure out that’s not working and begin to learn about other things that may take longer to earn from, but are more reliable and more stable. Things that will still be there and still be useful and needed for years to come.

But back to Facebook.

Yeah, I’m still enamored with Candy Crush at present, and I’ve been making a point of staying away from it this summer, otherwise I spend way too much time crushing candies when I should be doing other things, plus it’s fun but frustrating as all get out. Eventually I’ll probably tire of it altogether, just like I mostly have with Angry Birds, and that’ll be that for me and Candy Crush.

The one Facebook game I still play and always have, and probably always will, is an old Bingo game that, I believe, was the first Bingo ever on Facebook (of course now there are hundreds of different Bingo games with all kinds of flash and glitz).

My Bingo is not flashy and doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that other newer Facebook games do, or that the other Bingo games on Facebook do. It doesn’t make me promises of whatever, and it doesn’t make me jump through hoop after hoop to get what I want or spend eons of time, or loads of money, doing it.

It’s just plain old Bingo, and it’ll probably always be there. It’s reliable, in that I know what it will do and won’t do for me, and I know what it’ll still do for me two, three, five, ten years from now.

Long after I’ve tired of the flash and dash and frustration of Candy Crush, which has really done absolutely nothing for me except waste an awful lot of my time (and for some people, money) for really nothing.

All those programs that come and eventually go after they lose their momentum, or no longer really fill any need anyone has or help anyone any longer – those are Candy Crush, those are Farmville.

They might show up again in a traffic exchange a few years later (just like you might see one of your Facebook friends STILL playing Farmville all these years later), but for the most part, nobody’s promoting that program anymore and it’s not doing much for anyone, or making them much money.

“Evergreen” products and programs, on the other hand – the kind that never stop being useful and that people continue to need, and always will – those are worth the time and investment.

Some of them might not be so flashy and pretty, like my beloved Bingo game which is really pretty plain. And some of them might be perfectly fine and beautifully designed, and regularly updated.

My point being that these evergreen products and programs just never stop being useful, needed, and valuable. As Farmville is to my Bingo, so is that big flashy program from some pseudo-big-named promoter that was all the rage three or four or five years ago that you haven’t seen around since 2011, to something like The Pizza Planwhich has been updated once since its initial release, and I have been told will likely be updated again when RocketResponder launches, which will be another evergreen product that people will always need, and that I will likely continue to support indefinitely.

My list of things I always have and will continue to support has grown much smaller in recent years, although as we all know I just relatively recently added ClickTrackProfit to the mix. CTP is something that will always be useful and always be of value.

I support products like and AdKreator for the same reasons, including the fact that things like tracking and design will always be needed. Besides The Pizza Plan, I still give away copies of e-books like Safelist Marketing Tactics and Traffic Exchange Solutions, because they never stop being valuable and useful and helpful.

More recently I added Sweeva Tips to that mix. New people are always coming into Sweeva, and more than likely, those new folks could use some help and advice, and always will.

Just like the Farmvilles of online marketing have been mostly forgotten (MyMoneyFish, anybody?), so will whatever the current Candy Crush-like craze be eventually.

If you stick with the Bingos of online marketing and traffic exchange marketing instead, they’ll always be there, always be useful, always be needed.

And remember, new people really do come into this industry every single day – hundreds, thousands. I know it gets frustrating for some who feel the market’s saturated, but it never truly is.

There’s someone (many someones) new out there every day. You just need to make sure that it’s your page, your banner, your listmail, your whatever – that they see.

Don’t be the Farmville or the Candy Crush, and then be left wondering three or four years down the road why you never get any commissions or signups anymore. Don’t jump on the old Farmville or the latest Candy Crush trains.

Be the Bingo instead. And three or five or ten years down the road when you still have commissions and signups coming in, you’ll likely be glad you did.