One of the things I have always loved about this business is the element of surprise… surprise money, that is.

Most of the time, I’ve pretty much got an idea of how much I might have coming in commissions in any given week or month.

And then every once in a while, I’ll be on some site and glance at my pending commissions and be like, “Whoa, hey, THAT’S nice!!!”… because there will be more (and sometimes way more) than I was expecting.

It often seems to happen at times when I most need a blessing like that, too, such as when unexpected and unpredictable minor (or major) expenses have suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

We’ve been going through some yucky stuff like that here at home lately, with my significant other losing his job last month and being out of work for a few weeks, right when we both had some major financial commitments on the table. And then to make matters even worse, another major expense that was unexpected hit us out of the blue.

Yep, times are tough all over, for everyone. I expect a lot of folks reading have experienced similar life annoyances lately too, or at least in recent years.

So I’m sitting at my computer one day last week trying to figure out exactly how much we had, exactly how much we were going to have to fork out this month, and exactly what the resulting current household deficit was.

And then I go looking around in various stuff that I hadn’t checked in a while, as well as stuff I usually go about my daily business with and glancing at balances at those places while surfing or whatever else I was doing there.

At one traffic exchange, I knew I had a commission soon to be paid – I think the previous week, I had missed getting paid by something like $0.02 less than the minimum cashout.

So what a really nice surprise it was to discover I had earned an additional commission that very week that resulted in me being paid twice as much as I had previously been expecting!

And then later, I was over at Sweeva doing some surfing and glanced at my commissions, and what do you know – Sweeva must be offering some really great lifetime upgrade deals right now, because someone in my downline took the lifetime upgrade (a really smart choice when it comes to Sweeva).

With those two occurrences alone, I will have wound up with nearly a hundred bucks extra this month from those two programs, where I was previously only expecting about $20 from just one progam. And again, it’s come at a time when we could really, really use the extra here at home.

And here’s another interesting thing about all of this – the folks in my downline that I’m grateful for right now for being active and doing whatever they did that resulted in me getting commissions this month? They joined those downlines of mine in 2010.

Three years ago, people. Three years ago, and now here in 2013, I’m still getting commissions thanks to promoting I did over three years ago.

I’m not posting about this to brag, not in the least. I’m posting about this to show others that if I can have stuff like that happen – me, someone who up until recently has been all but completely inactive in this area of online business for the last almost three years – anyone can.

And anyone who is staying active and getting their stuff out there, and keeping on doing it, has an even better chance of stuff like that starting to happen, and happen more and more often.

It’s definitely one of the perks of hanging around traffic exchanges and affiliate programs, the element of surprise commissions.

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, stick it out with your business and stay the course, and it almost certainly will.

And then you’ll be like, “Whoa, hey, she was right… that IS nice!!!”