TE Live Throwback Thursday is on temporary hiatus this week, as something else came up a couple of hours ago that was just too major and important not to post about this morning.

It seems my pals over at TimTech are experiencing some collective temporary insanity right now, because they have announced a Labor Day sale with $47 Lifetime Upgrades at several of the TimTech sites, including ClickTrackProfit.

Yep, you read that right. $47 Lifetime. It never expires. You will never have to pay for an upgrade again at any of the sites involved.

The TimTech sites with the Labor Day $47 Lifetime sale are:

  • ClickTrackProfit (where the current yearly subscription is $97 and the monthly subscription is $9)
  • Sweeva (the monthly subscription used to be $17.97, not sure if it still is or not but it’s definitely at least $9)
  • Thumbvu (current monthly subscription is $9)
  • StartXchange (the current monthly Platinum subscription is $14.95 and there’s a smaller one too, but I’m pretty sure it’s at least $9)
  • ILoveHits (current monthly upgrade subscription of $9)
  • ListNerds (monthly Pro membership currently is $9, Premium membership is $29/month, and Business membership is $99/month)

So as you can see, this $47 Lifetime deal is pretty sweet. The lowest monthly upgrade at all six sites would be about $54 a month for all six, and to take the $47 Lifetime at all six this weekend would be less than half of what you’d pay in a year… and you’d never have to pay again, ever.

Even just, say, ClickTrackProfit alone – the monthly upgraded membership at $9 a month comes out to $108 a year, so to take the Lifetime upgrade at $47 is less than what you’d pay in a year.

And again, you’d never have to pay again. Not ever.

This is an unbelievably good deal (for any or all of the sites), and they are going to remove the offer on Tuesday, September 3rd. The sale will be going on through all of the Labor Day weekend, but on Tuesday it will be gone.

On another (but somewhat relevant) note, I busied myself with two new pages for RocketResponder last night, check them out if you wanna:

==> Here’s the Red/Orange One

==> Here’s the White One

Been a while since I’d puttered around like that in AdKreator so I felt a little rusty, but I liked how they turned out, especially the first one.

(Why in the world would anyone pay more for an autoresponder when they don’t have to, and have an excellent one to boot?)