A little over three years ago I posted here about the reason there were a lot of safelist and other mailer e-mails that I didn’t read – or I may have opened them, but didn’t click.

In a nutshell, it was because so many of them were too long.

And by too long, I mean that if the credit link is not “above the fold” in Gmail – i.e., I would have to page down in Gmail to get to the credit link to click it – I simply don’t.

I get way too much of that type mail to have to make that extra effort. Those mails get mostly unread, and tossed immediately in the Trash without being clicked.

In any case, yeah, it’s still going on, the way too long emails sent from safelists and other mailers, three years later – and some that are far, far, far too long. Sorry, but just way too many of them are.

All those “standard affiliate” (I guess they are, I see the same ones appear over and over again) mails for Empower Network and for that Submission-whatever that I think has something to do with Empower Network (but I don’t really know since those mails are way too long for me to bother with)? I maybe read two or three in the beginning when they first started being circulated, but no more since then. Most of them just go immediately to the Trash unopened.

Sure, I’ve done myself  it in the past with the longer ones, but the more I got involved with safelists and mailers and the more I got tired of seeing the longer mails in my box, I tried to make an effort to keep things to the point but briefly, and in two or three or maybe four short paragraphs.

Maybe I’m a little bit of a hypocrite here, because anyone who knows me knows that I tend to get a little lengthy in email and posts sometimes. Being a trained writer, it’s a little bit of an ingrained habit.

I know Jon groans when he sees email from me ‘cos most of the time he finds them akin to (quote) War and Peace (unquote, heh) – especially if I’m on about or really excited about something, LOL – and he hates reading long emails, heh.

I’ve been making a genuine effort lately trying to curb that habit a bit and Olson-ify my emails in brief and with bullet points when applicable (or at least until I get really annoyed with or excited about something again, LOL).

A whole lot of the suggested mails included in the affiliate toolboxes of many programs are way too long as well, and again, I’ve certainly been guilty in the past of grabbing and sending some of those.

My opinion nowadays is that you’re just better off taking those and reworking them for yourself, in much shorter and brief form – and as it is, it’s pretty standard “expert” thought that you’re just better off putting things in your own words anyway, rather than using a swipe copy that probably dozens or hundreds of other folks are going to be sending out too.

Anyway, as far as safelist mails and other list mails in general – the thing is, I’m a member of and, for the most part, regularly use over 65 safelists and mailers, at last count. I don’t have time to read Every Single One that arrives, and most likely, most people don’t.

Right now, I’ve got over 140,000 emails in my list mailbox. There’s no way I’m getting through all of that! I’d love to read them all, but it’s just not possible.

There are a handful of sites I do read most of what I get from them, and I generally do get through most solo mails eventually. But the rest, it’s mainly a matter of (A) how bad I need credits at a site and (B) a few other things, like necessity of activity level, for a particular site.

All of the above stuff is why I was really pleased to hear list building expert Darren Olander, in the List Building videos section of the ClickTrackProfit training, encouraging people to make the body of the mails they send shorter in length, saying shorter ones tended to do better. I believe that viewpoint 100%, given my own feelings about it all, naturally.

A compelling and/or attention-grabbing subject line is really probably far more important than what’s actually in the body of your email anyway, that’s my opinion, basically. And as far as the body goes, short might get me to click, and especially humorous will almost always get me to click, if I’ve opened that mail in the first place.

Check your safelist and mailer mails and look for ones from Jerry Iannucci or Tim Linden for some good examples of ones that (A) almost always get my attention and (B) make me laugh, and thus appreciate them.

Those guys probably would rather I didn’t open their mails (or receive them in the first place) since I’m already pretty much in all of their programs (so I’m basically a wasted click, LOL), but if more people’s mails were like theirs, they’d probably get opened and clicked more.

But the bottom line and the very most important thing to me about mails from safelists and other mailers is that they need to be short enough that the credit link appears “above the fold” in Gmail, and I don’t have to page down to get to it.

I may just be being super picky about it and may be one of the few, but I suspect I’m not. I think it’s a big enough issue that most people should take into account that, if I feel that strongly about it, there’s probably others out there too who aren’t paging down to click in long emails.

Happy mailing… and happy short, brief, and to-the-point safelist mailing, I hope! (Fingers crossed!)