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ClickTrackProfit is really hopping with activity this week since Spooktacular 2013 began on Monday. Jon said late yesterday afternoon that over 400 new people had joined CTP since the event started at midnight. Wow! That’s pretty sweet for a program that has now been around for a pretty long time.

So, what is Spooktacular? Well, in a nutshell, there are about 200 badges that were purchased by members of ClickTrackProfit to give out to other members that hunt them. It’s kind of like one big large scavenger hunt, with thousands of folks participating. Many of the badge owners are traffic exchange owners and owners of various online programs, while some badge owners are simply members who don’t own a program themselves.

Requirements to get each badge are mostly different and vary per owner. Some of the badges are given out for surfing X amount of pages, for joining X program or TE, for subscribing to the badge owner’s blog, or are hidden on badge owners’ sites. Some badges have a time limit, most don’t.

A number of badges have yet to have their requirements posted, or it’s been noted the requirements will be posted later. (You folks that are badge owners and haven’t done anything at ALL with them need to get on the ball before it’s too late!)

Oh, and there’s a lot of money to be won… almost forgot that part (heh). There are now over $500 in cash prizes to be given away during Spooktacular, including a $250+ top prize to the CTP member who collects the most badges, as well as $250 worth of random 50 cent ($0.50) badges given out as members redeem badges collected. How awesome is that?

A lot of new folks who are now newly getting my blog updates thanks to Spooktacular will be reading this today (and for that I sorta apologize since obviously you guys already know what Spooktacular is, heh). One of my two badges was offered for subscribing to updates from this here blog, and I have been flatly amazed to see how many people subscribed thus far. (Thank you all, and I hope you will stick around!!)

I am enjoying badge hunting myself and have acquired close to 40 already, yippee! The neat thing about Spooktacular, to me, is that not only is it an amazing opportunity for badge owners to get new people into their programs or reading their blogs, or joining their downlines or for whatever purpose their badge is being offered – as a badge hunter, for the last day and a half I have been checking out programs I didn’t know much about or even know existed, joined new ones that just recently opened, and just been exposed now to a lot of things I hadn’t seen before, so that part’s cool and interesting too!

I was so excited about Spooktacular yesterday that I made a new promo page for it that I started rotating around TE Land yesterday, check it out HERE. (There’s also a corresponding page attached to the badge of which I speak for people to subscribe to the mailing list that will eventually lead them directly to that badge later this week.)

In any case, what fun this has all been so far! I missed the first CTP promo that was like this one, Bill’s Birthday Bash in June, by literally days – my first day arriving back at TE Live for the first time in years was during the first week of July, so I missed that promo totally and am so glad I am here for this one!

The lovely Sunny Suggs and the charming Tom Wacker are collaborating this year on the 2013 Spooktacular blog (click HERE) and are keeping tabs on what all’s going on, giving out various hints and tips and tricks and such. You’ll want to subscribe to their blog for daily updates to find out what all’s going on Spooktacular-wise.

If you’re one of the rare few people who are not already a member of ClickTrackProfit yet and want to join in on all this Spooktacular fun, sign up HERE and get started. You do have to be a member of CTP in order to participate.

Good luck and happy Spooktacular badge hunting to all!

Hello! A rare weekend post from me, thus I’ll make it short and sweet.

I am just super thrilled to introduce you today to Surf Savant, which will have just officially launched at 12:01am EST as this blog post is published (in CST). It hasn’t been a big secret in TE Land of course, since it was pre-launched and opened for new registrations briefly last weekend, but then it was closed for new registrations a few hours later and has remained so all week – until today!

Surf Savant is the brainchild of Matt Baker, who owns the most excellent traffic exchange Surfing Socially, and the TechDime team of Daniel Heyman and Yogesh Dhamija, who launched the fresh and innovative programs BriskSurf and SurfDuel earlier in the year.

What exactly is Surf Savant? In a nutshell, it’s both a learning tool for anyone interested in building a successful online business, as well as an innovative system to help build your downlines and your earning potential, so it’s an extremely beneficial new tool both for new people online, as well as experienced online business folks.

Surf Savant is also super fun and entertaining, AND you can make money, play games, and win contests. If you’re a regular surfer, you have likely already seen the splash pages around that include the cash prize links, and you can win up to $50 every month. Surf Savant is also super big on branding oneself, and there’s also an included rotator that can give you oodles more exposure and branding as it’s advertised by members.

Included within Surf Savant is a library of video tutorials  that will be fantastic for newbies, as well as likely very helpful for those more experienced as well. The video tutorials include great how-tos for many popular programs (traffic exchanges, marketing tools, downline networks, banner advertising, safelists/mailers, and other advice from the experts), and I understand more will be added in the future.

The video tutorials inside Surf Savant are presented by both owners and members of various programs – not just the Surf Savant trio of owners. You will likely recognize quite a few faces and names among the video tutorials!

If you’re an experienced online business person that’s already a member of ClickTrackProfit and other such programs, you may be wondering why you should join Surf Savant as well.

Well, we all are looking to build our downlines as much as possible (you are, right?!?!!), and since CTP, the Cash Surfing Network, and several other popular traffic exchanges and other online business resources are included in the video tutorials (which double as the downline builder for Surf Savant), this is an opportunity to build your downlines even MORE.

In short, you’re simply adding to the filling of your funnel with the potential to grow your downlines in most or all of your programs by adding Surf Savant to your business toolbox, along with the others you’re already in. The person that might not be so interested in CSN or CTP might be interested in Surf Savant and wind up in your CTP or CSN downlines as well, or vice versa.

I have been using it and playing around with Surf Savant for the last week, and am absolutely hooked! I am finding it to be a really great complement to the daily activities I do already with CTP.

With all that said, I will keep you here no longer… click HERE to check out Surf Savant for yourself, and enjoy! (I know you will!)

As far as I’m concerned, Darren Olander is like the king of viral list building and mailers, and I’ve always been a big fan of Darren’s stuff. I use most of his programs regularly and usually get a great response when I do, and he’s been paying me commissions month after month, without fail, for several years now since I took part in the launch of the fabulous Adchiever.

I’ve also really enjoyed using List Surfing both as a traffic exchange and mailing resource for years, and more recently have been making good use of his Viral Nugget, which was re-launched last year. If you’ve gone through the List Builder Training videos in ClickTrackProfit (which every CTP member should), then you already know Darren really knows his stuff when it comes to viral list builders and mailers.

So when I found out Darren was re-launching one of his older programs that’s been around since 2008 and has been one of my favorites for many years, BuildMyDownlines, I was super excited. Then I got even MORE excited when I saw what he’d done to it!

BuildMyDownlines has now not only been completely remodeled, but it now has an additional aspect to it that wasn’t present before. In a nutshell, you can now literally build your downlines in ANY program with BuildMyDownlines!

And I’m not talking just about building them through the downline builder that’s on the site, oh no.

What BuildMyDownlines has now is a unique “offers” area where members can earn cash or credits simply by joining programs, and advertisers can advertise any site they want to by offering as much or little as they want in order to get signups.

I was already excited about the remodeling job on the site anyway, but as you can see, this new feature is really special!

Check out this very short video that pretty much explains it all:

The mailer aspect of BuildMyDownlines is still intact as well, which makes me happy because BuildMyDownlines has always generally been very responsive for me. I took a lifetime upgrade offer there many years ago and (with the exception of my long vacation away, of course) have used it ever since, and always been very pleased with it each time I mailed out.

So I have no doubt that this revamped version of BuildMyDownlines will probably be even better, and definitely with the new feature of the offers area to boot! I expect the new feature is really going to be rocking and active for a long time to come.

In any case, the new version of BuildMyDownlines has just opened this morning. Click HERE to check it out… and go build your own downlines with BuildMyDownlines!

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