ClickTrackProfit is really hopping with activity this week since Spooktacular 2013 began on Monday. Jon said late yesterday afternoon that over 400 new people had joined CTP since the event started at midnight. Wow! That’s pretty sweet for a program that has now been around for a pretty long time.

So, what is Spooktacular? Well, in a nutshell, there are about 200 badges that were purchased by members of ClickTrackProfit to give out to other members that hunt them. It’s kind of like one big large scavenger hunt, with thousands of folks participating. Many of the badge owners are traffic exchange owners and owners of various online programs, while some badge owners are simply members who don’t own a program themselves.

Requirements to get each badge are mostly different and vary per owner. Some of the badges are given out for surfing X amount of pages, for joining X program or TE, for subscribing to the badge owner’s blog, or are hidden on badge owners’ sites. Some badges have a time limit, most don’t.

A number of badges have yet to have their requirements posted, or it’s been noted the requirements will be posted later. (You folks that are badge owners and haven’t done anything at ALL with them need to get on the ball before it’s too late!)

Oh, and there’s a lot of money to be won… almost forgot that part (heh). There are now over $500 in cash prizes to be given away during Spooktacular, including a $250+ top prize to the CTP member who collects the most badges, as well as $250 worth of random 50 cent ($0.50) badges given out as members redeem badges collected. How awesome is that?

A lot of new folks who are now newly getting my blog updates thanks to Spooktacular will be reading this today (and for that I sorta apologize since obviously you guys already know what Spooktacular is, heh). One of my two badges was offered for subscribing to updates from this here blog, and I have been flatly amazed to see how many people subscribed thus far. (Thank you all, and I hope you will stick around!!)

I am enjoying badge hunting myself and have acquired close to 40 already, yippee! The neat thing about Spooktacular, to me, is that not only is it an amazing opportunity for badge owners to get new people into their programs or reading their blogs, or joining their downlines or for whatever purpose their badge is being offered – as a badge hunter, for the last day and a half I have been checking out programs I didn’t know much about or even know existed, joined new ones that just recently opened, and just been exposed now to a lot of things I hadn’t seen before, so that part’s cool and interesting too!

I was so excited about Spooktacular yesterday that I made a new promo page for it that I started rotating around TE Land yesterday, check it out HERE. (There’s also a corresponding page attached to the badge of which I speak for people to subscribe to the mailing list that will eventually lead them directly to that badge later this week.)

In any case, what fun this has all been so far! I missed the first CTP promo that was like this one, Bill’s Birthday Bash in June, by literally days – my first day arriving back at TE Live for the first time in years was during the first week of July, so I missed that promo totally and am so glad I am here for this one!

The lovely Sunny Suggs and the charming Tom Wacker are collaborating this year on the 2013 Spooktacular blog (click HERE) and are keeping tabs on what all’s going on, giving out various hints and tips and tricks and such. You’ll want to subscribe to their blog for daily updates to find out what all’s going on Spooktacular-wise.

If you’re one of the rare few people who are not already a member of ClickTrackProfit yet and want to join in on all this Spooktacular fun, sign up HERE and get started. You do have to be a member of CTP in order to participate.

Good luck and happy Spooktacular badge hunting to all!