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I was trying to better reorganize what I consider my “main” e-mail box, which was in a humongous mess, not too long ago. I have three or four business-related mailboxes that went mostly unopened for a couple of years during my time away, so you can probably imagine what a huge mess they fell into (especially since one was taking in safelist and mailer mail all that time).

I don’t recommend doing so – ignoring mailboxes like that, or taking a long break, for that matter – ever. Almost four months later since I basically returned to the land of the TE living, I am STILL trying to get reorganized and get things fixed back proper.

While I was messing with reorganizing that particular Gmail box, I was scanning the various groups I’d organized many of my Gmail Contacts into at the time, way back around 2009 and 2010… and I had to smile when I saw what I’d named one of those groups.

Action Takers.

There were a few names on the list I was sort of mentoring at the time, even though I was almost as new to everything as they were. A few others, I just had a lot of interaction with over various projects, and some more that I wasn’t working on anything with directly and they weren’t in any of my downlines or my TE Teams (RIP, lol) team, but they were folks I saw regularly in places like TE Live and AF and other online conferences.

Mainly this was my list I kept of folks I knew I wanted to get in touch with immediately if there was something of major importance happening or about to happen. Or people I knew I could count on if there was a project I needed some help with, or something to test, or whatnot like that.

Or folks I knew had some amount of expertise in something that I might need someday. So in that sense at least, it wasn’t just a list of then-newbies and semi-newbies, though it mostly was.

The best description I have for that little Action Takers list was that it was mostly made up of people I had identified as people that were already doing something, whether on a small scale or larger, and had the potential to do more. People that were taking action or would take action.

Folks I felt either had the potential to be in this business for the long haul and would probably be pretty successful, sooner or later, and folks I expected would consistently stick with what they were doing (or go even further) and be successful.

Everyone on that list at the time definitely had shown some potential to be very, if not hugely, successful. And at the time, they were ALL what I considered Action Takers.

Some of those folks that were originally on that list at the time have moved on to other things on the Internet outside of traffic exchanges and such, and have presumably seen some success in those areas. That happens.

There’s a few more names on the list that, as people sometimes do, have disappeared or all but disappeared from our little corner of the Internet here in TE Land. That happens too (and I, of course, did that myself, disappeared for a while).

And then there’s a few other names on my Action Takers list from four years ago that you would probably recognize:

  • Brenda Broyles
  • Walter Mulder
  • Ellyn Weber-Bynum
  • Stephen Whittle

Heck yeah, they all took action – lots of action, over the years. And you likely know who all or most of them are.

I really didn’t even have to type their last names. I could have just said Brenda, Walter, Ellyn and Stephen, and you’d have all known exactly who I was talking about.

If you get yourself out there, and become known in this community as an action taker, as a “do-er”, as a “branding star” on ThumbVu, as whatever else along those lines… everything else starts falling into place.

Slow and steady wins the race, and success doesn’t happen overnight, but it will – and it will likely increase on a consistent basis – if you just DO something and actually take action.

I hope the four of them don’t mind me using them as examples here – probably they won’t, since it’s something one really should be proud of. There were probably 30-35 people on that Action Takers list I had, and save for the couple that have moved on to other areas of the Internet, those four are still around, and have been real shining stars here in TE Land.

Granted, I’m personally not the one who was able to open any big doors for them or give them the opportunities they had, but other people in the community saw them as Action Takers too and did.

Me, having disappeared from the face of the Internet for a long while, I am still in the process of rebuilding, myself. But I’ve also taken a whole lot more action on a whole lot of things, much more so and pretty consistently, than I did in the past, and already I’m seeing positive results just with the actions I’ve taken in the last three months, including regular streams of residual income where there previously were none.

If I’d done nothing, I’d have none of that. I’d have nothing.

Now that I’ve been organizing again and re-organizing, I’ve added a few new folks to that Action Takers list since, newer people who’ve impressed me as having the potential to be successful as time goes on. It’ll change and grow, I’m sure, just like the old group list did… depending on who takes action and who doesn’t, of course.

Get out there and be seen, yes – but you also want to be seen and identified as an “Action Taker”, and take action and DO. Whether it’s starting your own blog, creating some program that will be of benefit within the community, or just simply taking that upgrade in something that can realistically bring income in for you month after month, or any number of other things you could be doing to help yourself and your business.

Do at least one thing every day that builds or helps your business. That thing you’ve been sitting on the fence about or hemming and hawing over that you know could benefit you greatly in the long run? Just do it.

That’s the slogan of the day today… JTA = Just Take Action.

It can’t hurt, and the rewards (whether sooner or later, ‘cos again, remember slow and steady wins the race) have the potential of being awesome. Go for it!

One of the things I have always dug about the traffic exchange community is that competition is not really an issue, most people in the community are genuinely glad to see others succeed and do well, and not only that, there are many generous folks who will often go out of their way to help others succeed and do well.

That’s not to say competition is nonexistent and that jealousy doesn’t exist, but for the most part those issues seem to be mainly found among those who tend not to play well with others, so to speak, anyway; or for those for whom jealousy and/or bitterness tend to be recurrent knee-jerk reactions in many situations, be they online or off; or for those who live their lives as if they’re in competition with everybody over everything at all times.

There is certainly some occasional healthy friendly competition in the mix here and there, sure. But for the most part, folks are happy for others if they win a contest, gets lots of signups, or do well in other areas of the business.

At least it’s always pretty much been that way in most of the various areas of TE Land in which I hang out, though I’ve seen or heard of some of the opposite in recent months, and that troubles me.

There’s enough room for everyone in this business, pretty much.

Early on when I started hanging around traffic exchanges and the people in them, my pal and one of my major mentors, the late Jerry Reeder, said this during a community conference one time:

“Not everybody’s going to like you. Get over it.”

He then went on to say that what he really meant by that statement was that people (i.e., customers, downline members, subscribers, etc.) are going to be attracted to different people for different reasons. Sunny Suggs was in the room at the time, and Jerry used Sunny and me as examples (which was kind of funny, given that Sunny and I are both blonde, both live in the South, and have a similar sense of humor and style, but anyway).

Jerry basically said that one person might like the way Sunny wrote or talked about a particular product or service better, or feel more connected to her than me, and buy from her instead of me – or vice versa.

He then went on to say the next person might not feel a connection to either one of us and might buy from or sign up under him instead – which made sense, since anyone who knew Jerry knows he had a way-out-there style all his own, and about as opposite of me or Sunny as one could get.

But the main point was simply that there’s plenty of room enough for everyone, and people tend to gravitate towards different styles or those they feel or sense some connection with, even if it’s just something they feel they have in common. And then there’s others who may just sign up under the first person’s email or Tweet they see, no matter whose it is.

In short, it really doesn’t matter all that much. Just be yourself, and the rest will follow.

That all said, what you really probably don’t want to do in this business is give anyone a reason not to take an interest in what you may have to offer.

Most folks just aren’t drawn to negativity – on the contrary, it usually sends most people in another direction. If you are angry or bitter or jealous over something and you let that color your interactions with others or in the public eye, most likely that’s going to send your potential customers or subscribers or downline members either straight to your competition, or at least to the next person they find that’s not giving off all those negative vibes.

Nobody much is attracted to a “Negative Nancy” (or “Negative Nigel”, as it were). If most of what people see is you constantly complaining about something or being persistently negative about something, they’re most likely going to go elsewhere and not seek you out.

Or stuff like that may send people away from TE Land altogether, where they’ll never find you nor any of the other folks who are around the traffic exchanges. Think of all the newbies that are probably lurking in the various chats at any given time – if you’re in that chat complaining about that program or the program’s owners, do you think someone new is likely going to stick around?

Be yourself, but remember that how you conduct yourself in public (and how you conduct yourself towards others) is important in this business. If you are seen in TE-public places a lot and most of the time you are just griping and complaining and being negative or bitchy all the time, those that might have otherwise been interested in who you are and what you may have to offer won’t likely be interested further.

I personally have a very sarcastic sense of humor, and many of the friends and colleagues I surround myself with tend to share somewhat the same sense of humor. Sometimes my sense of humor probably puts some off a bit, but then again those that share much the same sense of humor or “get” that type humor, they get me and may be more attracted towards what I am offering than someone who doesn’t get it.

While a bit sarcastic though, and while I do tend crack jokes about pretty much anything and everything – I’m not necessarily being all negative and gripey when I make some sarcastic crack. Sarcastic wit doesn’t necessarily mean negative, and I’m more about being positive while still being funny (or at least attempting to be, LOL). And more to the point, I do know when to rein it in most of the time, especially if I’m on about something negative – I do have some filters.

Some folks, I think, don’t, though – have filters, that is. And if you’re just overwhelmingly negative and gripe and complain about everything all the time, or if you’re one of those folks that just has to be right about everything all of the time, or you’re so focused on being competitive that nothing else matters – I can’t think of quicker ways to send potential customers, downline members or subscribers in another direction fast enough.

As the old saying goes, one attracts more flies with honey than vinegar. There’s certainly no point at all in being outright mean – that at least should be a no-brainer.

But being negative and complaining all the time isn’t likely to do much more than send others in the direction of someone else. Or send them away from things like the TE community altogether, and then nobody wins – not you, not me, not any of us.

Does it mean you have to be happy and upbeat all the time? Of course not, no one is.

Just be yourself, but remember that positive vibes will draw a lot more people and interest in your direction than negative vibes. (And if being yourself does mean you are negative all the time because that’s just how you really are… well, you might need a little more help than anyone in the TE community can help you with there, I’d recommend seeking professional help! LOL.)

In short, don’t let your negativity or competitiveness get in the way of community – not just the TE and related community and all the wonderful things it has to offer, but any other community you may be involved in.

By doing so, you not only place an obstacle around yourself within the community but, in the long run, you likely wind up just hurting only one person – yourself.

Many, many others have already been posting their thoughts around the Interwebs on The Legacy Team’s new venture this week. I am a couple of days behind… it has been raining and/or cloudy for days here and it’s been all I could do to get anything done, thus the slacking here on the blog this week. It’s been so gray outdoors for so long now, it just makes me want to go to sleep all the time, and I’m beginning to wonder if the sun’s ever going to come out again.

But enough of my current weather woes…

So unless you’ve been living under a rock and/or not surfing, you are likely already well aware that The Legacy Team launched their new advertising co-op on Monday.

Within less than twelve hours of its launch, I found myself just completely enamored with The Legacy Team Ad Co-Op. Why? Read on…

It’s Like “Hippo Marketing” on Overdrive: Jon Olson talks about “hippo marketing” a lot. Hippos poop often, and do so everywhere and all over the place, you know. So the idea of “hippo marketing” is basically to have your advertising seen in as many places as you can, and as much and as often as you can.

Well, The Legacy Team Ad Co-Op will do that for you in a big way!

I was looking at my stats late in the evening after the co-op launched and couldn’t believe how many different places my ads were being shown, thanks to the co-op. Not only were they being shown in traffic exchanges I wasn’t a member of, but some I’d never even heard of.

Are you understanding that? My ads are getting shown in literally dozens of traffic exchanges I’m not even a member of… as well as some I am, and all of that on top of the ads I’m already running myself in TEs where I’m a member.


And Another Reason It’s Like “Hippo Marketing” on Maximum Overdrive: There’s something else about all that too, though. We all know how much the Legacy guys promote as a team. They promote their stuff, and one of the huge perks of being an upgraded member of any of their traffic exchanges is they promote upgraded members’ splash pages. You just about can’t surf without running across a page being promoted by Marcus, Ken or Rodney every four or five pages or so.

And now they are, naturally, promoting the ad co-op link as well.

Do you get that? These guys promote like crazy, and now they (as well as the rest of the members of The Legacy Team Ad Co-Op) are promoting the co-op link… which will have your pages in the rotator, too, if you’re a member of the co-op!



You Will Get An Unbelievable Amount of Credits If You Promote the Co-Op Link: Oh, yes. This was the thing that made me fall in love with the co-op later that night after it launched. I really didn’t add my co-op link to all THAT many traffic exchanges that first day because I was really busy that day and night. Several, but not a whole lot. Maybe ten? I don’t remember.

I tend to have credits stocked up in several places, so I zipped around those places that day first, the places I knew I had plenty of credits to spare.

Later on that evening, when I glanced at my stats, I was shocked. I was shocked again the next day, about 24 hours after the co-op launched.

I had racked up literally THOUSANDS of credits for the sites I had added to the co-op that first day. I’m not sure how many exactly.

When I looked about eight hours after the co-op’s launch, I had racked up a couple thousand credits. Four or five hours later, a couple thousand more credits. The next day, three or four thousand more.

Do you see what I’m saying? All of those thousands of credits to put on my sites in the co-op, that The Legacy Team and all the other co-op members who are advertising their co-op link are now advertising FOR me!


If You Can’t Afford a Lot of Traffic Exchange Upgrades, Here’s a Great Solution: I know a lot of people feel they can’t afford to take many upgrades at various traffic exchanges, and are hesitant about upgrading in general, period. Upgrading here will allow your ads to be seen in tons of traffic exchanges (and much like I said above, including ones you’re probably not even a member of).

I encourage you not to hesitate on this one, because the upgrade at The Legacy Team Ad Co-Op can help solve that problem since your ads will get shown in tons of traffic exchanges, and if you upgrade, you are also able to add more URLs than as a free member. (And of course, if you aren’t challenged by the costs of upgrading in general, then it’s a no-brainer that you should take the upgrade.)


The Upgrade Is Not Just Completely Reasonable, It’s Fantastic For What You Get: The current OTO upgrade options are totally awesome for the amount of advertising ability you will get with The Legacy Team Ad Co-Op. The yearly upgrade as excellent, and the monthly upgrade option is, in a word (well, two words), dirt cheap.

The monthly upgrade, at the very least, is one not to miss. Trust me – you will pay more for 1,000 credits, one time, at most traffic exchanges than this upgrade for the whole month costs.

And if you throw your co-op link into a few TEs, you will keep racking up MAJOR credits at The Legacy Team Ad Co-Op that will get your ads seen at tons of different traffic exchanges that entire month, thanks to the co-op. You can easily rack up thousands of credits in the co-op with just a little effort.

So again, even (and especially) if you can’t afford to upgrade at many (or any) traffic exchanges, it would be in your best interest to upgrade in the ad co-op. Depending on how much you promote your co-op link, the potential for gaining credits to get your ads promoted bunches by the co-op is HUGE.

Anyway, I just love it, the co-op. Love, love, love it. Period.

Well done, Legacy dudes… I can’t wait to see what you guys do next!

And if you’re not a member of The Legacy Team Ad Co-Op yet, you really need to check it out HERE. Enjoy!

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