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So unless you’ve been living under a rock the last week or two, you probably already know that TimTech is about to kick off some epic Black Friday sale festivities beginning Thursday (November 28th) at 6:00pm EST. There’s to be a new deal offered every single hour right through the weekend until Monday.

I missed their similar event last year, which I’ve heard a lot about and sounded like there were just some crazy good deals, so I’m really looking forward to this one. I have also heard some fun stories about all the Spreecasting that went on during the event last year, so I wish I hadn’t missed it, but I won’t be missing much this year!

Word is that Jon and/or someones will be starting a Spreecast at TE Live right at 6pm EST when the sale starts, so you’ll want to try to get by there Thursday evening and see what’s up. (Unfortunately I will be missing the start of everything myself on Thursday, since the sale is to start just about the time I’ll be sitting down with my family for Thanksgiving dinner and I won’t be around at all to be able to take advantage of anything until probably midnight or later, but hopefully I’ll get to grab some good deals when I am around again.)

The Legacy Team also plans to offer some great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals upcoming throughout the weekend and Monday at their traffic exchanges and the Legacy Team Ad Co-Op. I’ve also seen that Tezak Traffic Power will be having some Black Friday deals all weekend, and John Bell has some Black Friday deals planned for Traffic Swirl, Fast Cash & Traffic, and I’m sure his other sites too. I’m sure there are plenty of other traffic exchanges and other programs that will have some good deals this week as well.

So it looks like it’s going to be a gigantic weekend for awesome deals, in any case. If you’re in the States, once you’ve finished gobbling up all the turkey and dressing you can stand, be sure to get online and look to see what great Black Friday deals are out there to gobble up!

If you’re not a member of ClickTrackProfit yet (I can’t imagine that anyone much isn’t, but maybe there are a few of you out there), be sure to sign up since CTP is sort of the Grand Central Station of the TimTech sites and will be a start down the path to grabbing some of what I have been hearing will be the best deals there have been all year.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the States, in any case. And to those of you who will be having Thanksgiving dinner earlier than I will be, don’t let the turkey coma make you sleep through and miss the beginning of Thursday evening’s Black Friday deals! :-)

So I heard a rumor that Brad Webb (he of the fabulous and ultra-responsive State-Of-The-Art-Mailer) may be appearing on Traffic Exchange Live with Jon today, so set your clocks for 4pm EST. Brad has been lately becoming one of my favorite TE Live occasional visitors to watch and listen to, and it’s always fun, entertaining, and informative when he’s on. Don’t miss it!

On another note, I was trying to organize some more of my online biz stuff over the weekend and trying to get my referral links for a lot of the stuff I wound up joining during Spooktacular last month at CTP added to some downline builders here and there in preparation for an upcoming project.

What a mess that was and what a train wreck it was turning into, trying to rustle up all those links. And then I remembered I had a SECRET WEAPON in my arsenal, which helped immensely!

My secret weapon is an awesome tool called All of My Links, created a few years ago by my pal and fellow blonde Southerner Sunny Suggs. You’ve probably heard of it (or maybe you’re already a member).

What you may not know is that All of My Links underwent a major makeover recently – it looks really spiffy and sharp with its new face on! And it’s more helpful and useful than ever, especially when you need to wrangle up a bunch of links and banners and whatnot for your promoting efforts.

If you’re like me and are a member of a bazillion online programs and resources and traffic exchanges (and if you’re like me, so many you’ve probably forgotten you’re a member of some of them), All of My Links is just a super handy dandy tool to have in your affiliate toolbox, because it keeps everything you need right there – not just your referral links, but banners, graphics, e-mails, and other stuff too.

And even if you’re not a member of a gazillion programs and traffic exchanges, All of My Links will still help you keep all of your links and graphics and such organized and right there in one place, whenever you need them. And if you know or know of Sunny, you know she doesn’t put out junk – everything she creates is useful, helpful, and ultimately incredibly valuable

And this awesome resource is available at a super great, reasonable and very low cost either monthly or yearly, and gives you UNLIMITED referral links – if you’re a member of a hundred or a million programs, you can keep all your links and related stuff handy right there! There’s also a great lifetime option as well that can’t be beat.

In any case, whether you’re already a member or not, I invite you to go check out the new and improved and super spiffy looking All of My Links right now. If you’re not a member, then I certainly do encourage you to sign up and check it out further, ‘cos this is just one of those resources that can really improve your efficiency online and help you a lot!

P.S. Pssst… No promises, but there’s a slight chance that yours truly might make an appearance @ TE Live sometime this week as well.

Slight, because more often than not I wake back up ten minutes before it’s on (or ten or twenty minutes after it’s started), plus unlike GUYS who can throw on a shirt & comb their hair and get on camera (GRRRRR)… well, you don’t want to see me with bedhead and no makeup and in my pajamas or sweats, trust me.

But depending on how my week goes, I might show up… you never know! Stay tuned. ;-)

So I felt like I needed to post a public service announcement of sorts today, for traffic exchange users everywhere.

I’ve been noticing a disturbing trend lately while surfing various traffic exchanges (as well as just on the ‘Net in general). It seems that “the bad guys” have decided it’d be real cool to add pages that cause pop-ups that make it look like your Firefox or Chrome or whatever browser needs updating, or your Java needs updating, or that something’s wrong with your PC and it needs “repair” (cough).


I know that most folks, especially the more seasoned ones, probably already know it’s all a bunch of scummy scammy stuff. But in case you didn’t… DON’T FALL FOR IT!!

None of this is really new, of course (especially when it comes to just browsing the Interwebs in general), but in the past few weeks I’ve noticed this yucky phenomenon coming up more and more while surfing, and every time I did I wondered how many newer or not-that-seasoned folks might think it’s for real, so I wanted to post a “PSA” type of deal today to hopefully help people avoid what would be a major headache in the future.

Heck, many of them make it look real good. My own mother, who is extremely Internet-savvy and has been pretty expert with a computer for decades now, let one of those type things slip up on her last week and had to get rid of the nasty virus-laden residue it left behind.

Be sure to keep all your anti-virus software and anti-spyware stuff up to date, that will help such things immensely. I’m all about overkill that way – I could probably get by with one good anti-virus program + CCleaner, which was pretty much theĀ  Tim method of dealing with such things (last I knew anyway), but I use two more anti-spyware programs that run all the time as well, plus another malware killer I keep on hand and keep updated regularly.

Have some of that proactive pest control in place, and (more important) keep it updated, and more than likely you won’t run into any nasty problems. Or at least not easily so.

In any case, if you run across a pop-up appearing to sound the emergency bells about your browser or your Java or your PC or anything else that looks somewhat suspicious – just close it. Forget about it, and go on.

If you feel like you need to check things out further, go to itself and see if you really need an update, or go to “About Firefox” within Firefox, or whatever it is in Chrome (I hate Chrome so I don’t know), and check out your browser’s update status. (As far as the “your PC needs repair” deal – close it and ignore it and forget it ever happened.)

And then go surf and browse in peace, and feeling good about not letting the scummy scammers win yet again!

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