Did the subject line get your attention? I was just having a little fun there today, I hope you don’t mind. Heh.

So here’s the deal… there are a few traffic exchanges around that have captchas while surfing that occasionally include math problems.

I’m sure you’ve seen them – EasyHits4U, the TE I can barely bear to surf but most everyone has to (or buy credits otherwise) because it’s so huge and with so many constant new members, is one of them. There are a couple of others.

Recently I have run across an issue with those math captchas a couple of times that just kinda defies all logic and reason.

What are you supposed to do if the actual answer is not THERE and an option?

An example would be something like “9 – 2”… yet seven isn’t one of the answers available.

Or “2 + 3”, and five isn’t an option.

It’s a theoretical question, mostly. The rare time this has happened, I pretty much just go back to the member area and re-start surfing again, so it’s not really that big a deal, but it just kinda slays me that this issue’s even out there.

I’m not a big fan of math in general (though oddly enough, I did rather well in most of the advanced math classes I took in high school, and took pretty much everything there was except for calculus). But I don’t mind these occasional math captchas too much, really. They’re mostly few and far between.

I just get sort of shocked when the actual answer isn’t an option. I mean, really… what’s the point?

Has this crazy math-with-no-available-answer thing happened to you? I was just curious if I was only one of a few coming across this strange phenomenon occasionally.

(Here’s somewhere you don’t have to worry about math-related captchas… check out Legacyclix if you haven’t yet. It’s supercool!)