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I spent over 25 years of my life in jobs I wasn’t all that happy in, in an industry I had sworn as a child and teenager that I would never get involved in. It just kind of wound up that way.

Both my parents were medical professionals, as were two of my aunts, one of my uncles, and one of my great-grandfathers. I grew up bored to tears of hearing medical talk all the time at the dinner table and elsewhere, and from a very young age vowed I would do something else and never, ever work in the healthcare industry.

Then I got a part-time job at the local hospital when I was 16 years old. Later on, while going back to college repeatedly but never finishing, whenever I was out of school again I’d go to work in some other hospital or some other clinic.

Eventually I stayed in one job for over 14 years. They kept promoting me, and I just stayed and stayed.

And eventually more than 25 years passed and there I was, still in the same industry I’d vowed since childhood I’d never work in. The same industry I’d been bored to death with for literally as long as I could remember.

Not only that, but I had been living in a city I had been ready to leave for well over a decade at that point, and that I had mainly stayed in out of loyalty to my boss of 14+ years. When he finally semi-retired and went to work at the VA part-time, there wasn’t a place for myself nor my longtime co-worker, so I had to look for another job for the first time in over 14 years.

I wound up taking yet another job in the healthcare field, spending another four years there. Then, like many people, I suddenly found myself unemployed in the beginnings of the economy crunch in the USA.

So I basically spent close to 30 years of my life doing stuff I didn’t necessarily hate, but just was never all that crazy about. How boring does that sound?

While I was still in high school and considering what to do college-wise, my dad tried really hard to get me to consider majoring in business, and I thought I just wasn’t interested. Both my parents also kind of tried to get me to consider applying to one of the regional art colleges, and I just didn’t really think that sounded interesting at the time either.

Why did they push all that, instead of pushing me to follow in their footsteps in healthcare?

Because the majority of hours during my junior and senior years of high school had been spent in a marketing class, and my particular area of interest and expertise had been in (surprise!) advertising, and advertising design.

Matter of fact, at the competitive level, I even won regional and state awards one year in advertising, and went on to place fairly high at the national level that year.

So you would have thought it’d have been a no-brainer, that I’d go into business or advertising and marketing, or even design, when I went to college.

Instead I did something completely different in college, didn’t finish, and essentially spent almost 30 years of my life in an industry I felt negatively about nearly since birth, working at jobs that were “okay” for the most part, but wasn’t crazy about.

And now, ironically, 32 years after I took my first hospital job I was ambivalent about, here I am. Knee deep in advertising and online business, and even piddling in a little bit of design for myself personally.

And I enjoy what I do so much, and for hours and hours at a time all day most every day, that Brian has trouble tearing me away from the computer for very long.

Go see a band or go out for dinner? Really I’d rather just stay home and get some more work done, thanks. (Fortunately he is mostly permanently attached to his Xbox when he’s home, so it works out most of the time.)

Do I have any regrets about my college-related decisions to avoid business and advertising? Of course, absolutely. But then again, it’s probably good that I didn’t go that route.

Had I gone for a business degree, I suspect the likelihood of me having wound up in some corporate job I would have hated, or at the very least been as ambivalent about as I was about healthcare, probably would have been very high. And then I’d have been more or less in the same boat.

As one of my best friends has always said, everything happens for a reason. And sometimes the time is just right, and the right time for me just turned out to be now, these last seven years.

Now I get to do what I love, finally.  If it took decades of doing what I didn’t much care about to get here, so be it. Woulda been nice not to have to wait nearly three decades to get there, though.

I’ll have a followup post shortly that is sorta along these same lines, but with a somewhat different takeaway message. See you then and have a great week!

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This week has turned into one of those weeks, and today is one of those days, where I’d just like to crawl into bed under the covers and stay there for the rest of the week and not do anything else but curl up in a ball and stay there. And maybe next week too.

All of which is a shame, ‘cos this is kind of a big weekend for me with some stuff going on in offline life that normally would be really cool, and that now I would just about as soon not do or be involved in. But will be required to do nonetheless.

So yeah – crawl into bed and stay there for a week or two, that’d be me right now if I had my druthers. Or better yet, crawl under a rock.

Four or five years ago, were I having a week and day like this, I probably would have done just that and said to heck with everything.

Instead, it’s just a little past 8am EST and I have already gotten virtually almost everything of my “normal daily routine” stuff done for the day, save for a couple of things that can’t be done until later in the day (and of course the usual Spreecast rounds). More or less, pretty much everything’s done that absolutely has to be (or at least should be) done every day.

Doing nothing gets NO results, and slacking one day or two days or more just leaves you one or two or more days behind.

I’d rather do the opposite and see what happens, instead of doing nothing or getting behind and knowing what absolutely won’t happen.

RESULTS ARE IN: Here’s something else that helps me get TONS of results – the Legacy Team Co-Op

So hiya, hey there, and hola and all that. I wish I had something extraordinarily earth-shaking to post about this week, but I got nothing, as they say, really.

I think I am still experiencing the after-effects of an extended CTP is 3 badge-hunting hangover – that last day of the hunt just about killed me. I wound up with 170 badges out of 203, and by my calculations probably could have made it to somewhere between 190 and 196 if I had really gone for it.

I started out the first week thinking I’d try to go for the win, then decided I wasn’t gonna fool with any of the lengthy/difficult badges the second week, and then the third week decided I’d try to keep going for it again – too late in the game, though. Ah well, I wouldn’t have passed the grand prize winner even if I had stuck with it the whole three weeks tho (congrats Elina!).

And I am living in an iceberg this week, apparently. My little part of the South which rarely sees much snow in the winter got slammed with 4-5 inches of solid ice this week, then topped with about an inch or so of snow. Since we rarely get such things, the community’s mostly still paralyzed except for the main roads.

I owe Janelle Pineau a t-shirt, and have been a slug about getting it to the post office to ship to Canada, but it definitely is not going to make it through our little river of ice and slush this week. Maybe this weekend!

And my back door is stuck, which has ticked off my dogs immensely as they can’t understand why they have to squeeze through it to get in and out of the house. Everything should have melted today, but since the sun never really came out, I’m still surrounded by more or less and enormous block of ice. Awesome!

What I do have worth sharing today is this super fantastic awesome wrap-up post from Tom Wacker at the CTP is 3 blog. Many thanks and much admiration to Tom and Sunny Suggs for all the hard work they do with the badge hunt blogs every time a hunt comes around – the daily updates are always a tremendous help for badge hunters to keep on track, and not miss stuff!

The other reason I don’t have much Dot Net-wise to post about this week is because I’ve spent a good bit of the last couple of days making some cool new additions and modifications and changes to that other little project I got going last month called Win 10 With Lynn.

If you are tired already of seeing all those video prize pages around in the surf, I hate to tell you this… but there are more coming! Bwahahaha… :-)

So feel free to check out what’s new over at W10WL for now (like credits prizes, new cash prizes, and there may be even more coming soon). And hey, if you don’t enter, you can’t win anything!

I’ll be back bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (and hopefully fully recovered from CTP is 3) next week!

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