This week has turned into one of those weeks, and today is one of those days, where I’d just like to crawl into bed under the covers and stay there for the rest of the week and not do anything else but curl up in a ball and stay there. And maybe next week too.

All of which is a shame, ‘cos this is kind of a big weekend for me with some stuff going on in offline life that normally would be really cool, and that now I would just about as soon not do or be involved in. But will be required to do nonetheless.

So yeah – crawl into bed and stay there for a week or two, that’d be me right now if I had my druthers. Or better yet, crawl under a rock.

Four or five years ago, were I having a week and day like this, I probably would have done just that and said to heck with everything.

Instead, it’s just a little past 8am EST and I have already gotten virtually almost everything of my “normal daily routine” stuff done for the day, save for a couple of things that can’t be done until later in the day (and of course the usual Spreecast rounds). More or less, pretty much everything’s done that absolutely has to be (or at least should be) done every day.

Doing nothing gets NO results, and slacking one day or two days or more just leaves you one or two or more days behind.

I’d rather do the opposite and see what happens, instead of doing nothing or getting behind and knowing what absolutely won’t happen.

RESULTS ARE IN: Here’s something else that helps me get TONS of results – the Legacy Team Co-Op