A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about doing what you love… reason being because time wasn’t going to stop and wait for you to do it.

Today’s post is sorta along the same lines, but it’s about taking action.

When I was in my early twenties, I took a job as a registration clerk in the emergency room of large metropolitan hospital in Nashville. The experience was a far cry from my small hometown hospital, where I’d worked the ER and Admissions desk throughout most of my high school years, and was lucky to see three or four patients, if even that many, on the 3-11 shift.

I mostly worked the graveyard shift in the ER of the Nashville hospital, thus we were generally less busy than any other shift and had lots of down time often. Conversely, though, our after-hours shift often saw the worst of the car wrecks, drug overdoses, and other injuries – especially on the weekends, which were always a bit busier.

One night the ambulance brought in a man who was covered from head to toe in blood, having been beaten over the head with a hot cast iron skillet by his lover. The man was also HIV-positive, and this was in the days when HIV and AIDS were still pretty new to the general public at large and no one knew anywhere near as much about those diseases as we do today.

To top it all off, after they got the patient into one of the examining rooms, it turned out the man’s head was crawling with lice.

Understandably, no one was too keen on going in that room, and every one of us in the ER that night started scratching our heads immediately just at the thought of lice. Whatever doctor was there that night scooted in to examine the patient, and scooted out as quickly as possible.

Someone was going to have to go in there and change the bandages the ambulance personnel had put on the guy’s head and re-dress his wound before sending him on up to radiology for x-rays (and presumably a CT scan). Again, nobody working in the ER that night was too hip on the idea of having to do it, not with his head covered in lice.

Without a word, one of the LPNs on duty that night went into the man’s room and snipped the bandages off and cleaned and dressed his wound. He wasn’t supposed to have been her patient that night, but she did it anyway, no complaints. The rest of us watched silently in awe.

She took action, and I’ve remembered her name ever since – both her first and last name – because she took that action. I couldn’t tell you the name of anyone else I worked with there, well over 25 years ago now, but I remember her name because she took the action she did, when nobody else would.

Taking action gets you noticed, taking action gets you remembered. It works out much the same in all aspects of life and careers, but probably nowhere more so than in this world we’re in, in advertising and in marketing.

If you surf and surf but never take any action, how will anyone know who you are?

Take some action today, no matter how large or how small. Make a video and put it on a squeeze page and put it into rotation and start building your list. Take that upgrade you’ve been thinking about taking and put the extra credits you get to good use.

Finish that program or e-book you’ve been thinking about or working on. Start a blog, if you don’t have one, or make a post if you do have one. Go participate in a Spreecast chat or one of the many TE chats, even if that’s the only action you take today.

Do something. Take action. Get noticed and remembered, not unnoticed and forgotten.

Take action, and get results. It’s that easy.

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