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I really wanted to get a new post up here this week, and now of course it’s Friday and I still hadn’t done it.

As it turns out, Friday’s also my scheduled day to post on the Lucky 13 blog, and there was something that had been strongly on my mind all week that I felt could use addressing. So I did, and I guess I’m taking the easy way out here at Lynn M Dot Net this week, but there was no point in posting it in two places, so here’s the link:

==> Want Better Results? Promote Outside The Box!

The information I posted there about promoting Kore4 outside of the CTP-related traffic exchanges not only addresses the stuff that had been on my mind all week while surfing, but addresses some issues one of my own downline members asked me about recently regarding Kore4 promotion too.

And I just kinda hope it’s some information that might help some folks in the TE/CTP/K4 community at large – including some of my fellow Lucky 13 team members, since I know from some of our discussions within the team that the wheres and hows of promoting it have been something a lot of people have been looking for help with.

In any case, I basically just gave up some of my best outside-of-TEs promotional secrets in that post, so feel free to check it out.

Also check out Win 10 With Lynn if you haven’t lately, ‘cos I’ve been staying really busy over there with all that. Bigtime. No complaints though, I’m having a great time with W10WL!

Hope to be back here next week with something new to post (I think I’ve had a slight case of writer’s block lately here, ha!)…. ’til then, have a great weekend, peeps!

I have got a couple of deep-in-thought, and possibly somewhat controversial, posts bouncing around in the back of my head lately, but those thoughts haven’t quite blossomed into what they need to be yet for me to scribble them down. And honestly, I have been pretty horrifically busy the last few weeks.

Between Win 10 With Lynn stuff, Lucky 13 (the CTP Teams team I’m on) stuff, and a whole lot of other online stuff, it seems I rarely ever leave this chair these days (and have a few times lately fallen asleep in it). And then’s there’s the “other life” stuff offline which seems to keep piling up and up. Just a lot of stuff!

When you get so busy like that, things often seem like they’re spinning out of control a bit. Or a LOT.

And such had been the case lately with keeping up with where I have credits and banner impressions and where I don’t.

Yep, an issue that just about all (if not all) of us messing around with traffic exchanges are highly familiar with. I actually had my own little system that worked for me just fine for many years, and was still working for me pretty well up until fairly recently.

Now, times have changed and my online business activities and related activities have grown to the point where I just really couldn’t keep up very well anymore with my little system I’d been using for years.

I suppose I can’t really say that I’ve made the jump to using TE Command Post instead, since I’ve been a member for a while. Actually I think I joined the first day or the first week it opened – which has now been, what, probably four or five years ago – but that account either disappeared since or I never actually joined it then.

In any case, I signed up anew last year sometime, and am real late to the party as far as making any real use of it. Now that I finally have, I’m finding it more valuable a resource all the time.

I have, though, recently made the switch to becoming Platinum upgraded at TE Command Post – which means I can keep track of my credits, banners, commissions, and other stuff at an unlimited number of traffic exchanges. Which is something I pretty desperately needed ‘cos, man, I have joined a LOT of traffic exchanges since 2007-2008.

So far so good, although because I am a member of so darn many TEs and also because I’ve been so freakin’ busy, I still haven’t managed to find the time to enter all the stuff I need to for all the traffic exchanges I need to into TE Command Post, but I will finish eventually. It’s a lot of work to set it up, somewhat, yep.

On the other hand, the big payoff after doing all that work is going to be fantastic, in that I will be able to see at a glance where I need credits or have credits to use (probably many that I would otherwise have forgotten about).

Now, in the interest of being transparent – the upgrade at TECP is not cheap. Free members can only keep track of ten traffic exchanges, while the regular Silver and Gold monthly upgrades only give you 20 or 50. Granted, 50 traffic exchanges would probably be enough for a lot of people.

But if you log in sometime and see the Platinum offers, I very much recommend you take a close look at and consider them. Not only does going Platinum give you an unlimited number of traffic exchanges to keep track of plus a whole lot of other benefits, but the Platinum monthly with unlimited TEs is actually less than the regular Gold monthly with only 50 TEs. Totally worth it.

If you’re serious about your online business activities within traffic exchanges, and especially if you’re in it for the long haul, my opinion is that TE Command Post is a valuable resource and very much a worthwhile investment – and especially if you’re like me and are a member of umpteen dozen TEs.

(Now if I can just find the time to enter the rest of my stuff into TECP, and all will be easy breezy from there on out!!! It’s coming!)

So check out TE Command Post today if you’re not already a member, and take control of your credits instead of driving yourself crazy trying to keep up with ’em on your own. And Happy Friday the 13th, have a good weekend! :-)

So I’m a day late mentioning this (though the week just started, mine’s not gotten off to a very good start), but wanted to rectify my omission as quickly as possible.

Many of us in “TE Land” came here from PTCs and the like, and I reckon many have continued to work them actively, at least now and again, since it’s a pretty easy and inexpensive (and in a lot of cases, free) way to earn spare change to pay for things we need for our online businesses and activities.

My activity in PTCs and such things has lessened quite a bit in recent months, but I continue to actively work a few daily, and I do also passively maintain memberships in some various “paid to” sites that continue to bring me commissions on a pretty regular basis, and have for years.

I tend to throw most anything I get from PTCs and other PT sites back into advertising and such anyway, but it’s still pretty cool to bring in some extra fundage at basically zero cost that winds up covering many of my online business expenses.

Of course, to be able to bring in more than just a few pennies here and there, you’ve got to have a downline, and hopefully a relatively active one. That’s something we all know, and is something that’s pretty much true in just about every area of affiliate business.

Well, that’s where MY PTC Downline Builder comes in, which is a brand new program that launched yesterday.

MY PTC Downline Builder is owned and was created by two of my favorite people in the traffic exchange industry – Russell Stockley of Cup of Traffic, and Kevin Williams of DoubleNice Traffic (and, of course, Russell and Kevin also together own Force Hits).

Here’s some of what you can do with MY PTC Downline Builder:

  • Promote all your programs using just one link
  • Build downlines in any PTC program you choose
  • Earn up to 40% direct commissions

The free membership allows you to add two programs of your choice to the downline builder and earn 15% commissions on referral purchases. That’s pretty cool.

But the big value (and major downline building ability) is in the Premium membership, which allows you to add up to twenty (yes, 20!) programs of your choice to the downline builder, gives you 40% commission on all referral purchases, and other goodies like a 25% bonus on all your banner impression purchases.

And here’s the kicker – the Premium membership is only $20 annually. Yep, that comes down to basically about $1.67 a month, for easy downline building ability in 20+ programs AND 40% commissions. Nice, huh?

And there’s, of course, the value in joining a program with active, honest and responsible owners behind it such as Russell and Kevin. Plus, they’re both just really nice and good guys!

In any case, if you have a mind to, feel free to check out Russell and Kevin’s new baby and see what you think of MY PTC Downline Builder. Have a terrific Tuesday!

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