So I’m a day late mentioning this (though the week just started, mine’s not gotten off to a very good start), but wanted to rectify my omission as quickly as possible.

Many of us in “TE Land” came here from PTCs and the like, and I reckon many have continued to work them actively, at least now and again, since it’s a pretty easy and inexpensive (and in a lot of cases, free) way to earn spare change to pay for things we need for our online businesses and activities.

My activity in PTCs and such things has lessened quite a bit in recent months, but I continue to actively work a few daily, and I do also passively maintain memberships in some various “paid to” sites that continue to bring me commissions on a pretty regular basis, and have for years.

I tend to throw most anything I get from PTCs and other PT sites back into advertising and such anyway, but it’s still pretty cool to bring in some extra fundage at basically zero cost that winds up covering many of my online business expenses.

Of course, to be able to bring in more than just a few pennies here and there, you’ve got to have a downline, and hopefully a relatively active one. That’s something we all know, and is something that’s pretty much true in just about every area of affiliate business.

Well, that’s where MY PTC Downline Builder comes in, which is a brand new program that launched yesterday.

MY PTC Downline Builder is owned and was created by two of my favorite people in the traffic exchange industry – Russell Stockley of Cup of Traffic, and Kevin Williams of DoubleNice Traffic (and, of course, Russell and Kevin also together own Force Hits).

Here’s some of what you can do with MY PTC Downline Builder:

  • Promote all your programs using just one link
  • Build downlines in any PTC program you choose
  • Earn up to 40% direct commissions

The free membership allows you to add two programs of your choice to the downline builder and earn 15% commissions on referral purchases. That’s pretty cool.

But the big value (and major downline building ability) is in the Premium membership, which allows you to add up to twenty (yes, 20!) programs of your choice to the downline builder, gives you 40% commission on all referral purchases, and other goodies like a 25% bonus on all your banner impression purchases.

And here’s the kicker – the Premium membership is only $20 annually. Yep, that comes down to basically about $1.67 a month, for easy downline building ability in 20+ programs AND 40% commissions. Nice, huh?

And there’s, of course, the value in joining a program with active, honest and responsible owners behind it such as Russell and Kevin. Plus, they’re both just really nice and good guys!

In any case, if you have a mind to, feel free to check out Russell and Kevin’s new baby and see what you think of MY PTC Downline Builder. Have a terrific Tuesday!