I really wanted to get a new post up here this week, and now of course it’s Friday and I still hadn’t done it.

As it turns out, Friday’s also my scheduled day to post on the Lucky 13 blog, and there was something that had been strongly on my mind all week that I felt could use addressing. So I did, and I guess I’m taking the easy way out here at Lynn M Dot Net this week, but there was no point in posting it in two places, so here’s the link:

==> Want Better Results? Promote Outside The Box!

The information I posted there about promoting Kore4 outside of the CTP-related traffic exchanges not only addresses the stuff that had been on my mind all week while surfing, but addresses some issues one of my own downline members asked me about recently regarding Kore4 promotion too.

And I just kinda hope it’s some information that might help some folks in the TE/CTP/K4 community at large – including some of my fellow Lucky 13 team members, since I know from some of our discussions within the team that the wheres and hows of promoting it have been something a lot of people have been looking for help with.

In any case, I basically just gave up some of my best outside-of-TEs promotional secrets in that post, so feel free to check it out.

Also check out Win 10 With Lynn if you haven’t lately, ‘cos I’ve been staying really busy over there with all that. Bigtime. No complaints though, I’m having a great time with W10WL!

Hope to be back here next week with something new to post (I think I’ve had a slight case of writer’s block lately here, ha!)…. ’til then, have a great weekend, peeps!