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This will be a quick one today. I’ve been struggling with a bit of basic writer’s block kinda sorta – lots of posts in my head lately that just won’t seem to come out through my typing fingers. I’m trying to get myself back on a little bit less scatterbrained level, but – well, you know, I’m blonde, so. (shrug) :-)

What I really did want to jot a quick note about though, before any more time passes, was something you may already know – or may not – about Sunny Suggs’ new mailer – the one I wrote about a few weeks ago when it launched.

This should be especially interesting to you if you’re a ClickTrackProfit member, and especially if you’re on one of the CTP Teams…

So – did you know you can get CTP XP at My Free Resources now, just by sending out a mail through it?

Yep indeed. If you’re a CTP member (and fill in your CTP username in your profile at My Free Resources), you can get 1000 XP for every mail you send out through the mailer.

Even cooler – if you’re Kore4, then you of course will get FOUR TIMES the XP. (That’s 4000 XP per mail… and even more depending on what your team bonus happens to be at the time.)

Even cooler than that – if you upgrade (and the upgrade options are incredibly inexpensive), you can mail lots and often and get lots MORE XP. (And not only that, but if you’re upgraded you can mail to a whole lot more people, and thus have more eyes on whatever you’re promoting).

So, it’s an XP win-win, yeah? Some of the easiest XP you can get, no doubt.

And even if you’re not a CTP Teams member or not the least bit interested in XP – My Free Resources is still a fabulous new mailer, and it’s just been growing and growing ever since it opened.

Now all that said – I know several CTP Teams members did already join My Free Resources under me, so if you are one of those wonderful and lovely folks, I do hope you’re taking full advantage of gaining the XP through mailing with it, as well as taking advantage of what’s a great opportunity to promote your program or opportunity.

And if you haven’t joined yet, why not just go ahead and join now? Take a look at My Free Resources today and get to mailing your face off and getting more eyes on your promotions!

(And my own XP offer is still good if you join and/or upgrade – 500 XP if you join, 5000 XP now if you take an upgrade – just send me a Private Message to LYNNM while inside My Free Resources with your CTP username, and I’ll get your XP to you within 24 hours or so!)

Have a great weekend everyone – I aim to be back Monday with a fresh new post about I dunno what quite yet, but it’s probably going to be something that’ll make you laugh (and make me look even blonder than I already am)… stay tuned!

My good friend and fellow blonde Southerner Sunny Suggs and I both have bad habits of staying up all night working (and yakking… and maybe working some more… but mostly a whole lot of yakking and cracking jokes).

Our Lucky 13 teammate Tony Tezak pleasantly lectured us (and our other fellow overnighters) earlier this week about the virtues of good health and getting a good night’s sleep. We all agreed that that was very good advice… and now, approximately 12 hours later as I’m writing this, Sunny and I have both been awake all night again. Go figure.

Besides the blonde and Southern thing, we also share a way-too-similar sarcastic sense of humor, and have enough kinda eerie-too-many things in common that sometimes it’s like we’re the same person… except while people often seem to mix us up and call me Sunny when they’re talking to or about me, I don’t think they ever call her Lynn.

And we’re definitely NOT the same person, because she hates seafood (how can anyone hate seafood?!?!?!) and thinks beef BBQ is the only “real” BBQ. (The very idea!)

So when she told me she was working on and building a new mailer a couple of months ago, I said this: “So, is it going to be called Mail Your Face Off?”

Sunny told me no, and I cried. (Well okay, not really. I bet a unicorn cried somewhere, though.)

Anyway, to make an almost completely irrelevant story short, Sunny has launched her new mailer today and it’s called My Free Resources. I’ve been poking around in it for a month or so, and I love it.

Here’s just some of what you get when you join My Free Resources as a free member:

  • You can mail up to 1000 members per mailing
  • You can mail ALL of your downline for free
  • You get 10% commissions on all sales
  • You receive 5% of your downline’s credits
  • You can mail every 5 days
  • Plus a whole lot more, yep!

If you decide to upgrade, the upgrade is VERY (very, especially today!) reasonable and lets you mail every day. Upgrading also gets you 30K credits per month, 50% commissions, and a whole bunch more.

And this thing is just jam-packed and chock-full of all kinds of great extras to help you with your business – including what looked to me like a ton of instructional and helpful videos that Sunny had made, last time I looked a couple of weeks ago. (Knowing Sunny, there’s no telling how many more she added since I last looked!)

So OK – with Sunny at the helm, there’s no doubt this mailer’s gonna be great. She is always, always working on stuff and will no doubt be one of the most active, and proactive, mailer owners in the industry for a long time to come. Because she’s Sunny Suggs! (And she didn’t pay me to say that, either.)

But WAIT! Yep, there’s more…

If you’re a ClickTrackProfit member, there’s CTP XP in it for you if you join My Free Resources through my link.

I’m giving away 500 XP to anyone who joins under me… or you can get 2500 XP if you take ANY of the upgrade options available. And remember – if you are Kore4, you will get four times the XP!

All you have to do to get your CTP XP from me is:

  • Join through my link (or join and upgrade), and activate your account.
  • Log back in to My Free Resources.
  • Go to “Private Messages”.
  • Send me a message while inside My Free Resources ( to LYNNM ) with your CTP username.

That’s it! The XP will be added manually to your CTP account within 24 hours.

So check out My Free Resources today and enjoy, I think you’ll love it… and if you want your CTP XP, come and get it!

Can you believe it’s August already? Christmas is going to be here before we know it (I know, ugh). Where has this year gone? The months have just zoomed by.

And I have been a really lousy blogger the past month or so, sorry about that. I really did have somewhat of an excuse for at least the first half of July.

As many know, I very nearly blinded myself (not by choice), having gotten down to the last pair of contact lens I had on hand, with no current prescription (and no backup eyeglasses) – a pair of contacts that should have been thrown away literally years ago. (Don’t EVER do the same. I promise you that you’ll likely be sorry, in constant pain, and miserable. Not worth it.)

The rest of July was just super busy. Anyway…

I really wanted to post this no later than yesterday and then didn’t get around to it, but I didn’t want to let another day go by without mentioning what was somewhat of a proud and happy anniversary for me:


I took that screenshot a couple of weeks ago. You probably can’t see what is says very well, but this is what it says:

Lynn logged in 367 days in a row…

I really meant to take a screenshot on Day 365, naturally … but (naturally) I forgot. I was determined for the past year to log in for the next 365 days, however, if it killed me. Nothing short of a natural disaster or fatal accident was gonna stop me on that quest.

I actually had come back to the traffic exchange community a couple of weeks before that – roundabout July 3rd or 6th or somewhere around there – before I joined ClickTrackProfit (finally), so my “first year back in the trenches” after being away so long had already come and gone now almost a month ago.

And CTP, well… of course, it’s a little bittersweet for me, having come so late to the party. ClickTrackProfit launched maybe a month, maybe even mere weeks, after the last day or so I was at TE Live before I got so tangled up in what was, at the time, my offline personal life and all the catastrophe and near-destruction that ensued, and it took me the next two and a half years to find my way back to TE Land.

I should have, of course, been there from the beginning. But there’s a time and place for everything, and apparently my time for CTP was last summer.

And what a whirlwind ride it’s been ever since. There’s a lot I would change about 2007 thru 2011 if I could, yep.

But I wouldn’t change anything about the past thirteen months for the world. The past year has just been remarkable and awesome, and I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else than where I am right now.

In any case, I couldn’t let that milestone pass without mentioning it, so there ya go.

(And now I can actually take a day completely off if I wanna! As if…)  :-)

Anyway, be sure to watch this space on Tuesday ‘cos I’ve got something really cool to share that you are almost definitely going to wanna know about (or at least quite a few of you).

’til then, have a supercool awesome great excellent weekend!



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