Well, I’m just under the wire almost in posting this today (forgive me, I’m still running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to catch up, chasing my tail, and all kinds of other cliches I’ll not bore you with… but I wanted to get this posted this afternoon so anyone interested could come.

Russell Stockley’s latest venture, Fresh, is beginning tonight at 8pm ET on Spreecast, and will be on every weeknight (except for Thursday, when Russell hosts Cuppa Time at 8pm ET on Thursdays) at the same time. You can check Fresh out (and subscribe to the Fresh newsletter) here:

==> Click here to check out Fresh (and be sure to subscribe for updates while there!)

What is Fresh? Well, it’s going to be around a 30-minute broadcast daily with Russell (who we all know is one of the best online broadcast hosts around), where there will be discussion of marketing, branding, list building, design, and whatever else that can help you push your business to the forefront. There will also be guest speakers from the TE and mailer industries and other such stuff most days, Russell says.

There will also be prizes given away daily (and you know how much I like giving away prizes myself, well, I like winning them too tho!)… so you really, really, REALLY want to try to attend Fresh when you can. Russell says there will be prizes given away such as Splash Page Design, Startpages, Login Spotlight Ads, Featured Site Ads, advertising banner impressions, and more.

So be sure to stop into Fresh tonight at 8pm ET if you can, you might win something! As I am typing and posting this now, it’s only about 30 minutes away right now. And be sure and subscribe to the newsletter while you’re on the page, and add Fresh to your daily to-do and where-to-be list!