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New CTP Badges on the Loose!

Hey! Just a quick note today that there are two new ClickTrackProfit badges on the loose for you badge hunters to grab.

Look in the sidebar over yonder and you’ll find The Lynn M Badge.

There’s another new CTP badge HERE.

Right now both of the badges can only be claimed once… but that could change anytime. ;)

There will also be a third badge available very soon (in May). Stay tuned!

Have a great rest of your week and weekend, everyone! :-)

Not that I don’t see questions similar to these come up often anyway – I do, pretty regularly – but lately while attending various online gatherings (or watching replays), as well as reading blog comments or seeing such questions elsewhere in writing, I’ve been seeing questions like these come up a lot lately, from a lot of different people in a lot of different places.

So, it seemed like a good time to post this.

Here are super simple, easy answers to what are probably the top two most frequent types of questions I see asked in various places in the course of any month around the traffic exchange and ClickTrackProfit communities…

Q. How do I use RocketResponder? What does it do? What can I do with it?

A. Go to Your Email Series. Read everything there. Watch all the videos. Done!

Q. How do I use What does it do? What can I do with it?

A. Go to Read everything there. Watch all the videos. Done!

Yep. It may be hard to believe, but it really is all just THAT easy!

Have a great weekend, folks! I don’t know where March went so fast, but happy April & Easter!

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