Happy Monday! So, as mentioned last week, I have news today. Something really cool and useful has just launched today that I wanted to let you know about!

My very good friends and colleagues Sunny Suggs and Rhonda Pizor have just opened a new service for hosting your splash pages – it’s called Your Splash Hosting.

With Sunny and Rhonda behind the scenes, you know you’ll get not only great quality service but excellent support!

==> click here to check out Your Splash Hosting

I frequently have others make splash pages for me (like Rhonda, who’s an awesome designer), which a lot of people do – and sometimes people have nowhere to host them. You’ll be able to host your splash pages here, with images you already have.

With this hosting, you won’t have to worry about anything technical, just upload your image, and grab your link! It’s really that easy.

Check Your Splash Hosting out when you get a minute – I think you’ll love it!